Tuesday, 31 August 2010



I wonder...


Every darn girl has B.F.F, while, I don't.

What do they like anyway?

Ah yes, B.F.F. can be many things, but, in this case...

Bieber Fucking Fever

Although MOST girls LOVE Justin Bieber, I HATE HIM.


I have no idea.

I just don't like him.

Everyone's going Bieber... Bieber... BIEBER!

I don't even know if I got his name right. The first time I heard his song on the radio, I thought he was a girl. And the next few times too... I always thought that it was a girl singing... Rather than a boy.

I don't know... Maybe I'm just weird. 


The hair? 

The voice?

The looks?


He doesn't look THAT great.


Bieber fucking fever.

Just letting fans know...

 Universal Music Malaysia (UMM) is trying to bring Justin Bieber down to Malaysia ! So for all you fans of his out there, FASTER LIKE THIS PAGE AND WRITE SOMETHING LOVABLE TO HIM !!

From Peekaboo, I see you. Blog.

I just hate Bieber, I know, the whole country disagrees with me.

Thank God for checklists! I almost forgot my black shoes if I didn't check through the list!

Good Luck Everyone~

Thailand Here I come... We... come

Before I begin my new post, I wanna say THANK YOU to people reading this useless little blog, 11 followers, I'm so happy :D 


And so, to Thailand!

Thailand, Thailand, THAILAND!

I have a problem...





Don't worry, competition's gonna be fine. We'll do great! I know we will ^^

Our soloist so yeng+geng, I LOVE YOU! xD

Percussion all guai lan, so, got that qun-qun attitude xD

Color Guard... All... Um... Stupid~


So, I'm full, just back from McDonald's with HS,ZN, Shirley and Jessica~


Watching Occult Academy, episode 9.

See ya'll at 5.30 


Monday, 30 August 2010

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae


Finally finished all 26 eps of Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae! Call me out-dated, but whatever.

There's nothing new about why people send people to hell. Bullying... Revenge... Blah blah blah... It never ends, the hatred inside our hearts... Never ends... One is hated and sent to hell, and the one that hates is being hated by someone else... The cycle continues... Real hell is inside a person's heart... When a person sent to hell is to make the lives of other people better, we would feel that the person deserves it right? Naturally, we feel that way.


People are all selfish. Leave those who are in need, when they are innocent, lie about the truth so that the company wont fall, and let victims take the blame. No one came... No one helped... And left them to die.

People are all selfish. Letting their belief sacrifice the lives of people, blaming people when they're not willing to sacrifice themselves... Buried a living family... Friends... Because they are scared of death, forced by other people, saying they don't have a choice, when clearly, they have choices. There are always more than one choice in life... Because people are weak and afraid... There is hatred... There is revenge...

People are stupid, naive. Willing to give up their soul for popularity. Selfish. Sending innocent people to hell when they don't even know the person. Just to be popular... People can do anything...




It exists.

One day, we will all go to hell.




That is a person.




They keep coming. They wont ever stop.

Happy 31st of August.


Just hope that 1Malaysia can last for a day.

1Malaysia never existed.

1Malaysia is just a campaign.

1Malaysia is just  a 'face' for the country.

1Malaysia is, and always has been 1Melayu.

Tanah Melayu my ass. This land doesn't belong to the Malays, it's because that some idiot set a rule back in the 1600 that only MALAYS can rule this land... Don't be so full of yourselves. You people need us Chinese and Indians for the country. If we get out, Malaysia will fall. The lowest of the lowest, are Malays. Because the government and the police are in the hands of Malays... There's no point fighting for ourselves, is there? No matter what, we're the wrong ones.


Shame to the country.


Malays are shameless.


May 13th WILL be repeated.



Dream, Like a Nightmare

Thank God... I woke and found myself in my own room instead of school, instead of the field... I would've killed them... Kill them... Kill them...

It was everything that I hated... Everything I thought that he'd say... He said them... To another person. No, not HER, but another girl. I guess I couldn't kill them.. But, if it was HER, then... Maybe???

