Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ranting over Fate/ Series

I'm now watching the prequel to Fate/Stay Night, and it just drives me nuts when I see Arturia and Gilgamesh again! AHHH! I have a weird fetish for the both of them being together... But the creators just want to drive fans like me nuts by NOT giving us what we want to see! The great King Arthur will never accept a person like Gilgamesh, now will she?

GAHH! BUT HE SO HOT! And she so pretty!

See, I'm not the only one who wants to see them together!

I don't think that Type Moon will release a visual novel that lets Gilgamesh end up with Saber though, that would just ruin the main root of Fate/Stay Night! But who cares! The two of them look good together! Gilgamesh is a scumbag though, if only he was sweeter... Hmm... Oh my...!!!

What was it that I wanted to write again...? Hmmm... 

Oh yes...

I think that I'm actually in love with Arturia... I don't know why, but Arturia reminds me of HER... It's weird, I know! Every time I see Saber, I get so excited that I cover my face with my pillow! Just what the hell is wrong with me! 

I'm well aware of the fact that Zongxu is waiting for my text, and I'm fantasizing about man made characters coming to life, shaping a side story, etc. etc. etc... Zongxu is short of time, I know... But well, I am simply more interested in THIS. Besides, I'm way too lazy to go look at my phone... Wait... I haven't showered since morning... OOPS~ O_O

Anyway, I'll be surfing the net, hoping that some juicy fan work might pop out somewhere! I already read a short story about IF THEY ENDED UP TOGETHER. The two of them are perfect for each other, don't you think? It turns me on somehow, when I see perfect anime characters together! AHHHH! 

I got so carried away by the thought of Saber and Gilgamesh together that I stopped watching Fate/Zero! Man, if only Saber didn't fall for Shirou and accepted Gilgamesh... I would have nose bled myself to death while play-reading Fate/Stay Night two years ago! Lady GaGa! I shouldn't have deleted Fate/Stay Night from my computer! ARGH! I didn't even finish collecting those perverted CGs! I wonder if I should re-download the game... And play it all over again... But... 50++ hours is long... Even my two-week holiday wouldn't be enough for me to finish it! 

Oh the urge! THE URGE! Is there band practice tomorrow?   

Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Perfect Boyfriend?

I stole this from somewhere:
-Fashion Style
I couldn't help but disagree with this girl, and since I left my lovely journal in school, I'll be writing about it here!

I don't want a boyfriend who goes around shouting "I LOVE YOU" at me, that would just seem like he's some sort of obsessed pervert. In fact, if possible I don't want anyone to know that I have a boyfriend! It feels weird even though nobody really gives a damn. Well, I wouldn't walk outside when it's 60 degrees! But if I'm really bored and have the mood to go walking, I wouldn't mind a dog and a hand =)

I guess there's not much to write about, since I will never know how dating in school feels like. But I must say, I have quite the perfect boyfriend... Which makes him kinda gay, because gays are all perfect.

I definitely don't think that a guy who wakes me up on weekends is perfect. Dude, I'd be happier and love you more if you just leave me the hell alone and let me snooze to my heart's content on Saturdays and Sundays!

Arguing with my friends that he loves me more... HAHAHA that sounds... I don't know how it sounds because I'm definitely not keen on the idea. Imagine how he'd look like arguing with my friends... OH NO... No, no... Wrong image... Wrong image...

When I'm sick, bring me porridge, stay by my side, let me sleep and after I grow unconscious, do whatever you want. Forget about chick flicks! I want horror movies! Comedies work fine too... Let me see... When I fall sick, I usually go about doing the stuff I want to at home... Except for the fact that I don't shower when I'm ill =-= Ehehe...

Why do I have a feeling that the person who wrote the text in the picture has never had a boyfriend before? Why does she give me the impression that she's around my age? Why does she sound like the type of unreasonable female that only a brain-dead guy can satisfy? Or maybe she's just too normal, and 100% female... Unlike someone here...


What did I just write? Was all of the above really necessary? Oh seriously... I just want to strangle myself sometimes!

