Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Fast Post Before Leaving... AGAIN

I just got back, and you know what? I'll be leaving again. In... 25 minutes.

Haa. Haven't had lunch... Haven't had my shower... UGH.

So... The meeting today. We're gonna play Pictionary tomorrow. Ah. I miss Draw My Thing. Been so long since I last visited OMGPOP. I bet my OMGPOP pet died too. Ever since I got my laptop, I never played Draw My Thing... I'm gonna go dig up my mouse  later. Play a few rounds of Draw My Thing and Letterblox. That's all I ever do there... Maybe go see if anyone's playing Farragomate...


If only my tuition time didn't change... I would be sleeping... Hugging Suzuki-san, and using Haley as my pillow... Grr... WHY DID YA' HAD TO CHANGE THE TUITION TIME T^T

Laggy and sucky connection is another reason why I don't go to OMGPOP. And please la... STOP BRAGGING BOUT YOUR BELOVED UNIFI >_<

You make me wanna slap my laptop every single time we Skype dammit.

Let's just let the conversation go like that. If you don't start it, I don't start it, and when you say you WONT start then DON'T start it, but you... When you said that you WONT start it, you always end up STARTING it.


What happened to self control? HUH?!

If you were a girl... I'd do so many IMAGINABLE things to you. Whipped cream. Hmm...

Gotta run. Life's like... So boring.


Monday, 28 March 2011

Same Old Hairstyle

I told you I was lazy. So I just let her do what she wanted. The usual... Trim a bit everywhere =_=

My head feels lighter, hair feels softer, and... Hey... Why can't I see my hair...?

Ah. Next time... Next time... I'll get a picture of the hairstyle I want =D

I have nice, black, bushy, and curled-in hair? LOL. They compliment it every time xD

They told me to keep my hair long, and then go perm it, THEN, I will look pwetty~ But of course, next time la, when I grow up ^^ Don't worry... I'm pretty sure... I'll weigh... Um... LESS by then >_<


OKUs are cute ^^




The first time...


It feels... Awful.

My weakness has been found, God! I feel so vulnerable.

Sadistic. Cruel. Teasing.

Dolls. Clowns. Baby Alive toys.

Nobody has ever made me feel like that. Not even Sebastian. Not even Apple-Nee-San.


I've been...


I don't feel so strong anymore. Fine. Now... I've been defeated... I'll act more like a girl... I lost it.

Damn you.

But. Continue to attack me please.

I wont lose the fight.



Sunday, 27 March 2011

Another Sunday

Sunday... The only day in my schedule that is free. While people wake up early and go to church, I stay home and roll in bed, hugging Suzuki-san.

Just came back.

Went to the movies, bought some things, ate at KFC, buy more things, ate ice-cream, and went to SZN's house. While Jesvin and SZN dated, they left me alone behind them. Oh. I feel so bright >_<

Sweet Pea is pretty.

Today's movie: Sucker Punch.

It's like... A very cool video game. LOL. I would so buy that video game when it comes out. I'm sure that they'll make one. Hmm. It reminded me of  Metal Slug =_= But with hot girls. Okay... Um... Only Sweet Pea was hot...

I found my new goal! YAY!

My hair, I want it like Rocket's!

Her hair is shorter than mine right? So... Hmm... Wait... Doesn't her hair look like SZN's??? Then again... I think SZN's is shorter...

Hmm... I look like a sakai now, so, I gotta go get a hair-cut anyways.

Gosick episode 10.5?! WTH?! What's the .5 for? Why not just make release episode 11?! Grr...

Today... Is... A... Um... How do I put it? Barely said anything to my somebody. This feels so weird. And instead talked about birth control with NJX, the big headed bio professor =_=

We were walking, they were all sitting nicely in Milk's new car T_T

I feel like sleeping. I feel sticky.

I'm lazy. I guess I'll just let the person who cuts my hair cut it the way she feels like cutting it. What can go wrong? Not like she'll shave it... =_=

I can't believe this... But... I'm going to bed at 8, and without eating dinner first!


Saturday, 26 March 2011

I'm Bored AGAIN

Hey... This is the... Whaa... How many... BORED posts have I written? Damn I really treat my bloggie badly, I only visit when I'm bored.


I should be sitting in the dark and feeding the mosquitoes now... But... Am I the only one with lights on??!! Sheesh. The world's gonna explode soon anyways.