I never felt so worked up... My whole body was shaking, and I ran, and ran, and ran... It was like flying??? My feet didn't even touch the ground ==

Right, so? I'm a ghost now?

I see them... UGH...地獄通信... I thought of that... I thought of the Hell Correspondence...

Curse someone, and two graves are dug. I will eventually go to Hell, when I die... Unable to go to heaven, feeling pain and suffering, wondering aimlessly...


1st Horror  Movie  In Cinema

Ello! While waiting for Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae to load, I'm gonna write something.

So, The Descent PART2

Wow... Know how everyone's going about how SCARY it is? And it's the horror film of 2010? Nah, nothing special, almost like... Hmm... Almost like... umm... I can't think of it, hmm, just another common human survival type of horror movie, with man eating things... ==

Of course, haha, I shouted 2 times when the human eating blind creature jumped out, but you know what? Ah Lai's scream was so loud that I didn't even know I was screaming. Yes, our Ah Lai. I had to share my Kit-Kat, to calm her down... A bit.

I just felt like vomiting when the girl kinda like got the monster's blood in her mouth, cause she was shouting and all that... I was biting on my Kit-Kat!!!!

End of the movie, this one is nothing special.

BAD ending.

Missed the start.

Ah Lai had ran away. Because, she didn't know it was a horror movie that we're watching, Miss Carmen told her that we're watching some kiddy movie? I think...


I didn't know that Ah Lai was such a baby! Wahahaha!

Are all girls like that? Cause, if they are, I think I need to see a doctor.


I still suck. 

That was a little try, I still don't know which goes where!!!!!!!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Midnight Anime Ghost

Wuwuwu... Mum just came in and shouted at me. Well... I am sick? HM... Flu at first, but now, I'm coughing too?! Aww! COME ON! I get sick at the BEST of times. Going to Thailand in a week here! At least I'm able to get outta bed, walk, talk, eat and sleep... But... I think I'm starting to lose my voice... Holy shit dude...

I know! A sick person should be snoring right now! Ish.. I get it... I GET IT! Just finished the second episode of Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae, in short, Jigoku Shoujo season 3. Why only two eps, you ask? Well... I was watching this OTHER anime... Ayakashi Japanese Classic Horror... Wow... It's horrible... True legends though. I only finished one legend, and that was it... The characters are drawn in an old-fashioned way, where everyone has eyes like a retard, and everyone's a samurai, and in a kimono! With RED lips and WHITE faces @~@

The story ain't half bad though...

Well, this is the first story for the horror thing... That man in blue, SON OF A BITCH! The woman in white, is his wife. He killed her... Or something like that... Caused her death... So, it's similar to HE KILLED HER. 

Jigoku Shoujo season one... Two... Three...

I have season one and two in my room, probably covered in dust already... I totally forgot to check if season 3 was out... And today, while doing my usual anime hunt, I found it! But... Well... It was released about a year ago...

Jigoku Shoujo is ALWAYS the same... I think I know her line... I just know one...

Do you want to die? 

I just remembered that one... She says it EVERY TIME... In season two, Ai was killed... But somehow, she returned.

Man... In this season, people keep sending innocent people to hell! It's a good example of the worsening society!


I'd say that I'll swear lesser. Well, I still swear... I just don't write out what I'm thinking... Most of the time... It's 'fuck'... Nah... Who am I kidding? It's always 'fuck' .

That's a popular word.

Vampires SUCK. Releasing on 26th August... Which is... TODAY! And well... I know OUR cinema wont be showing it so soon, in fact, I don't think that it'll be showing at OUR cinema at all...



Oh wow... Would you look at that...

Oyusemi <3



Wednesday, 25 August 2010

8 eps of Occult Academy



I thought about finishing tomorrow night, but, the latest ep is only 8, so, when I thought about stopping, I was already half way through ep 5... So... What the heck... I finished 8 released eps! ^^

Episode 9 will be released on 30 August... Monday... In Japan... I think... I watch it online, so... I guess that when we come back from the competition... It's gonna be... Anime... Anime... ANIME! Of course, I'll um... I guess that I'll study for a bit, when the finals are near... Normal time, I think I just need to focus on history... Punesh is one scary woman...

