Monday, 28 December 2009

To My Love, xx somebody~

Don't bother reading, not for you anyway. Seriously, don't. Even he don't read.

Dear xx somebody,

Well, I know you're fine, but, how are you? what? It's called being polite. Work still tiring? At least you like it.

You know this right? You don't have to wait 10 years if you don't want to, 10 years is really, really long. Like you said, you have the option to choose. But if you really wanna wait THAT long, I don't mind, of course I don't. To tell you the truth, I actually WANT you to wait, but I just.. well... you know didn't wanna tell you. But of course, I'm not stopping you if you wanna date someone else, 10 years is very very long. And plus, I don't really know how long this can last. I mean, come on, this? for 10 years? what is the percentage of THIS gonna succeed? 1%? You know this isn't dumb fairy tales! In real life, there are NO HAPPY ENDINGS!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I don' you, or I have no faith. Well, I do hope that THIS will have a happy ending, at least tell me when you have someone else and tell me you just wanna be friends. I'd totally understand.

Well, I'm sorry that I'm... umm... or unsweet. It's well... Sweet and romantic is not really my thing. I don't feel really what yet... Well... you get it...

Okay, people complain that I talk too much. Well, okay, bye for now.


On the way back to Klang

On the way back to Klang... God... Dammit...

Stopped at some resting place, eat eat eat. Then my aunt Iris told my grandma she saw a Malay drama actor bla bla bla... Grandma was so... so... uff... She said not interested, and you know what happened? This:

We stopped at the petrol station. My grandma said 'Girl, go take his picture. You must learn to be brave you know...' and bla bla bla, I forgot the rest. My aunt laughed so hard, she handed me the damn camera. So when I was walking, I shouted 'WTF?!WHY THE HECK AM I DOING THIS?' it's not like when I grow up I'm gonna help people take pictures of dumb asses actors for people. And lucky me, he went into his Mercs. I was relieved.

Can you believe her? man...


Almost to Klang...

My grandma started lecturing me... I was sitting in the back 'ah,oh,er,ya,mm hmm.oh, ya.k. understand.yes.oh.' and she kept going on and on and on... I didn't have much interest in answering anymore, so I just kept quiet.
She said I, WE ALL(CHINESE SCHOOL STUDENTS), are impolite. For example, 1 group, 3 can speak Chinese, other 2 can't, and we just don't bother, we just chat happily ignoring the other 2 non Chinese understander...

She also said that Malays are the most polite, and you know what I was thinking? "Malay? Polite? sure, of course. ya, whatever, fuck that. Dumb pig brained assholes.They act polite, but, are they? ARGH! FUCK THEM! they're only G.I.B.fuckers"

And another, she said I should watch malay drama, she said I should watch, learn about their culture... bla bla bla... And I so damn beh song... I answered back ' What culture? fight fight and divorce and get married again?' that was the first time I ever answered her... rudely... She said something else, I didn't really pay attention. My face turned from smiley to unsmiley.

Malays... not all of them are THAT bad.

So, offended any piggies here? no? If yes, I have to say "Why the fuck are you even reading"

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Food Glorious Food

Me again, still in Singapore. Now, after dinner, everyone in the room. Mom gonna come at 12 midnight and join my dad on board for a week.

We had pizza, and some side dishes. Me? I had pizza, Old Chang Kee(curry puff), chicken wings and prawn sticks and McFlurry XD

And my uncle said, 'Finally her face lighted up, when I asked her if she wants ba kua...' And they all started laughing, and my aunt added ' Who cares about shoes and clothes, as long as she has food!'

And at dinner, when my uncle saw my grandma wasting the pizza dough, he said 'So wasteful, next time when we call the pizza delivery, we must ask ''Hello, can we have the pizza toppings without the pizza? My mother says that your dough is sticky, she doesn't like it.'' We should say that.' Well, my uncle is kinda like the.. umm... VERY VERY don't like wasting type of person.

Now you guys know, now I know, that I LOVE FOOD SO MUCH! OMG... SHOES AND CLOTHES DON'T MATTER... Oh ya, they told me to write this...

Iris, David, Gim.
Ok, 600g is a lot, but it was on offer! Anybody? I'll share, if I have anything left... Ok, I'll buy some sweets and chocolates, for... umm... me? And you guys...


Friday, 25 December 2009

Me... Dress...

Hi all! I'm in my uncle David's place in Singapore! Just came back from Bugis. Bought 2 DRESSES... Ya, me. DRESSES!