Gosick episode 11... I'm waiting for you to be subbed so I can download you and watch you... Oh well... Might as well download the OVAs for Air Gear...  The OVAs for Kuroshitsuji REALLY REALLY SUCKED!!! But... Aww... Sebastian still makes me have a nosebleed... So perfect, that hell of a butler~

Bududu~ Wonder if I should download the second OVA for xxxHolic Rou. Since I'm gonna be freaking free for a week plus... Might as well spoil myself with movies, anime, and... Sushi...?

I find OKUs very cute. SOME. They always smile =D

Wa~ Today, I saw a very pwetty blondie photographer. Nice hair. Nice skin~ I fell in love again. Ah~

Now that it's over, I'll be back loving my gay boyfriend.

What to do... What to do... What to do... 

Oh. My phone just sneezed... A moment please...

I'll be watching Sucker Punch tomorrow with my dear Jesvin. The girl version of 300???!!! AWESOMEEEE~ I hope Jesvin doesn't complain... =-=

To all of you airplane queens, this is why I don't call you people. CAUSE YOU ARE ALL FREAKING AIRPLANE QUEENS... Sheesh. And I'm the bad guy for not inviting.  

Dude. Movie... Until... Now? HAHAHA. I think I will die if I wait for you. But... AHEM... Those horror movies are still here. Yes or no. Come on, if you don't want to I might as well finish watching them so I can download MORE horror movies... 

Staring at the yellow bear-bear lamp on the table... 

It's so cute I can't believe that I never used it. OK! I'll turn it on tonight~ 

Let that yellow bear shine~ With that beh song expression on his face and a red tie around his neck~

Suzuki-san, wait for me, I'll be hugging you in... 15 minutes.

Alright. I think I'll go shower and change now... Wa... I feel sleepy.

Hope I don't sleep while texting... AGAIN... 

Plushies. They are soft, and cuddly, gay and child safe. Get a few and you wont feel lonely. Since you're TOO young, get some plushies xD

I have a bad feeling that everything will fall apart. No. No. Just me. 


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Wa~ I'm Back

I'm so sorry my dear, I haven't been good to you, I never touched you... Ooohh... I feel so bad. But don't worry, you don't have to feel sad and bored anymore... I know those weeks without me was torture, and pain for you. Forgive me my lovely, it wasn't because I didn't want to see you... It was because...


Ah, I've missed you blogie~

SO... How long have I been gone? It feels really REALLY long... Whee~ I forgot when was the last time I typed so much. On my keyboard.

One week break over. Back to school. Piles of unfinished homework. Teachers these days are sadistic, especially teachers like... My Science teacher. While your Science practical books are filled with useless notes, ours are filled with useless ugly drawings that wastes a damn lot of space.  For years... My Science notebooks are never used until the last page... But now... I'm on the last page, and it's only the third month... Just imagine... How many times I have to draw unborn babies, and uterus-es... =_=

I'm gonna get it tomorrow. I haven't done my maths homework since January.

Oh well...

That reminds me... I have to reply somebody. My phone sneezed three times already... Awwww... Achu xp

It doesn't matter what goes through my mind. It always changes. It's either tomorrow's bento, or you. That image still appears, but not as OFTEN as yesterday or the day before. Hmm. Well... She is cute, I can't argue about that... But... When... dot... dot... dot... dot... dot... dot... I imagine her to be cuter.

And YES. There is something very.... VERY wrong with meh. First of all, you DO NOT imagine your gay boyfriend doing some other person... In fact... YOU SHOULDN'T IMAGINE HIM DOING ANYBODY!!!

I will shut up now. I will go hit the piano. Softly.


Target achieved. My hair is like Minam's. Now, I have to go cut my hair... Lemme see... Which hairstyle? Long hair doesn't suit me at all. I'm too round~

There's the fourth sneeze, I'm gonna hand my phone a tissue now.



Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I am not feeling good.

After two hours of bad karaoke, I'm still in a bad mood. WTF. My voice is already sore and I'm still in a bad mood... Grr... I don't know what to blame my mood on. ISH.

So maybe... The world isn't gonna go KA-BOOM next year.

I'm staying home, it is freaking hot! I don't really feel like doing my folios, I'm really lazy... I don't wanna do anything but I wanna do something. That's why I'm here. Damn. If you need a purpose, go screw yourself.

Yogi Bear and Bo Bo~

I think I'll watch it tonight. LOL.

I don't know if I wanna go tomorrow. I'm lazy... I don't feel like leaving home. I love being an otaku. Cause... I don't like going out, this weather KILLS me. I have to sit in the car for 5 hours, reach there, see my annoying cousin and cute babies... Sleep... Then what...? Come back again...? Right... Shopping... Shopping... UGH. I don't feel like doing anything when I bleed. But I have to exercise too...?