Occult Academy isn't really THAT great... It's ranked 951 of 968 Anime... Well, I guess that it's still new and all that so... Maybe not much people watch it...

Occult Academy...

Why put that name? So far... I don't see much cult stuff... Unless... Aliens taking over the world is part of the occult... NO... Bible Black has more occult in it... Black magic and all that...

I guess I can tell a bit about how the story is... Well... Occult Academy is more um... I don't know...

In the year 2012, the world is having a war named... Um... Uh... ER... I forgot T.T... With the aliens, so, just saying... The aliens are taking over the world. So, they send Time Agents back in time... To year 1999, where some guy's prophecy is gonna come true... On the 21st of July, something... Something... Blah blah blah... Will fall from the sky, and that is... THE END OF THE WORLD.

The future people sent many Time Agents back in time, but, they all died. So, Time Agent #6 is their last hope... Coward Bunmei... Yes, he's a guy.

The principal of the academy died, so, he's daughter Maya is taking over. Maya's dad wanted to stop the end of the world thing, but, he was murdered by SOMEONE that didn't want him to stop it... Of course, it's obvious from the first episode who they are... Hmm...

So... And thus...

The story begins...

Kinda boring...

But, drawings? And colors... Are, fine. Kinda reminds me of Ghost In The Shell...

Wakaeture! Wakateru! Watashiwa otaku nez!


My... Laptop??? ==
Nah... Mine's silver ~.~


Neeeh! NEEH~! NEEH!

Type-Moon's gonna release another VISUAL NOVEL!

Fate/Stay Night... The VN was BETTER than the anime!

Can't wait!

Can't wait!



New VN by Type Moon, releasing this year O.0

Oh wait... It's only in Japanese... If it's gonna get translated... It'll take FIVE YEARS???! @@

I'm sleepy... WHAT? 3 AM?

I'm dead...

Monday, 23 August 2010

21 eps of Kaichou wa Maid Sama! DONE!


I finished the 21 RELEASED eps of Kaichou wa Maid Sama! And man... Ep 21 was... OH! IT LEFT ME WANTING MORE! More than I want Vampire Knight! O-0

Of course, Vampire Knight is done with season one and two, and they're still deciding if there's gonna be a season three or not! The manga is still on going, so, when they have enough chapters, Vampire Knight season three will be released! ^o^ Can't wait! :)

Kaichou wa Maid Sama! isn't even done with it's first season, so far, the newest ep is ep 21, which leaves people curious about what is Usui going to do with Shintani, since they're both in love with Misaki... =='''


Can't wait...

Can't wait...


Tell you the truth... I don't really know the other characters well... ==

I only know...









The Three Idiots(Can't remember their names, or their faces... They often appear in chibi-style ==)

After watching 21 eps... I'm still a bit blur about the unimportant characters... And the maids at Maid Latte ==

Alright, sleeping time.


Misaki... She's not THAT pretty... But, well... She's okay...

Usui... Usui... Waaaa... <3>

Aww... Isn't Aoi just cute?!

Aoi... This is the real Aoi... He's a guy... Who likes cross dressing... Because he likes cute stuff and gets bullied and laughed at... He's actually pretty cute...

Yukimura, vice president of the student council of their school... Oh, I forgot, Miska's the president... ==

Misaki... As president...

Manager of Maid Latte... Very cute ^^

Ep 6... I think... On the rooftop.

Yukimura and Kanou... Poor Yukimura, being dressed as a girl... AGAIN...

Yes, this looks very wrong...

Le Three Idiots :D

Kanou... This is as good as the pics get... My blog can't fit BIG ones ==

Misaki was his first love O...O

Of course... I know some of the other friends they have... But, they're not important... Well, I just remembered a few! OKAY?!

The staff at Maid Latte, well, not counting in Misaki.

I guess that's enough pic for this... I'm real sleepy now...


