Saturday, 29 May 2010

Life According To Rachel

Life... Everyone have different views. What about me?

Life is simple. Eat. Sleep. Laugh. Eat more. Sleep again. FUN. FOOD. Do dumb things. No goals, just do it. Full of God damned surprises.

I know the difference between the life of number one smart-ass and myself. I asked her 'What is it like to be smart?' She gave me a sour look and finally answered 'God damned stressful. 90 is never enough. My dad always wants 100.' Wow. I was thinking 'Lucky me, I don't really care.'

I don't get it. Why do people want perfection? When clearly, it doesn't exist. You don't have to be smart to be successful. Studying... BAH... Useless... I don't like stressing myself too much. And I realized something... Smart people are VERY competitive. In other words, Kia Su.

Huh. Funny how things are... People have goals, have dreams to fulfill, but me? I don't. I just do whatever I need to do, besides, I think I'm gonna in 2 years time, Our Lady Fatima's visions... Great... I'm dying on December 21st 2012 along with all the other non-believers. My grandma was so sad when my brother told her 'Mi, Rachel say she's gonna die cause she don't believe in God.' Saw the sadness in her eyes...

HM. Dying so soon?

Nah... I don't know what I believe in anymore.

Life... Life... Life...

Sad. The fact that people are wasting it.

Oh well... Might as well enjoy the 2 short years I have left. If Our Lady Fatima say it would come, then... It would... She already warned us about the German War and the pope assassination. And... They freaking happened.

Ya,ya... Mum's asking me to sleep now... And bro's still at the BBQ party.


I'm bored. I watch too much annoying orange. It annoys the hell outta people, just like me :]


Friday, 28 May 2010

Visit Malaysia XD

Malaysia is a beautiful country, kinda disgusting and not to mention a dirty place. Still, it's beautiful, well, depends where you're going really.

Malaysia is a country like no other, we have different races living together, you can find the world's people here. Our politicians are ranked number 0 in the world's political list, so, no worries if you guys are terrorists. Okay, and the cops? Not to worry, just give them money for tea and you're free.


From yellow-skinned to brown-skinned, the people of Malaysia are colourful. Especially Indians, they wear their traditional colourful Sari with very bright bangles on their arms, and they all have really long hair. They love gold. We yellow-skinned Chinese are... Pretty boring. We only wear the Cheong-sam during Chinese New Year. BUT, when it comes to food, we are the best! From pork to vege... We cook everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Oh yes, the Malays, the 'founders' of our country. The wear their Baju Kurung tight, and covered from head to toe.

Yes, Chinese, Indians and Malays. We are the three main races of Malaysia.Of course, there are others like English people, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese... And so on... Know one thing please, now that everything's modern and all that, it's hard to see us in our traditional clothings. Especially in the city, there's hardly any traditional spirit.


Yellow-skinned. Duh. Small eyes, average in size, but some of us are God damned short. We are the most cin-cai people, everything is like... Whatever. We are free to choose our religion, we eat anything, if we don't think it's too gross. And that's why, we cook the best food, not too spicy, just right.


DARK! Big beautiful eyes, sharp noses. If you LOVE spicy food, oh yes, Indians are best. Curry, original spices, blended by hand, cooked with tradition... OH YES... Indians are colourful, and they love gold! Indians are the experts in spicy curry. My grandpa's Indian, and he... Cooks Da best curry.


UGH. The 'bumiputera', and 'bumiputeri' of the country. Buncha crap. Well, they aren't as bad and brainless like those idiots we have as our politicians. Some are really nice, they hate they're religion too, like my neighbor, she drinks. Well, since they have no choice of religion, they just... I don't know... Follow whatever, or don't follow. Believe me, they aren't religious fanatics, they just like making problems for themselves. BUT... DO NOT INSULT THOSE WHO ACTUALLY WRAP THEIR HEADS(women) AND WEAR A WHITE CUPPY-HAT(men). They actually follow the rules of the Muslim. Oh wow, it's the second call of the day... They wake you up at 5 with their morning call. They tell time 5 times a day too, don't worry, you wont lose track of time.

And oh, I forgot about those who live in the East, Sabah and Sarawak.

East Malaysia is very beautiful, hills, rain forest, waterfalls, lakes... Ah, every nature lover should go there. And the culture there is more interesting, they're about 12 sub-tribes there. I don't know much about them... I've never been there.


My favorite... Penang has the most delicious food. OMG. Thinking about it makes me water... The best place for food are the hocker centers, they have everything. Mm-HM. You don't need fancy restaurants, you just need the hocker centers. In fact, fancy restaurants are BORING and expensive. Or if you would prefer, just eat McDonald's or KFC.