You have to choose such a nice week to break down you stupid uterus wall. Couldn't you choose last week?! Or when I get back?! UGH! DAMN YOU!

I'm going to watch Ciel In Wonderland to un-bored myself. Mum isn't texting me, he isn't either. I'm so lonely. Ah, what to do? He loves his drumsticks more than me.

Oh well. I'm gonna go watch some anime again.

Yay~ Fansubbed Gosick episode 10 will be released tomorrow. Phew. Luckily, they survived >_<

I will pray for Japan, I can't let the country of all things kawaii die.





Monday, 14 March 2011

March 14

I ate REALLY AWFUL chocolate MELTED by Stephanie.

Same as always, SZN is like our mother~

Jesvin is still... Jesvin.

Celebrated Jesvin's birthday in advance~

I got cream and chocolate all over my face =-=


My day... After my theory exam, came back home, sweat a lot, change, waited for my friends while playing the piano, after they came, made sushi, watched movies... Chat... I rolled in my bed, wondering if I should go to KL on Wednesday.

I am freaking lazy.

This time, nothing to do with my folio. I just wanna stay home, relax, watch movies and sleep. Be an otaku. Let's just hope I don't grow fat. Maybe I'd chew on cucumbers...

This sounds like a really bad joke. You know how people those days say that the sky is gonna fall? But it never did? But now... When we say that the sky is going to fall, IT IS going to fall.

Japan... Why Japan... It's already so tiny... Now... It's even... Tinier...?

One day I wake up, I find myself in front of God.

2012 huh? Come on world, I can take it. Dying isn't as hard as living.

I'm lazy... I don't feel like going away... I wanna stay home. I wanna roll in my bed all day long, wrap myself up in my pink blanket, sleep and sleep, and never wake up.

I am such an asshole. I can't even talk to my mum nicely. Yes, I admit, she is God damn irritating, but, isn't that how mothers are suppose to be? But... I just hate it. She's in Malacca, yeah, she doesn't have to ask about every SINGLE thing. What does she want me to say? If she wants to know how he is doing, can't she ask him herself?

Then there's my God damn boyfriend. I can't even treat him right.

I don't know. But I just feel so pissed off right now. Since when did my temper become so bad? Since when did my freaking period has anything to do with my temper? I don't know... I just feel... UGH. I don't know what I feel anymore. There's this very angry me, and I'm really fucking sad about some thing I don't even know! I'm just upset right now.

Maybe it's just me. I'm mad at myself again... Aren't I?

It's always like this.

I feel so useless, so useless that I take my anger out on everyone. Why... Why... Why...

Just fucking tell me why.

I don't know why I'm so upset.

Don't talk to me.

Sorry everyone. I am a lousy person. 

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Another Rojak Post by Me~

Let's all face it, the world as we know it is coming to an end.

This is NOT a good year for Japan D=

I hope that everything will be fine. Cause, I don't know what else to say =_=

Been a long time since I updated my blog. Wah. So long... That my theory exam is tomorrow T^T

No... I haven't been preparing all this while... I have been... I don't know... I've been lazy that's why I didn't update my lovely blog~

Two rounds funeral, RM20. Nye... Better than no money.

For the past few days, everyone I meet says the same damn thing to me :

" Hey~ Zongxu's coming back leh~ Happy? He's staying at your place? "

Why does everybody do that?! Benjamin is a little weirder, he asked me if I'm having a party... Wow... He must love Zongxu a lot.

Today... He came back.

Today... I was late for the funeral, the minute I stepped into the bus... Everyone was like "WAAA~ Look at her, she's so happy~ WAAAAAAAAA~"



I smell like roses~

Is my mum that famous for being too openly kind? Wow... Is everyone her Facebook friend now? =_=

I have to go get a DNA test now, I doubt that she's my real mother.

Aww... Don't feel sad mummy, I know you're my birth mother.  BUT, I just want that to prove it =D

Suddenly, I respect Jia Xun's mother a lot. We all know how babies are born. So yeah... She must be one heck of a woman to give birth to that enormous head of his.

What else to do... RIGHT.... Study for theory.

Nope. I wont do that. I'm too lazy.

Geez, I hope I pass. Two hours... I can't stare at it for two hours... I'd die doing my theory T^T


I will take a giant bowl of oil, and burn it tonight, I'll study my Italian, French and German terms. Whee~ Save me T^T

Another rojak post by me~

Have a nice break.

I know, we all have to do our folios, but...


See you guys when school resumes. UGH.

I will now pray to every deity that I know of, let me pass my theory exam tomorrow, and let Japan be safe.