Sunday, 22 August 2010

Late Night Anime Chasing ^o^

Watching Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! right now, hey, it's not bad. I saw it on Animax once, that time, I thought that it was boring, so, didn't pay much attention to it. Then read LiYing's blog, hmm, not bad, so gave it a try! OOOOW! It's really GOOD!

I'm watching it on Youtube, those Anime sites are SLOW... Ugh. Downloading takes DAYS! Sometimes weeks! But since this is an unfinished creation... It's hard to download ALL the eps together...

Now, I know... Watch Anime on Youtube, or Anime sites, or just buy them, if you're too rich. Downloading is okay too... If you wait for it to show on TV, it's no fun, cause, you can only watch an ep a week, I'm on ep six now :D Total is 21 eps... And counting...

I don't read manga though... They're kinda hard to read, and besides... I don't think I have any space left for books... And manga... They come in volumes... Thank God I don't read manga, or else... My room would be filled with manga...

Well! This is fast! Done loading already!

Well, for those otaku that haven't heard of this anime, watch it! It's ranked number 70 outta 968 anime!

Try it!

Misa and Usui ><>

Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Heart Test

Unbelievable... It's... Kinda true... My results...

I love myself.

I like Hong Leong, but, I'm not the one... I can't accompany him.

Shu Zhi Ngor is the one I care about the most, Jessica understands me the most, and Stephanie is the most important person to me.

Telephone is the song that suits me best, Bad Romance... Suits... Hong Leong...? Fire Flies, best describes what I'm thinking? And Love Song... Is what I think about life...

Quite right. I do care about her...

My wish? Nah, if I tell, it wont come true. But, you guys can probably guess it.

Stop callin! Stop callin!
I don't wanna think anymore,
I left my head and my heart and the dance floor.

Stop callin! Stop callin!
I don't wanna talk anymore,
I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.

I get how it suits me...

I want your love and I want your revenge,
you and me could write a bad romance.
I want your love and all your lover's revenge,
you and me could write a bad romance...

I don't get how it suits him... Fiona? ==

I'd like to make myself believe,
that planet Earth turns slowly,
And it's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep,
everything is never as it seems,
when I fall asleep...

My thinking? Well... I guess...

I'm not gonna write you a love song,
cause you ask for it,
cause you need one,
you see.

I'm not gonna write you a love song,
cause you tell me it's a make or breaking this.

If you're on your way,
I'm not gonna write you to stay,
All you have is leaving,
I'm gonna need a better reason to write you a love song...

Today... Today...


Maybe it's the hidden meanings in all of those? Go listen to them, but, I know clearly... What they mean, because, it's my own meaning...

I Get Mad Every Time I 'Follow'

Yes. I suck at playing my trumpet. I don't know if HE just hates me or what, but, it's ALWAYS me... RACHEL... RACHEL... RACHEL! This wrong... That wrong... Oh, so, my playing method is wrong right? YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME WHEN I WAS TEN! Instead of now!

That's why I hate 'following' him. It's always me, NOBODY else.

I bet she's happy, I was embarrassed in front of all the form ones. And you know how stuck up THEY can be.

Sure... Sure... Sure...

It's always me. Me me me me ME!

I'm tired of all this. Every single time I 'follow' him, it's surely me. And right after he criticizes me, he'll say all those things about 'The Joker'. He says that there are at least one or two in every band, they make the band suck, because they try to be funny? He just says that if we're not interested, if we're not serious, we can quit. Alright, sure, I'll quit if it makes everything better. One less lousy player for the trumpets. It'd be GREAT.

Is he trying to get me to quit? Cause, I don't really care anymore. Besides, if he doesn't like me, what good will I do? I don't like him either. He just likes the teacher's girl. Oh yea, it's always the teacher's girl. Hm, how unfair can everything GET?

Call me rude, unrespecting, or whatever. Sure he's older and he taught me a lot and all that, but, once I came to form one, he totally changed. Hm, that image of the KIND old man from when I was ten? POOF.

I guess I finally how it feels like. HAPPY now?

