Monday, 31 January 2011



So I'll make this as short as possible. I don't know where to go, my book is with WeiNi... So, I guess I'll just write out my thoughts here :

I don't believe it. My boyfriend's scared of the one thing I love most- HORROR MOVIES.

When he comes back, I'll MAKE him watch one with me =D

To the rest of you, if you feel like watching horror movies, I'm here~



Wow, this must be the shortest post that I've EVER written.

LOL. I'm late for dinner.

I gotta walk so...


See ya'!

Happy Chinese New Year everybody!

If you come knocking on my door, and I don't like you. I'll just leave you to die outside.

I choose who I let it. But... Ugh... My mum has to ruin everything.




Saturday, 29 January 2011

Back To Normal

I guess that I'm back to normal?

For some reason, while playing Mozart's Sonata in C, the line "I don't think I like girls anymore" popped into my head. Then after a few a seconds "I miss Zongxu a lot" came in. I think I'm in love with Mozart =D

I'm downloading Mozart's pieces from Munckin, Mozart for Babies =P

Chinese New Year... Back to normal means back to being lifeless. Not going to walk under the Sun, knock on doors, and feel awkward sitting on sofas with nothing to say to the parents of your friends. Cause all we ever have in mind during Chinese New Year is ANGPAO COME COME...

Like always, tradition died. Festive season equals to no festive season, just a holiday, take a break from our hectic schedule. Meet friends, family... That's about it. Tell you the truth, I don't even know HOW to celebrate Chinese New Year... I only know that we eat as a family on some day??? Then we take angpaos from everybody. And then... For me... I sleep.

If I'm having children one day... I pity them... They have a mother who knows NOTHING about EVERYTHING. Huuff!

Curses. How the hell do people work? Two weeks ago, I went to Tesco to buy my ice-cream, they said that the product isn't in the system yet. So, I couldn't buy it. Then YESTERDAY, I went again, took the same God damn ice-cream, along with another bar of Hershey's... And you know what? Even worse than the last time I went, both my ice-cream AND chocolate isn't in the system.



Watched Shaolin... Very nice movie, very touching too. Although, I cried because I was angry that all the good monks had to die, and that the bad guys die later on. Monks are so cool. I feel like being one =D
I'm a girl... But... Being a nun looks like no fun? Now that I think about it... All they ever make... Are movies about MONKS, with all those nice kung fu moves... WHAT ABOUT THE NUNS? Don't nuns do kung fu and stuff? Or do they just live bald and meditate all day?

Hah. It takes a life to change a life. Whatever you do, karma will get you one day.

British are still hypocrites, like in our history books.


Says one ugly dude of a British general or something like that.

But in the end, the remaining monks killed all the white people who were using guns and canons, with bamboo sticks =_=


I'm feeling less like a perv now. I guess that it's good thing, do my mum a favour, she has been complaining about me, and says that I need counselling. Ish. Since when is admiring other girls illegal?

Since when did Jay Chou's English improve? LoL. Sounds better than last time, not good, but not exactly THAT bad either.

It's now Chinese New Year holiday, but Chinese New Year doesn't start until Thursday.

I'm gonna eat, sleep, and watch TV.

Happy Chinese New Year everybody. Ugh. It's raining everyday. Can't say I don't like it though.

Me being weird, is me being normal

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Tonight's Thoughts

If I had to choose, if I were Mia... Like her, I would stay.

Yes, finished reading If I Stay. Mia reminds me of myself, fish out of the water.

Cherish the things you have, and cherish what is lost. Don't BE like somebody else and just BE yourself. People always want what they can't have, even if being somebody seems better, that somebody, will also wish that they were like another person. It's another circle... The complications of humans... We are NEVER pleased with what we have.


If the teaching method NOW, is like how 孔子 thought his students, I would LOVE to learn. Being forced to sit down in school... Unless I like the subject, or the teacher's someone who you don't wanna get into trouble with, I'll be minding my own business.

I may hate k-pop, and all those Korean dramas... But, I certainly don't dislike Koreans, and now... I think that they are WAY more hotter than Japanese people, even if 90% of Koreans go for plastic surgery... WHO CARES? AT LEAST THEY'RE HOT!

I think I'm gonna go lesbians for Korean women now =X

I watched A Tale of Two Sisters just now, and even if it's a horror movie, I almost cried. Well... Korean dramas are one thing, but Korean horrors are TOTALLY different. There's always some kind of lesson in it. Like I said, it's either beauty, or jealousy. Family, or friendship.