If I could make a few adjustments to my guy, I'd tweak his biological clock, cure his phobia of gory/horror movies... Wait... I think that's about it =3

AHAHAHAHA! So I really have nothing else I want to change?! That's a surprise! But I guess his sissy personality is what makes him... HIM... I'm smiling like a retard right now. HAHAHA. Although I already have such a nice guy by my side, she still haunts me.

I haven't talked to her in almost two years now.

I haven't seen her for quite a while now.

But it's funny how I always end up with her in my mind, wondering how she is, and how is her love life. I don't know why I even think about her though, it's not like I know her that well or anything... I just... We just    crossed paths for a while...

AH, why am I even talking about it right now? I should be sleeping... But I'm afraid to turn out the lights... Even more afraid to go to the bathroom... IT... IT will come for me from the sewers! AHHHHHHHH! CLOWNS! BALLOONS! PENNYWISE! AHHHHHHHHHH! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

Stephen King, why are you such a genius?

Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Devil Inside

Damn it, I was totally fooled!

This is my second post today, sorry! I know you're fed up of seeing me pop out on your reading list, but hey, at least think of this as me making up for the six months of emptiness =p

I just finished watching The Devil Inside, and I must say, I got fooled =/

It was great at first(because I thought it was real), but when I did my usual after-movie research, I found out that it wasn't a true story; it was just based on a FEW events, and that made me go... Fuck it, I'll never trust trailers again. Oh wait, I already don't trust trailers... But still, I fall for the 'BASED ON A TRUE STORY' every fucking time!

I didn't watch it alone though. Grandma, Lisa and I cramped in my small queen bed, looking at my 15.5" laptop screen wide-eyed only to go "HUH!? THAT'S IT!?" after an hour and half of uneasiness. There was no climax!  The feeling was like this: you're masturbating, and you're almost reaching orgasm... When you're nearly there, someone walks in on you, making you stop and lose the sensation... I'm sure that you can imagine how much it sucks now =)

But still, the make-up and the stares of the possessed were enough to creep me out. I actually ran to my mum's room with a toothbrush hanging from my mouth during the toilet break. Grandma had to answer the phone and Lisa didn't wanna pee in my bathroom... I started feeling paranoid after a minute of brushing... SO YEAH... And well, the nightmare I had last night made me even more insecure!

Since we're talking about the movie The Devil Inside, I might as well tell you about The Devil Inside My Dreams.

So... My subconscious is VERY scared of elevators, and hotels. Every time I go to sleep and awaken to the scene of a hotel in nightmare realm, whether I like it or not, I have to use the elevator, and I always... and I mean always, will have a little encounter with the devil...

Last night's was the worst I had so far... And surprisingly, EVEN GOD SHOWED UP! Jesus Christ literally saved me...

I'll tell you what I remember, so here it goes...

It was raining in the city, people in suits had their briefcases above their heads, running everywhere, seeking shelter. With my mum's Gucci in hand, I arrive in front of this giant building; the hotel we're supposed to stay in. My parents, sisters and brother were in our room, and for some reason, I wasn't with them. At that time, it was like I had just finished running an errand.

The hotel lobby was crowded, wet people were almost everywhere! Some of the bell boys seemed unhappy, I don't know why, so I just ignored them and skipped to the place where the elevators were. I pressed the up button, it glowed with a faint orange light, and a young boy came to wait beside me. We made eye contact for a moment, I smiled.

I felt a sense of unease, because I knew that something was bound to go wrong... Elevators... Hotels... They are just too familiar! But I stood there calmly, waiting patiently for the doors to open. I wanted to run, but instead, I swayed and hummed a tune while my feet froze in place.

Ding, the doors slid open. I hesitated. The boy looked up at me, and went inside. I stared at him for a moment, before realizing that it was time I went inside. I leaned my body forward, and my thumb pressed the button marked four, a pale orange glow indicated that the elevator knows my destination. The boy was going to level five.

The shiny doors moved horizontally, shutting us in, my heart thumped, and I prayed that it will be a successful trip...