Like she's any better.

If I suck this bad, why didn't they just leave me in color guard, instead of pulling me out to become someone's understudy? Now I know why HE quited.

I wasn't even playing loudly...

If he wants perfection, I can't give him that. Yes, I'm THIS imperfect. I'm not even close to HALF of perfect.

Criticize all you want, why not them? They're worse. You trying to get rid of me? Well, congratz, you succeeded. One less sucker to care about.

I'm out.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Messed-Up Class, Stuedents

My GCB is still beside me, I'm in my room. Well, today's post will be about the 'female dogs' in my class. And oh wow, they sure are good actresses! Remind me to nominate them for the Grammy Awards.

I'm just so damn pissed. If it wasn't for our class kepos and the new girl, I wouldn't be THIS pissed. You know what? This is the angriest I've ever been... IN MY WHOLE LIFE... The fourteen years that I lived, this the time when I can really bite their heads off! Thanks for making things worse, you psychologically wrong person.

But before I start, FUCK FACEBOOK. It's all on Facebook. It's ALWAYS FACEBOOK! Facebook... Facebook... FACEBOOK! It's like Facebook is the root of all evils! UGH!

Yea, today, THEY got called for some counseling, after the ONE DAY counseling session... New girl came and apologized... Said that she didn't ignore me on purpose yesterday, she SAW someone behind us, which, I can tell you... There was nobody there... Nice excuse don'tcha think?

After the 'sorry walk', I went to talk to my friends, and you know what I found out? Oh wow, new girl is a GREAT actress... She said something to the counselor, which my other friend told me after they came back, it's something like this:

Counselor: Um, your class, that... Um... Ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-...
Friend: Rachel?
Counselor: Ah yes, her, Rachel Cheong, Choo Sze Jia told me that Rachel Cheong wants to kill her?
Friend: ...

Wow... Wow... Wow... I never EVEN said the word KILL! How can I dirty my hands, with HER blood? That would be a disgrace.

I've never got comments about me straight on, well, when in a conversation anyway. I still don't get comments about face to face, a conversation, yes, now.

It feels good. Takes some guts to do it. Ting's the first one to do it, not even my friends... BEST FRIENDS can do that... I wonder if everyone is just tolerating. Hm. Makes sense. Don't let me down guys, just throw whatever you guys have been holding in for so long at me, I'd appreciate it. Yea, I'll admit one thing, I'm a bitch.

It's always the same with band class. We're already so fucked-up now, I wonder, will band make it through, when there's people like us in it? When there's people like ME in it... Tell me... Tell me... If you want my answer... It's a no. I plan on quitting after this... It's really hard. When I finally realize things...

All the fuss... UGH!

Ah... I feel so much better after having my GCB... I still have some fries, anyone???

I feel better after knowing a bit... Well, now that I know that everyone's just tolerating, okay. I'll keep my mouth shut for a day, tomorrow, and Monday. I'll see how long I can go without cutting people.

Somewhere deep down inside me, I know that she's good, but, well, it's DEEP down inside her too. Just gotta like... Mine it out :D

Eww! OF course not! I'm not talking bout new girl!

Friends, friends, friends... Hmmm... No, I don't know how it hurts. But one thing I do know, four people have it worse than you guys. No matter what I say, or do, nothing can compare to what I've done to them. Always remember that.

Ouch... I think I just swallowed a bit of the straw ==

2L class, nothing much about the boys, cause, I don't really care about them. The girls on the other hand... Well...

We are many things. It depends on who you are, really, if you choose to trust someone, make sure it's the right person. We can all be trusted, but, um, our mouths may be a wee bit BIG. Hehe.

We have some things in common though, for example, we all don't like the same person :D

Although, some of us may already have a grudge against THAT person. Well, and, she's only here for like what? Two months? NOT ME. NOT ME. I told her what I wanted to say, so, I'm done... DONE with this whole new-girl-choo-hating thing. DON'T pull me into the conversation EVER again... I'll let the thing she say go... THIS TIME... If there is a next time, don't count on it.