This one was about family, SISTERS.

They're so loving you know that? If I have an older sister that's really pretty, fair, and soft, and cares about me A LOT... Waaa... I'd cuddle her everyday, and bury my face in her chest =D

Of course, she'll have to be perverted too... Regular sized boobies are enough, suddenly, gigantic breasts are freaking me out =_=


Uwwwwiiii >_<

Im Soo-jung played the paranoid older sister.
Gii... Me and my brother was jealous of the younger sister when they hugged each other and slept together...

Moon Guen Young played the already dead younger sister.
I actually like her better...
I know her sister's hotter, but... Awww...
She looks so innocent, naive, I just feel like making her mine.

Sorry Zongxu >_<

But you already know my love for girls, don't be so threated by women. 

Before I go to sleep... There's another cute Korean~

Hyaaa~! Park Shin Hye.
I just think that she's cute. 
She's dressed as Go Mi Nam in the above picca.


I don't actually know Korean stars either, they just look so cute that I fall in love with them at first sight. I wonder... Are Koreans as perverted as the Japanese? Sorry... I don't think I like white people anymore... I'm in love with yellow-skinned Asians ~ 

If I happen to prove you wrong... I only have one wish...

Let me kiss a girl~

You said that you wouldn't REALLY mind it remember? So yeah... That will be my ONE wish. And if things go beyond that point... WELL... Then I guess you can say that I fulfilled my dreams~

To admit something embarrassing here :

Whenever I smile like an idiot out of the blue, with hands covering my mouth and me slapping myself, I'm not high, and nobody did anything to me. I fantasize, I daydream... About what? You all should know if I don't write it out. It's either him, her, or other girls. I never get too far, cause that would be wrong. Stories perhaps... That I can never write out... Because of my laziness. Maybe one day... I'll post one of those homo stories that I actually wrote up here =_= November and December are the times we rest, but meh... As in rest, daydream about everything.

Hah. No blog updates from ME?

All the updates I see on my Dashboard, ARE MINE T_T

Can't blame me for being bored now can ya'?

Being honest in one thing, being truthful is another. At least I'm truthful, I'm not gonna deny the fact that I'm a girl whose attracted to other girls. Best thing about it, we hold hands, we hug each other, we sleep together, we change together, we bathe together, and we're just friends, and there's nothing wrong with it =D

She's gone now, but still close. 

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I'm Too Lazy Even If They Look Easy

You know those online contests and giveaways with prizes that you REALLY REALLY REALLY want? I felt like entering one, and winning something, but... Wow... A few hundred contestants, and only three winners. Nice. What are the chances that is gonna pick my e-mail?

Maybe next time, when I'm really TOO free, I'll go enter a few dozen of those giveaways, and if I do, you people will be seeing a few dozen useless giveaway posts, so that I can earn extra entries. But of course, you can always enter if you're interested. But I doubt that guys would be interested in the giveaways I enter.

I just feel like winning something. I never win lucky draws or contests. This sucks. Hmm... Maybe I need to find some luck spell, either that or a spell that makes money fall from the sky.

Entering sounds REAL easy. You comment, you blog, you tweet... Blah blah blah... If you're lucky, you win, if you're not, try another one. Too bad, I don't have Twitter, and I'm not making one anytime soon. If Facebook is getting banned in March, Twitter will be banned by May. Who knows... They might even ban the Internet one day...

Now that I think about it, I'm just lazy, and don't have the positiveness to enter. Ish. But really? THIS easy to win one of those giveaways? It's all luck? Oh well... I'm still lazy, and like I said, not positive enough, I know that I will never win, I never win anything.

Mom doesn't approve of online shopping. Curses. WHY NOT?! If she approves of it... Things would be SO much easier... Grr... I wont complain so much if she actually drives us to places OTHER THAN school, tuition, Sitiawan and Ipoh. If she's so afraid of driving... Grr... Wait till I get my driver's license... ~!@#$%^&*()_


I guess I'm going to shut this thing down now.

Take a deep breath... And exhale...

I'm still not cooled.

Damn you.

Suddenly, I feel living in a zombie-infected world. That way, I'll appreciate what I have now. People all need to learn the hard way, because, we always want what we can't have, and we are never satisfied with what we have... So I'm just gonna FORGET about the whole thing... And go to sleep...