My hair stood, I felt nervous and scared... If it doesn't... Stop...
No! This can't be happening again!

As the elevator skipped past the fourth floor, the boy and I glanced at each other nervously, we both knew that we were in deep shit.
The elevator rose up with increasing speed, it made me sick, and there were millions of butterflies fluttering in my stomach. A sinister laugh filled the air, and I almost cried... I knew who it was... I knew what was happening... After all the times I've encountered this, I still couldn't escape this fate...

Ding, the doors casually slid open, like nothing was wrong. Clouds were what I saw, and a blue space surrounded us. The elevator was no longer a box, it had turned into a transparent space. For a second there, I thought I was safe...


I scream my heart out. I wasn't safe. AT ALL.

The little boy started reciting verses from the bible. I couldn't do anything... I stayed close to the boy... He kept chanting, asking me to help him out. I felt humiliated because I didn't know ANYTHING! I don't know why, but I started beating the transparent walls, talking in gibberish. The boy grew frustrated because of the way I acted, and asked me what was wrong... But I felt too embarrassed to tell him that I don't know anything, and everything that came out of my mouth was... Air... He couldn't understand me... I became desperate and tried using clumsy sign language, but I guess that just made me look like a chimpanzee, because, the boy gave up understanding me.

Out of the blue, a pole and an exit appeared. The boy's face lit up and he made a run of it, holding onto the pole, the grinned at me and said "see ya!". My jaw dropped, the fuck did that come from, I wondered. That was the least of my worries, the beast is just a few steps away from the door! God damn it! How could that Christian boy abandon me like that!?


I retreated to a corner, my hands shielding my head like it was actually gonna protect me. I prayed... I shouted... I begged... "God! Please... SAVE ME! HELP ME! I beg you! Please... Just... Rescue me! AHHHHH! Lord, please... Save me... Save... Help me!" I was crying.


As evil continued to near me, I heard a warm, loving voice...

"What are you thinking? My dear, don't think that you're not worthy of my love... You will always be. Now go, run!"

"F-F-Father...?" I almost couldn't believe it. He came... He... Actually... Came... For me...


I couldn't see my savior, but he was there. Again, he told me to run.

The surrounding area was no longer a fake sky, it was a stairway. I looked back, and saw a red figure coming at me, I froze, but the voice told me to hurry and save myself... I didn't take the steps one by one, my legs were shaking... Heck! I wanted to get as far away as possible! I didn't use my feet! I climbed over the railings! Jumped my way to safety! Behind me, or above me, I could still hear him say : "YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE! YOU WILL BE MINE ONE DAY! AHHHHHHHHHHH!"


I heard the humming sounds of my air conditioner... A few words escaped my dry lips: "Zongxu... I'm sorry... I think I believe now... He... He came... To my aid... Xu... I..." Darkness was what followed.


Did that seem like a horror story? Haha, I'll share more of my disturbing dreams next time, okay? One dream in one post is enough!

Oh shit, I better come back into reality! I have an exam tomorrow, and I still don't know shit! Ah, well... Sleep is more important after all! I guess I'll just read someone else's reference book tomorrow. What the hell am I sitting for tomorrow anyway!? Gaaaah! I'm screwed!

Goodnight, and do tell me the face you see your classmates make tomorrow, okay? ;]

I'd love to write my thoughts about my nightmare, but alas, time won't allow it. Do comment if you can? I'll feel really lonely when nobody comments. Haha, sweet dreams!

Hade bra~!

Procrastination at its Best

As the water beat against my back, I told myself that I'd do some hardcore studying today... Then, I started singing Adele's Set Fire to the Rain while shampooing my bushy hair.

An idea hit me. 

Since I have no mic, I can't sing on Karaoke Party so I'll just go on Youtube and search for karaoke versions of songs to scream out... But what about Chemistry? There's a test tomorrow... and I still don't know what comes after Beryllium. Not to mention I suck at balancing out chemical equations! 

I came out of the shower and Googled 'how to balance chemical equations'. After 2 minutes of reading, I proudly told myself that I've studied. But in reality, we all know that I still don't know shit~ So, the horrible singing begins! 