Outta 35 people in my class, lemme see... I pierced... 35 people.


Not like you don't know... Or anything...

In some ways, I think that I'm better than her, at least Shu Jin doesn't say that I'm a two-faced person. Thank you, Wei Ni, for telling me this, it makes me happy, like Happy Meal does :D

Quote of the day:

'' 'Hello, Hong Leong? I just wanna inform you that there's practice tomorrow, at eight, cause, I wanna see you.' Rachel, why don't you call him?'' :D

Justin Yeo

Night everyone! Thank you for reading! :]


Understanding- New Girl

Maybe it's me, maybe it's everybody. Nobody can really know or understand a person, so that's why, I think we all should apologize. I'm not taking sides in case you people are wondering, I'm just saying what I think is right, you can agree, or, you can disagree. Up to you.

I've been thinking, what did she do actually? She never really did anything to us, maybe it's because of her attitude? Or maybe it really is the problem of her face. I don't know... I just know that she didn't do anything to me, and, I don't like her.

I may dislike everyone, but, I feel like I HATE her... And, I never hate people.

Everyone's got their own reason to be like the way they are. Of course, I'm not pissed right now, if I were I'd be cursing instead of thinking about the REAL problem.

I tried telling her today, I try to be as polite as I could... But, you know what? She just walked away, and threw me a dirty look, her face just said : ''No, I wont take any of your crap!''

That's why I'm pissed, I was just going to tell her this:

''Hey, Sze Jia, you wrote on Facebook that if anyone doesn't like you, say it straight to your face right? I don't like you, and I just wanna tell you that, okay? I don't like crapping about people behind their backs, so, I told you head on.''

I was just going to say that, and I was going to do it GENTLY... I didn't even get to 'I don't like you' , and, she just went off. UGH. I hate that, it's so impolite!


We don't know her, she don't know us. Misunderstandings occur, and now, we're all fucked-up.

As a good-for-nothing assistant monitor of 2L, the least I can do is bring peace among the girls right? But lets face it... Nobody listens to me... I'm such a failure. But... I'll try... I guess...

Facebook... It's all on Facebook... Fuck Facebook.

I think I just tasted my hand cream... Yuck...

Okay... so, the new girl just assumes that Ping Yen is her BEST FRIEND, and that, if she's BEST FRIENDS with her, we'd like her more. Newsflash! Hello! In case she doesn't already know it, WE DON'T LIKE PING YEN. And Well, I guess, after being with Ping Yen for a few days, the poison takes over, and, wala! A new, bolder, bitchier, attitude of a bitch is born.

Lets say, we like Ping Yen, HYPOTHETICALLY, but, we still wont accept new girl, cause, we don't like her. Acceptance is earned, not by making friends with someone who you THINK is good.

She comes from JB, we live in Sitiawan, maybe all city teens are bitches? Who knows? But, if she acts the way she is now, I'll never like her, and, best part, I DON'T HAVE TO. She'd fit in with those people with 'mushrooms' on their heads. Those who don't know manners. Yea, she'd fit in GREAT!

Just because a person treats you well, just because a person entertains you, doesn't mean that they actually accept you, use a moment to think that they may be using you, they are forced to be nice to you. It's all in the eyes. And, body language. In this society, there isn't anybody that you can trust, not even the nicest, for they are the ones you must always be aware of.

A little piece of advice.

So, to me... This is all just a BIG misunderstanding, but still, I WILL tell her that I don't like her, and at the same time, teach her some manners!

Everyone's a bitch.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

As We Grow Up

*Rac's Mail has been stopped. Thank you.*
*Below Pics are searched from Google*

The sky is really blue, look at all the cotton candies floating up in the sky, mummy said that if I grow tall enough one day, I might be able to reach them! They look so high up though, I wonder if I can really reach them, and take a bite.


The sea... It's blue? But... It's green? No, blue... Green... It has no color?

When you look at it from far far away, it's very blue, when you go near it, it's green, when you told it... It's colorless... Uh, but blue is beautiful! I would draw a picture!