I feel like slapping myself, only because you're not here for me to hug. I can't go hug your hoodie, because if I do, that would be really weird if my mum walks in. 

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Hmm... I'm Always... Swearing =_=

Not that I didn't realize it earlier or anything... I can't help it, it all depends on my mood. When I'm in my don't-you-come-near-me mood, you will see 14 fucks in one sentence. I'm serious.

I don't really know what mood I'm in now. LOL. 

This is just another random post.

All my posts are ALMOST random... Don't trust the title, NEVER... EVER... Trust the titles I put in. You might find some other things that are totally NOT related to it~

I'm doing it now again. LOL.

The first line of every post works with the title, as I write more, I forget the point of me being here, and when I almost finish, I remember the point of me writing. Yeah, I'm pathetic =D

I have tuition in an hour, I'm damn tired, but I still wont rest... Oh... If I fall asleep again later during tuition, gramps is going to kill me. Like last... Umm... Thursday... I fell asleep... His booming voice made me sit up straight, and he told me to go wash my face... Hmm... Washing your face actually helps.

You can swear in many languages, but it's hard to find the RIGHT word, and the RIGHT way to put it... Hmm... What's "WHAT THE FUCK?!" in Chinese??? It can't be "什么的性交?!" right? That just sounds wrong... REAL wrong...

I used to the computer-dictionary once, and I typed in "What the fuck is he doing?" the Chinese translation came out more or less like this: " 他在什么性交做?" 

WHAT? I was curious and had nothing else better to do. I'm sure every person who owns a computer-dictionary did that! Or was it just me... ?! But I know... I am not alone... There must be another idiot out there who did that, and WILL do it =)

Chinese New Year... First day is on Thursday, and by Monday, school starts? Monday is only the fifth day... HOW CAN YOU BE SO CRUEL... He's coming back on the fourth day and I have school on the fifth day. Yeah, real nice. 

Oh well... Guess that it's just that. So much for having a nice new year wearing pretty-pretty-girly things. 

I can't believe that I thought about that! 

Suddenly, I feel that the dress is a waste. Nah... Never mind... I can always wear it when there's some event which requires girls to be girls... Maybe I can go for a suit... Nah... When I transfer to AMC... I'll think about it... But, I'm never transferring schools, so don't worry. 

I'm no expert in love honey, the way I see it, you ain't either, and what you READ or SEE in movies and books, they're made up by the imaginations of people. Don't act like a know-it-all. I know, you're WAY more experienced than I am, but hey, we're the same age, and you MIGHT wanna grow up REAL fast and be like those 20-year-old girls who wear make-up and those real expensive dresses and carry a Prada, but one thing I do know... That's just a dream, and when you say it, it's real damn easy, but when you actually wanna make it real, it's WAY harder. Try getting pass the struggles, stand on your own, then you can buy Prada, Dior or whatever you want. You know, you might THINK like this, but in reality, we're still riding a bike, with trainer wheels attached. 

Hmm... I don't mean much, I don't like you either. Grown up attitude? Don't blame you for being mature, but one day, you will miss being a kid. Hah. So enjoy THIS, not THAT. You'll have plenty of time when you grow up. 

Being brutally honest is a good thing, people get your point, but then, they hate you. 

Oh well, I don't care much about what you guys do now anyway, since there are MORE than enough of THEM and no more place for ME. Surrounded. Hm, how does it feel? Nice? I actually don't like them that much. If I'm one of the duller people, and not shiny like you diamonds, who cares? I have my book, and my God damn homework. 

The reason why I finish my work- I bother about what my friends do. 

Monday, 24 January 2011

First Haircut of The Year

I was thinking of shaving my head...




I was just kidding.

No way am I going bald, my face would look SO much rounder.

Ah, my laptop is FINALLY back in my room. Random updates will be up more if it doesn't go away again.

So... Mi Nam... I think I'm in love with Mi Nam... Even if I hate Korean dramas, and I don't know who the hell she is... LOL... She's cute... And yeah, My hair does look like hers... Hmm, maybe when it grows longer, it'll be EXACTLY like Mi Nam's hair.

Koreans are pretty, and... THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME =_=

Ish... Every Korean horror I watch... All the girls look the same. Pretty face, fair skin, perfect body, SAME EYE LINES??? Or maybe Koreans just have the same eyes???

Anyway... I feel like being Mi Nam xp

I know I'm not as pretty la! Waihai!