Actually, I wanted to buy tees, but my uncle said that every time tees tees tees, so, he put em' back and took me to look at dresses. He said tees made me look frumpy... And he and grandma said that I'm 13 and growing up... And bla bla bla... I don't really remember the rest.

OMG... Dresses... Gosh, dress,dress...DRESS...

Got two. Wanted to buy some tees, but, OK, enough. So, went to get some things for my sisters and some flip flops. Then went to Starbucks. oh ya, I got Winnie The Pooh blankets! Yay Yay Yay! I love Pooh.

Gonna have seafood for dinner later.

OK, so...



Merry Christmas and happy holidays... Wait... Happy practising^^

Bye Bye

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Holiday almost over. Going to Singapore, celebrating Christmas with aunt Iris,Uncle David and grandma. Later at 1 something go lo... Bye Bye...

Now, I've got nothing to do, don't bother reading, I'm gonna write stupid lines now.

1)Oh? What you want me to say then? 'Hey everyone! Guess what? I'm gonna marry a 41 year old guy when I'm 24?' you want me to say that?

2)Everything is everything, everyone is everyone. 33 seals have been broken, and if all of them are, Lucifer walks free.

3)10 years? We can't be possibly doing this for 10 years right? I mean, come on, your picky!

4)What?You want me to break into my own house?

5)Holy crap, I just remembered, I have to do something, then again, I already told him. Well, I told him!

6)No,why would you think that? I would never do such a thing. Ask her, 'Hey, I don't steal food right?' . She said 'Well, my cupcake is in your mouth.'.

7)Oh, you're 30? But you said you were 19. I'm thinking> holy crap, I've done it this time, well, It can't be that bad? But, OMFG, IT IS BAD!

Hmm, I guess it couldn't be THAT bad. But then again, it's okay. WTF am I saying? This could be the bad case of relationships, although I've seen older... Way older... But I guess... Ah,dammit...

9)No,I ain't saying that your bad or anything. Well, people would look at me wide eyed and knock the lamppost while walking.

10)I know you don't mind, but I don't know if I do. Well, I don't even know if I'll be in Australia next time, if I am, I think I'll more likely be in Sydney. Perth maybe... Well, maybe I'll go visit you at the nature reserve.

11)Whoa! You're old enough to be my dad! And too old to be my brother!

12)10 years... G dammit. Well, I guess it's gonna be 9 soon.

13) Gonna be end of 2009. I've finish my 13 sentences, don't take em' seriously. I love making up dumb sentences! Bye Bye all!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Song Describees

I have nothing better to do~
Wasting time~
Don't bother reading~
It's nothing~

'... I get lost, in the beauty, of everything I see, the world ain't half as bad as they paint it to be...'

(One Republic- Come Home)

'... I'd like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly, it's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep cause everything is never as it seems...'

(Owl City- Fire Flies)

'... Tell me why you're so hard to forget, don't remind me, I'm not over it, tell me why I can't seem to face the truth I'm just a little too not over you...'

(David Archuleta- A Little Too Not Over You)

'... When you're sitting there is hard for me to look away, so I try to find the words that I could say, and I know what distance does it matter but you feel so far away... It's like every time I turn around I see your face...'

(Simple Plan-I Can Wait Forever)

'... Don't even recognize the ways you hurt me do? It's gonna take a miracle to bring me back, and you're the one to blame...'


'... Every night I rush to my bed with hopes that maybe I'll get a chance to see you when I close my eyes, I'm going outta my head, lost in a fairytale can you hold my hands and be my guide? Clouds filled with stars cover your skies, and I hope it rains you're the perfect lullaby. What kind of dream is this? You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, either way I don't wanna wake up from you...'

(Beyonce- Sweet Dreams)

'... I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known... I walk this empty street on the boulevard of broken dreams, where the city sleeps and I'm the only one and I walk alone... I'm walking down the line that divides me somewhere in my mind, on the border line of the edge and where I walk alone. Read between the lines what's fucked up and everythings alright... My shadow's the only one that walks beside me, my shallow heart's the only thing that's beating, sometimes I wish someone out there will find me, till then I'll walk alone...'

(Green Day-Boulevard Of Broken Dreams)

'...I'm not perfect person Theres many things I wished I didn't do, but I continue learning... I've found a reason for me to change who I use to be, a reason to start over new, and the reason is you..'

(Hoobastank-The Reason)