Well, since I'm from Lumut, might as well write about it.

If you'd like to get away from all the shopping, come here, I guarantee you, 100% shopping-free. Nothing to shop here, we don't have Gucci, Guess, Dior, D&G... But, we do have flee-markets, if you like bargaining, then, you must go to flee-markets.

Teluk Batik is a disgusting place, if you're looking for a beach, go to Langkawi, or Pangkor. Pangkor is just a 10 minute ferry ride from Lumut. Stay at the Pangkor Laut Resort, enjoy the beach, certainly much more cleaner than Teluk Batik.

Well, if you're gonna visit here in ten or fifteen years, Marina Island will be ready. Theme parks... FOOD... Shopping... Man-made beaches... Mm.


LOLz. Obviously bored. Haha.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Oops~ Sorry For The Background

Yea, sorry I copied it... But... I accidentally deleted my old one, and my laptop had no file on it...

So... Yours was cute, and yea... I copied it...

Hope you don't mind. It's only until I have time to find another replacement.

Don't get mad or anything... At least I picked a different one?

Well... It's really late now.

Good Night

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Damn Bro

Damn that idiot. WTH... Oh, so I can't do what I want, and he can? And I can't say anything because I'm afraid of getting beaten up. I can do what I want, I don't need him to fucking boss me around! I really don't need a dude who can't even take care of his God damned self to tell me what to do! I wish that he'd die this time! He just got lucky the other time, now that he's better, he wants to ride again. Well, okay, be my guest, he can die this time, he wont get so lucky.

This concludes it, people don't fucking change! He's saying now that he wont ride again... EVER... And everyone believed him, so did I. But now... Not so much... Lying is one thing, putting life on the line is another. I guess he just wont learn, he's more hard-headed than we thought. I've never met anyone as hard-headed as him, usually, people get scared, even after they're better. But him?He's hopeless.

Ah, yes... When he dies, I get the blame again. How can I live with myself then?

Why? Simple... I know that he's going to ride again and I'm not telling my parents. Just like last time, I kept my mouth shut while he does all those things. What if I tell? What's the difference? Not like he'll listen to my parents, I'll just end up getting beaten up by him. Pointless!


I know more than I show. About everything... Not just my bro...

Life's life I guess... People just don't appreciate it...

We have life and yet, we waste it. How many people actually appreciate life? None... Even the holiest of people... They don't...


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

May 19th 2010

Happy Birthday to people I know on May 19th!

Jessica Oon
Ngoo Jia xun

Yea, I changed the posting date, been busy in the last two days. This is fine... I guess...

So... I see the pictures aren't on Facebook. Thank God for that. If not... You guys will be seeing me in my dress... Ahahaha. Ate damn lot at Steakhouse.

Nothing much, I forgot I was even writing this, well... Jia Xun's chocolates were 'stolen' and they melted. Still edible though.

no intention to continue anymore. Thanks for the news Jia Xun... Although... I would rather NOT know.



Monday, 17 May 2010

Robin Hood


Everybody's studying for the exam. I am too... A bit... I don't know. Just not in the mood to do anything school-ish. Study... Study... STUDY!!! I don't know what I want anymore... I don't even know what to eat! If I know myself well, I ALWAYS feel like eating. But now... I don't feel like munching on something every 2 seconds. This is serious! ARGH! Anyway, went to watch Robin Hood just now. Yea, went alone. Alone is good, no one to disturb me. Robin Hood, starring Oscar winner Russell Crowe(Robin Hood) and another Oscar winner Cate Blanchett(Lady Marion Loxely) The movie was kinda like... Hmmm... How can I put it? It was like I was reading a book. Slowly showing... From fighting to love and to fighting again and then... At the end...
And the legends begins...

The whole time... The whole movie... It wasn't his legend... It was his life when he wasn't an outlaw? Hm. Whatever. It wasn't very thrilling... I just sat there... Looking at the screen... So predictable. Looking forward to watch A Nightmare On Elm Street, hope it shows. And oh, Jessica's birthday is... THIS WEDNESDAY!

French... Are idiots! No offense, it was in the 13th century.

Yea, took place in the 13th century, when England was a place with a useless king. Okay, the good, brave, adventurous, honest, fair... Blar.... King Richard, or Lion Heart, died when robbing a French castle... ==... A cook shot him... Instead of the guards... So, old traditions, one dies and another takes the throne. Since Lion Heart isn't married, he doesn't children, so, his brother(John) became king. The useless little brother... Seeing him, you'd know that he'll be a lousy king. And... HE IS.