The Sun is eaten by the waves, the Sun is still so so so bright... My eyes hurt... I want to see the bright Sun, but, when I look at it, my eyes hurt and they just close by themselves...

Mummy told me that fishies live in the sea. I don't see the fishies? Where are you fishies? Are the fishies sleeping? Fish... Fish... Fish... I've never touched a fish... I only saw fishies... In plates. Mummy said that fishies are good for us, they help us to grow...




How does fishy look like?

Does fishy look like this?

Mummy said that I drew fishy nicely, she used a magnet to magnet it to the fridge door...

I'm Four

I'm Five

I'm Six

I'm Seven

I'm Eight

I'm Nine

I'm Ten

I'm Eleven

I'm Twelve

I'm Thirteen

I'm fourteen...

Over the years... I've been through many changes, I enjoyed life, I hated life. Being twelve and thirteen, is painful, but it's also fun, it's when a person actually starts to know life.

You change.

You feel strange.

You hit puberty?

I've notice... Going through my old pics... I was really slim back then, I wore stuff I wouldn't fit into now... Like... A bikini... When I was five.

I've changed a lot.

I use to not wear underwear, and I don't like wearing em, I don't wear bras too... When they haven't started to grow... But now, I kinda have to wear em... But... It's only when I go out. I wrap myself in my towel after bathing all the time... And, it would be hours after I finally decide to put on some clothes...



Okay... Back to the story...

Yea. Change.

When I was twelve, I had it bad. It was the first time I got THAT angry, it was the first time that I got a crush on someone... I didn't know how to deal with everything... So, I just... I don't even know... I forgot how I was back then...

People forget things so easily. You can't remember when you want to, is it because we never tried to keep it in our memories back then? Cause we thought that we would never change no matter what? I've proven that wrong. Or maybe because you haven't changed at all?

No matter what, people will change. We all will change. We probably don't notice it because we look at ourselves everyday, we look at each other everyday... We live with our parents, our brothers and our sisters, they don't look as if they changed, but, they got older. Another wrinkle on the forehead.

Look back at old photo albums...

The feeling you get... Mm... Happy, warm... And you remember how that picture was taken, and you just laugh at it yourself, thinking how stupid you were back then... How much you believed in... How much you wanted to know more about the world...

Such a warm feeling... Flipping through the albums with family is more fun, you guys could laugh together, tease each other... Family bonding time...

Memories are sweet things, even if some are embarrassing, you'll just laugh at it really hard, like me.

Change is a strange thing, you don't feel it, you don't notice it, until people tell you, and you sit down and think for hours... Then, you notice it.

I don't curse back then. I used to think that it was a bad thing to do, all people shouldn't do that...

Back then... I could only say 鸡,I could never get outta my mouth... I was always stuck... 鸡-鸡-鸡-鸡-鸡-鸡-鸡-鸡... That was it... 白 never made it out. But now, I say it like it's only normal. I couldn't even say 'fuck' back then, but now, I can use 'fuck' in a sentence 10 times. Without feeling guilty.

The first time I said those words... I felt so guilty... But after a while, I feel nothing anymore...

Cause, as you grow older, you learn that words are just words. It's just how you use them, when you use them, where you use them, and WHO you're saying them to.

The many changes as we grow up, from our thinking, to our looks, to our attitude and knowledge.

When you're free, think about it. With TIMB so near, I doubt that anyone is as free as I am.

Do great everyone!


I can't go on anymore. I'm sleepy, if I wasn't, this would be longer. And I'm also afraid that if it's longer, nobody will read it, so, I stopped. Not stop, just, cut out... A LOT in between. I always repeat what I say anyway... Look at old posts... Most are about changes in life and how fucked-up the people today is...

Why's everything so small? What button did I press now?! UUGH!

Have a nice sleep, good night.


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Couple Issue

Sweet loving couples on the street, so jealous right? But, like everything, there're issues.

The jealousy issue, the break up issue... Common.

Yea, sorry to my friends. Who just broke up. I still have the promise you guys made... Want me to burn it? Or something?