I waited for one freaking hour for a five minute haircut. HAH. I THOUGHT YOU MADE A FREAKING APPOINTMENT MOTHER! And... It takes an hour to get your hair washed by that lady? It takes me a minute to get mine washed. All those mirrors and the smell of their perming meds made me dizzy. ukk.


My bushy hair...Hmm... Feels softer now =D

It looks the same, just shorter, and LESS bushier, not to mention softer. Suddenly, I feel like hugging my own hair. I feel like looking in the mirror again. LOL. I kinda forgot how my hairstyle looks, and,  I smiled like an idiot in front of the mirror just now. I was too free. And the speaker from the motivation course said that it's good to look at a mirror, AND SMILE TO YOURSELF LIKE SOME NUT-CASE WHILE LOOKING.

You know, people should be proud of their boobies. Girls anyway... Not guys... Guys just look WRONG with boobs. Have you guys seen Hole In One? When the American Pie plays golf... God... I always wondered how guys would look with C cup boobies... But thanks to that movie, I never want to see guys with boobs again!

Lazy to find one with Eric BRA-LESS

Yeah... You can see how wrong that looks.


We're all perverts. 

It's hard to find girls THIS honest? WHAT? I thought that this was normal. Then again... I'm ME.


How did hair... Go to boobs...


While I'm here, I'll just say everything.

I bought a new dress. 

Plan to wear it during Chinese New Year... Obviously...

Hmm... He's coming back on chu 4... 

I'm not saying that I'll be wearing it FOR him or anything... I'll be wearing it for myself, relatives, Jessica, Zhi Ngor, Jesvin, Stephanie... 

No idea why I wrote what I wrote. 

If we meet up, it's gonna be the usual basics, and knee-length pants, with flip-flops. He doesn't even bother about looking good, AND I TOLD YOU BOTH THAT IT'S POINTLESS TO LOOK NICE FOR HIM CAUSE HE DOESN'T MIND ANYTHING! Sometimes, I just feel like slapping him. Not caring about much is a good thing, but sometimes, it's annoying! AND WHAT? YOU DON'T FREAKING MIND IF I KISSED A GIRL THE OTHER NIGHT?! You just mind that I didn't kiss you first. RIGHT. So, if I kiss you first, then I can kiss anybody I want? Great. I'll transfer to AMC. There's a very handsome girl. And I guess that there'll be more.


Oh... BTW... I didn't kiss a girl that night, if I did, I would have been cheating on Zongxu, and I would be having a girlfriend, instead of a boyfriend? 


I cannot believe that I care this much and is THIS annoyed about him being too NOT care-y. Grr... 

He's okay actually, he doesn't get jealous... He doesn't mind if I like girls... He doesn't mind if use Michelle Obama on him... He doesn't mind me being me... 

Everyone's got something that they're too embarrassed to talk about, but when I said that I liked them, I actually meant like, LIKE them... Especially the first one...  

Imagine waking up with a pair of boobs GUYS~

Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday The... 21st?


How's it goin?

Miss me?

Yeah I know you do, my useless blog!

I'm back, and typing =D

Woke up at five this morning. Wuahaha. To prepare today's recess lunch box... My non-halal lunch box~

I wont be going to school tomorrow... And I wont be going next Friday either =)

I feel like watching a horror movie. Since no good movies are out... Might as well watch some of the horrors that I missed. Been a long LONG time since I last downloaded movies. Mostly... I downloaded... Yaoi =_=

Hmm... I don't know what else to blog about. Nothing worth blogging about. You wouldn't wanna read relationship stuff up here right? Especially when I'm a bit confuse between this and that. Don't worry, things between us is really good, I'm just trying to sort out my own things.

With my mum following my blog, I HAVE GOT TO BE CAREFUL of my homo posts. Ish. I'd rather have old people stick to being tech-dummies.




I plan to buy more bras =D

Hmm... Maybe some boxers and undies =X





I'll be skipping tomorrow... I'll be skipping next Friday...


Let's go buy slippers on Sunday~

I want me squishy-squishy~


Clothes and pants... And inner wear... Not cheap... Wow... I hope there'll be funerals for the whole week. Not that I want people to die or anything... You know... Since they're already... Gone... Uhh... You get the idea!

Tesco is nice...


Yeah... But... Dulan lo... I bought a cup of Starbucks ice-cream... Tak boleh scan, that worker put it back, but he didn't freaking bring another cup. Grr... Damn you... You scanned Hagen Dazs but not Starbucks? What did Starbucks ever do to you scanner?!


