Wednesday, 26 October 2011

wrote on my mobile birthday post

Write a blog entry for me will ya. It was only eight minutes. Sheesh why is she always right damn it!
I never knew that a call could make me so happy. It felt good hearing my friend's voice, it made me feel like I'm still missed... Like I still exist in the world.

Shirley sent me a birthday text yesterday, cause she messed up my birth date. But it's the thought that counts right? And... It is now 12.55am and she hasn't texted me back. Lol I guess Facebook made things free and easy for everyone. Damn it sometimes!

I miss blogging. I miss it a lot. I miss writing, been a while since I felt this happy.

The ironic thing is that it wasn't Zongxu who called me;it was SZN. And I was happy until I couldn't sleep. I haven't stretched my mouth so wide in such a long time. Hey, maybe my Subway sandwich can finally fit in my mouth! Ommm!!!

As for those who posted on my wall on Facebook, thanks too. But it certainly won't kill you if you texted me right?! Besides, I can't go on Facebook, it is boring! And I have to slap myself every single time I look at my Newsfeed.

Thank you, the day has just begun, and I'm going to LaLa Land after this.

Lonely birthday this year, my phone isn't vibrating that much. My mum and dad didn't wish me at midnight, but I hope they text me later. Or else... I'd be throwing murukus at them!!!! Be prepared mummy! And daddy!

Today is also Deepawali.

Happy Deepawali to everyone. And of course, happy birthday to me.

Zongxu fell asleep because I switched off my phone... It had only 3% of battery life left. I was hoping he'd call... But... He fell asleep a SECOND time when I was on the phone with my dear SZN... And the call only lasted for eight minutes, and thirty seconds.

Of course I can't blame him, he's tired. And of course I'm not too pleased. But hey, that boy has Malaysian studies and he sacrificed his butt just to go to collage. Yes, I have a boyfriend with no ass. At least he got balls? O_O

Josephine~ did you bake me macaroons? +_+ I'll be going to you... Soon... Again. Hahaha.

So yeah, since I'm already here, I'll go check Facebook.

I only have three friends in this world. One is a guy, two are girls. The other hundred are just... Human beings. Though I can't say that there's no others... But whatever, let's just leave it at three for now.

Xin Yi texted me after I said goodnight to SZN. Ah, such a beautiful world.

Time to reshape my life. Things can't go on like this. If things stay the same, then it's as if I have no life at all.

Call this holiday an escape from the people I know. Call this trip a time... Where I get to sort things out. Thought it has been very clear before who's who, it's even clearer now.

Don't say you miss me. I doubt that you'll talk to me anyway.

I'm blogging on my mini screen, Lappy still hasn't got its power supply yet. Even if mum was kind enough to replace Lappy's life force, I won't be home to see it light up anyway.

That bastard better hope that I'm in a good mood when I wake up... Or else...