Why Robin Hood became an outlaw? Simple...

Useless King John was jealous of Robin Hood. At the end of the England-French-war, French surrendered. When King John asked who the French surrendered to, they answered 'ROBIN LONGSTRIDE' Yep, that did the job.

Nothing much to write about the movie. You'll have to watch it yourself.

Whoa... It's getting really late.

Hope everyone can do great in the test!

Friday, 14 May 2010


Everybody at school? Yea... Sure... I skipped.

Don't know when I'll be going back home, tomorrow maybe. Or later.

HEY! Dad's back!

After 8 months.


Finally. 8 months. At Ipoh now. At my cousins place. Cute laptop my dad has. Mini. Mine's bigger.

Ya,ya. I know, I should be using my own. But... I didn't bring it.

Everybody seem to be using Facebook. Facebook... Where's the fun? Fine. I'm weird. I like being weird. Weird is good.


Going on another 'day trip' tomorrow with Jess and ZN. Next Wednesday, May 19th, Jess's birthday, going to Steakhouse? I don't know... I just know that I'm wearing a dress... Hope I don't meet anybody I know.


Have fun at practice everybody.

Will there be practice tomorrow?

I'll go find something to do now. But... This is mini and it's easy to type... Type type type... FUN...

yea... I know... You must be thinking 'Weirdo' right now... Go ahead.

I'll write another post on visual novels tomorrow. As you all know... Japanese can be very very VERY dirty. Um. If you guys wanna try a visual novel, try 'RE:Alistair'. It's clean. But... I do know something good for lesbians... 'Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke Wo', in English 'A Kiss For The Petals'. Hey, I'm not a lesbian... Please. Don't try that one... Unless you're really curios. But still, don't. It's H. Rated 18.


I'm lazy. IDK what I'm gonna do now...


I know you guys don't miss me.

Thursday, 13 May 2010


Hello. Hi. Hey. How's everybody doing? Fine? Nice.

Exam... Exam... EXAM!

I don't really see the point. If you're good, you're good. If you're not, then... You just suck. What's the point of studying things you don't like and you know that you'll never use it?

I guess I have something in common with my bro.

If we don't understand something, we lose heart and just... Give up. But, I give up more easily. We're equal somehow, I have better attitude and I stick to things I do.


Just wasting time here. I know, I know, I should be studying and all that but... I don't want to study. Something is blocking me. I feel dead. I feel lifeless. I feel hopeless.

And oh, BTW, I'm not going to school tomorrow, and practice. I'm going to Ipoh. My mum's picking my dad up. So... Yea, I guess I'm skipping school tomorrow. WHAT? Every TEACHER for God knows what reason keep asking me : 'Rachel, are you alright?'


What is their problem?


Visual novels... VERY GOOD. Kinda like manga but computerized. PERFECT for anime loving freaks. I'm a bad one myself, I just don't admit it. You know... I get very very VERY addictive. You have no idea how...


I'm bored...

That reminds me... I haven't had my bath.


Have fun at school tomorrow.

BAH. Nobody misses me anyways.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Die... New...

Fufu died.
Bought a new one.

A Roborovski Hamster. No more Campell Dwarf. Roborovski is smaller, and damn, it is active and fast and a shy thing. It's looking at me now. Named it Bugsy, I didn't know whether it was a girl or a boy! Buried Fufu outside my house, with flowers and soil... I lighted up a candle and three incense. It really looked like someone died. A mini person. I dug a hole, at two in the afternoon when the sun was freaking hot! It was frying me!

I don't know if this is fair, I didn't bury Kiko. I hope that he isn't angry. What? It was at night when it died! And digging a hole at night is NOT fun. I don't really have a pic of Fufu. But, it's a Campbell Dwarf. Of course, Kiko was cuter. But... Fufu... Was more... Arrogant. I still suspect that Fufu killed Koko. But, whatever, they're all in... Heaven now...

All pets go to Heaven.

We're all lying to ourselves to make us feel better, and... It works...


They only accept Public Bank credit cards? Oh... Really... I was THIS close to getting the Sony VAIO I always dreamed of... And then... THEY ONLY ACCEPT PUBLIC BANK CREDIT CARDS? That... made my heart break... It was boomed... By Public Bank credit cards.

Fine... FINE...

I NEVER get what I want.

I'm always so so so SO close...
ARGH! Same thing with Guinea Pigs...


Why... WHY...WHY... WHY...

I fail.
I suck.
I'm nothing.
I'm Useless.