Gotta go...

Bye-Bye Blog~

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Nothing Ever Happens

Another day...

Interesting things never happen... EVER...

Tesco blah blah blah. Haven't been there. Yeah, yeah, outdated, I know. But... MUM WENT WITHOUT BRINGING ME T^T

She went during school hours... Heh... Smart woman...



School. More of those freaking student info forms. What the hell man? If my dad's the head of the yakuza, and earns God knows how much a month, what do you expect me to write? But of course, he isn't... If he is, you'd be dead and I wouldn't have to fill in these stupid forms!!!!!

Mum gets pissed every January. 4 kids... Forms x4. You get blur filling in these useless forms. Why do they need to know? If I'm poorer, you won't accept me in a local college/university? Is that it? Pffft... I wouldn't even apply for a Malaysian U, if I'm gonna waste my years learning like Ah Bo's son, only to re-study everything in a Japan U... I'd rather NOT study...

Thursday is a public holiday! Wheeee~

Tesco, I'm finally gonna visit you.

Chinese New Year clothes? I'm broke dear, unless you gimme some money, I will just be buying tea. For myself. Why do I even need new clothes...? FINE. When we go to Ipoh this Saturday, I'll go buy a freaking dress. Happy?

Suddenly... I feel like bringing my mum with me...

Nah... On second thought, wearing a dress while walking around Sitiawan isn't a good idea. Let's just buy a new pair of slippers, 2 Ts? And... Some pants...

I'm just saying. Wonder if mum will buy me the slippers~ Squishy Squishy~

Grr... For some reason, I really feel like buying new clothes =_=


While girls go gaga over heels... I prefer slippers. They're comfy, you don't trip, and they don't snap.

Can't wait to go to the beach again. I'm fine with 2am =D Besides, it's Chinese New Year! Who sleeps?!

Today's motivation course. FINALLY. Something to blog about.

Yeesh. I already wrote that much and I haven't start writing about the thing that I came here for.

Motivation course... Unlike most people, I'm me.

What's the oath you guys took again? While you all were swearing that oath, I was looking at that piece of paper and NOT accepting the oath, so that's why, I didn't put my hand up, and say it.

If I remember correctly...

"We are the FORM 3 students of Nan Hwa, and we here by swear that: -

1. Complete, and do ALL my homework, and projects seriously, and responsibly.
2. Always listen to parents and teachers' advice.
3. Use our own talent wisely.
4. Be a hardworking, respectful student, which will OBEY ALL THE SCHOOL RULES.
5. Try our best to live up to the expectation of our PARENTS AND TEACHERS.

I know.  Now, there are SOME things that I don't agree on. Even if my translations aren't very accurate... They're more of less the same.

Firstly, I will complete and do my work. NOT ALL. Cause... Well... I've already missed a few... I will do things neatly, and nicely, sometimes seriously. But don't expect me to be serious ALL the time. I copy moswt of my homework.

Second, ALWAYS listen to their advice? ALWAYS? Sometimes, they can be wrong. But most of the time... They're right. If I don't like that advice, I won't take that advice. DONE.

Next... USE OUR TALENT WISELY? WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN? Of course we'd use our talent wisely. If your student can dance, it doesn't mean that she'll be a stripper. Yeesh. Do you mean that if we're smart, we shouldn't rob a bank even though we know that we would get away with it??? Well, if I'm that smart, I'd rob a bank already. Now, THAT'S wise.

Obey all the fucking rules? I will NOT wear my socks 3 inches high. That's about 7.5cm! I DON'T SEE YOU WEARING YOURS THAT HIGH YOU HALF-BALD PRINCIPAL!

I thought we were suppose to achieve our own goals? AND LIVE UP TO OUR OWN EXPECTATION. Not parents and teachers. I know that they'll be happy if we succeed, but, HELLO, if we're not good enough to THEM, maybe we are good enough to ourselves???

I have nothing to say against the last one though. At least 8Cs... Come on... You guys really think that we're that low. Hah. Can't argue with that. Unless those lower classes wanna show the principal of their capability... It's not gonna happen. Nope.

And that slimming center in his story... Is there one like that? LOL. I wouldn't mind running after some hot girl if she's gonna be mine after I catch her. I'll be 10kg slimmer, and I'll have a hot girl =D

Mm... Well...

I guess I'll be more positive from now on. But not now... A bit moody.

Maybe Chinese New Year...