Friday, 4 March 2011


After so many posts, I still have no idea what my blog is about... Hampalang mix together, I think I should rename my blog to Rachel's Rojak.

I'm jealous =D

I get jealous REAL easily. Humph!

Even if you're taller than me by 1 cm, I would get jealous =D


Who am I?

What am I...?

What do I wanna do?

Why am I doing here...?

That's right... I should be sleeping.

Thank you for wasting your precious time reading my blog.

I doubt that people ACTUALLY read every SINGLE word... Cause most people tell me that they just scroll down until the post ends~

I think I should kill my blog, and boom my laptop.

For some reason... I feel like camping, and never returning. Muahahaha.

I might be smiling and helping you on the outside, but on the inside... I've killed you many times in no imaginable way, and I'm thinking of more ways to kill you... I'm cursing you too... =D

I see myself in a black, black place... Almost like my keyboard... With ONE bulb hanging there... Showing a dead end.... No... Wait... There are two roads... Which should I choose... The left... Or the right?

Hello, this isn't Little Red Riding Hood. I ain't stoppin for flowers. Stopping for flowers does seem like a good idea though...

I've said many times before that I DON'T need HELP... But...



Folios... T^T

Exams... T^T

Future... T^T

Can I swallow sleeping pills and go to Wonderland? I'll be Queen and chop off your heads...


I'll go sleep with Suzuki-san now...

Good night~

Come back, save me, tell me that Every Little Thing is gonna be alright.
Hold me tightly and tell me that Every Little Thing is gonna be alright.
Please stay, say or lie to me that Every Little Thing is gonna be alright.


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wednesday Post

Going to KL on Friday~

米修 米修~

Sorry, watched a bit much of Taiwanese drama last week. Thanks to my sister, who reminded me how I tend to stay glued to the TV >_<

Now... I know... Why... I don't step into the TV room =_=

I think I miss 8181?


Kinda not used to NOT seeing his face? xp

Another 15 minutes before I sleep... What to write... What to write?

Happy Birthday Hong Gi~

Tanjoubi omedetou Hong Gi~

Sorry, don't remember Korean xD

Which reminds me... I have to wrap that Winnie The Pooh rubber and make it a gift~

Going to MPM tomorrow... Which is a stupid thing. Interview...? Take pictures...? AWW MAN... I live 5 minutes away, but I have to spend 15 minutes going to school, and 15 minutes coming back... AGAIN...? And then... 15 minutes back to school again... While my house is just 5 minutes away...? And... The worst part is... NO BREAKFAST?!

Aww man... I don't even have recess tomorrow?

This sucks.


Just came back from theory class 51 minutes ago.

The last thing I need to do before my theory exam on the 14th is memorize the Italian terms... French, and German terms... I still hate the song composing part though. UGH. I think I hate the whole damn theory paper =_=

Lemme see... My music theory is like this: At the edge of a cliff, with only a thin line there to save it if it falls...

Maybe better... More or less... I just hate the song composing part... And the time signature part...

Going to sleep now~


I have to wrap the present...


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Before I FINALLY Sleep Post

I should sleep. I know, I know... But... Since when did my sister become percussionist? I thought that she's a trumpeter?! Why do I hear drumsticks hitting the floor in the next room? >_<

No... No...

It's not Zongxu. Even if I hope that it is xD

Yari is a really cute phone~

I wonder if I should have bought it instead. But... Never mind... At least I'm getting to use it now~ Gotten use to the pretty lousy keypad too =_= How did they use it? Man... She doesn't seem to be so gentle after all?




But before that, it's exam, exam, and exam once again~


Can't believe that I actually downloaded the wrong Burlesque file =_=

Everyone free this holiday? =D

Wanna watch movies? Weehehehehe~ Come, come, I downloaded A LOT of movies... Enough to last for a year... But... Man... More great movies are coming up later >_< So I guess I'll make my one week holiday MOVIE WEEK~

Winnie The Pooh is releasing in July =D

Can't wait... Can't wait! I love Winnie The Pooh...



Wu Yinin...?

Winnie The Wu Yinin...?

Damn... Apple sure has a way to name people. It rhymes too =D

Trumpet test again... The end of next month, and this time, we even have a MARCHING test? Oh well... Now, my head is filled with Cannon in D =_=

Talk about man eating unicorns.

I burnt the electric stove, and the blender. I don't remember doing anything which brings a whole lot of misfortune... OWH... A mosquito just bit me! Hey! What did I do? I did my homework, so why is my luck so bad? Maybe I went for too many funerals... And all my luck went D=

Probably not.

So... Movies... Please say yes?