The jealousy issue, well, like SOMEBODY in class who is WAY protective of his girlfriend, I mean, come on! She just talks to the girl for a bit, so? The boyfriend go nuts and hits everything? Jealous much? It's a girl, not a boy, you freak. I heard the other thing, like, she can't keep steel rulers, cause they'll cut her? Now THAT is pathetic.

Then there's the break up issue...

Sad... Sad... Sad...

Cry... Cry... Cry...

What are you? Four?

Yes.Yes. I know it's sad since you've lost your ONLY ONE. But, hey, if he or she wants to break up, they're not your ONE, because, if they are, they wont wanna break up. Deal with it like an adult, instead of a four year old who cries over everything which reminds you of him/her.

High school relationships. They don't last. Well, you both are TOO young to get married, unless your relationship lasts until you guys are old enough, in that case, it's a different story. This high school love fantasy isn't gonna last, don't think about your future with kids and grandkids... You'd break up faster. Just enjoy the moment... While it lasts...

Yea. I'm single. I know, I don't know these things, but, how do you know for sure that I don't? Do I tell you people EVERYTHING? No right? So shut up.

Well... My relationships never work out. Whenever I see him, I just feel like throwing him off a building. It's in the past. I have none now.

Girls and boys, if you don't even LIKE each other, after you're together, tell him/her, cause, if you keep on lying, you'd just end up like me. Well... It was bad... REAL bad...

I don't know if I'm the only person in the world who is likes this, well, I understand people always tend to LOVE what they DON'T have, but, after having the one you actually love, aren't you suppose to be happy? Instead of feeling hatred? Well... I still have a lot to learn.

I've never felt that I loved anyone. If the love I have for family is called love, then, well... I guess I love everyone? I don't really care. Yep. That's why, I feel the same with everyone, I'm just specially close to family. Who isn't right?

So... Who the heck told Qin Wei that I like Hong Leong?

When Justin told me that he knew my secret, I kinda guessed that it was this, but, it ain't a secret. So, anyway, when I asked him who he heard it from, I expected the names Jia Xun or Shin Yun... But... ''Qin Wei told me.'' was another big BOOOM!

Oh well... It's already... This big?

Good thing I don't hear it everyday.

So, all those who are still together, good luck.

Those who have broken up, good luck too.

What about me?

I tend to stay single, and just have a crush on somebody, it makes life more interesting.


Monday, 16 August 2010

Chinese Essay~我们这一班(Re-Do)

I'm sure my essay is gonna get low marks. I feel like re-writing it, since I've read everyone's essay, well, almost everyone. I only wrote about SOME people, which I don't like. What? I was rushing, I was late for my movie!

I don't know... I held back when I wrote my essay... Cuz, I don't wanna be rude, especially when it's Ah Toh marking. Well... 他妈的 was a bit polite... I guess...

So... I think this will be my FIRST EVER CHINESE POST!











‘鸟人’。 我不懂‘鸟人’这个花名的来源。我用这个花名,因为,很好听一下啊!‘鸟人’也是我们2L的泰国妹。一脚踏四船,我没看过。这么棒。我亏阿呆还喜欢过她。不能怪,她的魅力,就是那么强,强到我会吐血。那些背她钓到的男人,眼睛一定是被盖满眼屎了。那种pattern,我看了都想跑!












Yea, haha. Hope you guys enjoy it. I know, I know, my Chinese sucks! But anyway, it's true, I don't like everyone in class, well, except those who I mentioned like Jessica Tee and Shu Jin and Woan Lin.

I know, Ping Yen reads my blog. Sometimes. Well, wanna bet? She wont fuck me in front of everyone. Cuz, if she does, well, she wins. Yea. No intention of fucking back, besides, if I write this, it's my fault. And I wont be like her, I wont delete this, unlike her, when she wrote about me, she deleted it, so I didn't see it. Like she said:

''Our blog is like our diary, we can write whatever we want, because, it's our right.''

Don't forget that. Bitch.

And yes, if you think that you're different, prove it.

That's the answer for it...