Fresh start. I hope I don't choke while taking in the air.

I guess this time, I'll really study.

If I get less than 5 As... Jia Wern's gonna kill me.

I will survive...

If I target 6 As now... Will it be a bit TOO high?

Hah. We'll see. But for now... Let me read my books, I gotta improve on everything, let's start with English. Shakespeare will have to wait... If I read it everyday, I'll go blind. Reading that is no different than reading a dictionary. Well... At least, THE DICTIONARY EXPLAINS STUFF T^T

Think positive... Hummm.... I hope I can, cause I always end up thinking negatively.

I want to prove you wrong, yes I do. For some reason, I wanna prove you wrong badly, but you know? Do you want yourself to be wrong? 


Thanks Shirley~

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Random? Post? I Guess?

Been a long time since I used my laptop, everyone looks so busy... I'm so lazy... Suddenly, I feel like I died again. Either that or I'm just tired.


Been sleeping at 9.30, maybe 10, ever since school started. The most is 11... Morning session is tiring. Wake up early... Come home late... Nightmares about people going crazy and starts killing people, and a weird black hair band that turns into a killer puppy/half spider half woman demon...

I feel hopeless again...

Studies... I really feel like committing suicide, but... Even idiots live till they get old... And besides, if I kill myself now, there'll be nothing to look forward to during Chinese New Year... And... Meh... I can't forgive myself if I die now... Might as well live longer if I'm gonna get tortured in hell anyways...

Unless I become a nun...


That will never happen.


The past two weeks have been nothing but unhappiness.

Long story. A lot can happen in two weeks.

Teachers are all... I'mma have to face them next year... And maybe the year after that... I can't wait to graduate, and then discover the uglier side of things. Hah. Life. Repetition.

Now that I think of it... Marrying someone isn't such a bad idea... Hmm... I just don't feel like living alone, sharing with a roommate is fine...

That's a bit far... I still have PMR to sit through.

I don't believe it. You doubted me being straight! AND YOU THOUGHT I'M A LESBIAN WHEN YOU'RE MY FREAKING BOYFRIEND!

I don't deny the fact that I like girls. But, I'm dating a guy... So... Uhh... I'm Lady Gaga =_=

Yeah, yeah... Nobody encourages it. But... I'm not picky. Who cares? As long as I'm happy.

Wow... 10% of people are gays, 10% straight... 80% bi??? Great. And I thought it was weird.

I wonder how many people actually wants the world to end in 2012...

I've already got the list of to-do-things planned out if the world's gonna end in 2012... At the top of the list... Mum, you don't wanna know what it is... Don't kill me...

Do it with a girl.


Okay... The second one will be a bit more normal...

Do it with a guy.


After that... Yeah... I guess I'm ready to die.

Shhesh. Can't a girl dream? Don't send me to a counselling thing, I know I'm weird. But hey... I've tried everything I wanted to except for the above two. And if I ask you how it feels, what you gonna say to me? =_=

Right now, I feel like having roti canai.


I guess you could say that I'm on a diet... Hmm... I eat less... Nah... I stuff myself with fruits after a small small plate of rice. I feel like eating sweet stuff for some reason... Just sweet things... Not too sweet... Just... Sweet =_=

Like... Cake...

I know... I know...

I'm going crazy... I don't think I'm stressed, but I feel like strangling my teachers, and the new half bald headmaster. I don't care much. Can't even see his face without my glasses on.


Another two weeks...


I'll be spending valentine's day alone.

My boyfriend thinks that I'm a lesbian. He doesn't encourage bisexuality, I'm not picky. 

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year Resolutions?

Never thought about it. Everything happened so fast. I feel sick.

First day of 2011... Feels like any other ordinary boring day. Nothing's happening, nothing's gonna happen... Maybe something's gonna happen... Like me going to throw up again... Oh God... I think I had too much lemons...

I'm stubborn. I love walking. Don't try and stop me. I'll be there. You just wait. It's the least I can do. Seeing you off before you go. Three months... Then... After that...? Where will you go? What will you do? What will I do...

I know what I'll do... It's what I have to do... I have to study for PMR T^T

This year... 2011...

  •  Get AT LEAST 4 As in PMR.
  • Be a better girlfriend.
  • Go on a God damn diet.
  • Improve on everything. A little is fine.

Hmm... That's all I guess...

Know it's not much... But... Well, at least I have things I want myself to do?

I should add one more thing.

  • Kiss you.

Yep, now, the list is complete.

5 things to do in 2011.

Morning session. I feel lazy already.

I'll go rest now.

I will get better by morning... Probably... I'll just ask my mum...

If I don't see you tomorrow, I have no idea how to survive the next three months, without saying good bye to you.

Oh well...

Plain porridge.

Plain mantou.

Plain day.

Do you remember how we felt sitting by the water? You put your arm around me, for the first time, you made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter, you are the best thing, that's ever been mine... 

Mine- Taylor Swift 

Hello 2011, Bye-Bye 2010

New year already?


It better be good.

PMR doesn't sound good to me though. I hate paying attention. You know... In class... You tend to space out, and when you finally remember that you're in class, the teacher finished talking, and then... You don't know a thing. Yeah... I'm beginning to daydream during maths tuition, and that is not a good sign.

Run baby run...

What? I'm listening to songs...


Bikini Beach Party?

They don't have big boobs.

I'm just saying...

I'm tired, and sleepy, I think I'm not gonna change again... Besides... I didn't roll in the sand, too crowded. Heh. I hate crowds and loud noises. I don't like parties or concerts with people dancing and all that stuff. I'd rather spend my time sitting down, lying on the sand, looking at stars, listening to the waves and crickets or ride a bike, or just walk around and enjoy the breeze...

Yeah, I'm a boring person, I know... I know...

Smoke... Smoking ain't fun, why do people even smoke? I've tried it. It's smoky, and it kinda suffocates you... Even if it's cherry flavored... Drinking isn't good either, it's bitter...

People get addicted to stuff that are NOT fun.

Marina Island... The whole damn island, and we can't even find a quiet spot by the waters.

They should have made a bigger beach, and a smaller office, with LESS shops and MORE trees, and... A SMALLER PARKING LOT... Damn... It's just crowded today... They don't have to make such a big parking lot.

I wonder if the concert will end tomorrow...


I just feel like riding that lie down bike???

Looks fun and relaxing...

Yeesh. Everyone I know is a pervert, including me. And my boyfriend.

I think Benjamin has issues, guys usually wanna touch and look at girl boobs instead of OTHER male... Privates. Hmm... When you go there, don't make fun of people, somebody might have a bigger one. Either that, or Benjamin just has a baby brother.

Joking, please don't kill me.


Why do we always end up talking about that?

At least it's better than talking about nothing...


Include the T... Don't end with MEN... We yellow-minded people get the wrong message.

Hmm... Let's see...

... It's not cheap, if you trust the person, and you actually love that person. Not everything is called 'cheap'. Don't make people sound like prostitutes please. If it's called 'cheap', then... You consider every girl in a relationship doing it before marriage cheap?



We're in Malaysia... What can I say...

In Japan, the legal age is 13. Wow... 13... No wonder they make such good ero games. And wow... Yuri, and yaoi... Haaa... Japanese are all perverts~ If I could draw... Just imagine... NEVER MIND... Are you okay with me being a pervert? Try not to get raped in NS... I would be upset... Even if it was a guy who raped you...


Where did I go???

I actually find the topic interesting, most girls would just... Blush... I guess...? Seriously? Guys talk about that all the time? Wow... When you said imagining a group of guys together in the same room... I actually thought of group masturbation, with a bunch of guys sitting in a circle and... Uhh... You know the rest...


It sounded more like a gay cult... Sorry...

I will not continue that topic.


Too crowded. I didn't get a chance to lie on the sand, but... I'm happy, cause, I got a softer and warmer arm around me.

Walking like best friends down the lane.  HAHAHA.


It was a bit tickle-ish around the waist.

Damn you Justin... Stop taking pictures!

 Do I have tuition tomorrow?



I forgot...


You free later on? In the evening?

Transport is also a problem, even in a small town like this... HAIH...

I feel like spending the rest of the remaining hours with you...

I will be awake by... Uhh... After lunch time...


Three months...

Long time.


Well, I can wait, it's the only thing I'm good at.

Three months...

Great, just after the first monthly exam.


Old faded uniform.

Same pink school bag.

Same pink pencil case.



I've become an even more boring person. I don't like loud things, I just like quietness. Soft sand, salt water, green hills, tall trees... Flip-flops...


Nothing more...

The countdown wasn't great, the fireworks made my neck sore, you made me feel warm and cared for, the only person I'm shy with.
If you love me, wont you let me know...

Coldplay, Violet Hill