My neighbours and family should be thankful that I was't singing with the real karaoke system! I just sang quite out-of-tunely in front of my laptop. The only song that I THINK sounded good was Yellow, by Coldplay. Ehehe, maybe because it's slow, warm and lovely? I don't know? But well, I'm just happy that I procrastinated against studying. MUAHAHAHA! That isn't very good, now is it?

I've been lazing off at home since Thursday, and the only real studying I did was... Barely a chapter of Biology... Uh-oh, that can't be good! The reason why I don't think that I should be burying my head in reference books is because I THINK THAT I HAVE A LOT OF TIME. Out of the 10 or 11 subjects, I only take 4 or 5 seriously... Other than that, I never study for language; I just do some last minute flip-through and hope for the best. I have a thing against memorizing art! Or in this case, stealing people's writings. Shame on you! 

The only books I will take out are biology, history and chemistry. Even though it's my first year getting to know physics, I've already given up on that bastard! There's just no way I can understand the laws of Isaac Fucking Newton! UGH! It's all the apple's fault again! How many times must that God damned fruit change humanity?! We all know the other subject that I've blacklisted, don't we? In case ya' don't, it's additional mathematics. Additional maths is like magic, you space out for even a second, then everything the teacher taught will go POOF. That is what happens to me every Thursday afternoon during additional maths tuition.  

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! Well, don't go check on what your kids are doing. You might not like what you see =p 

I don't know what to do on the net these days... Sigh... I open up my browser and stare blankly at Google's logo... And on special occasions where they animate the logo, I'd look at the alphabets dance and when they're done, I'd open up a new tab to see it all over again... I exaggerated a bit too much back there, don't go thinking I'm some sort of weird hobo, okay?

I'm gonna roll in bed, just so I can let time pass by NOT studying~


Have a nice day.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Avengers

The Avengers make me feel like wrapping a red cloth around my neck, buy a hammer, draw a star on a metal plate, learn archery and study Science =x

I don't know why, but movies based on Marvel comic books never fail to impress me. They all have such hot actors/actresses, don't you think? But meh, I don't like the guy who replaced Dr.Banner; the previous actor was more... Nerdy. 

Let's see... With the superhero-themed soundtrack and all the cute guys swirling inside my head, I can't concentrate on what I want to write because in my mind, there's only this: Thor is still the hottest.

I'll tell you something that will make you facepalm yourself, ready?

The most hurtful moment FOR ME in the movie was when the hot dog stand got crushed...  

What can I say, I just love hot dogs.

Another thing I love is this: I love how Stan Lee ALWAYS shows up as a special guest in these movies! Ah! I just love the guy! HE IS SO CUTE! Not to mention very creative. He must have tons of free time when he was a child... Such imagination... Oh my... WHY CAN'T I BE HALF AS CREATIVE!? So sad.

Ah, now that my brain has calmed down, I can write properly.

Each of the super-people had just the RIGHT amount of time to show off. Well, Iron Man showed off a bit too much(as usual), and Captain America was the MEH-est of them all; meh is just my way of saying so-so, or boring. Other than that, the villains fascinate me! Until now, I still don't know what the Chitauri are! To me,they look like unfed cyborg lizards!

Does the things Tony Stark owns ACTUALLY exist? Can there be a building like his in real life? Why are movies always so awesome?! They make kids kill themselves, because most of them don't have the 'DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME' warning. I remember I used to tie a blanket around my neck and jump off tables! I just hope that I don't go standing in the middle of Padang Astaka holding a sledgehammer when there's a lightning storm!

Hmm... I really don't know what to write about the movie. Everything just seemed so... so... unbelievable...

Ah, yes! The movie was quite amusing. I won't let you in on any spoilers, don't worry! Besides, I'm too lazy to write about them xD

Movie-releasers are such trollers! EVERY single movie that was said to come out in may came out in April! WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO DO!? Make us go 'awww man...' then 'fuck yeah!'?

Anyway, even if I did LOVE the movie I just watched A LOT, I still have to bitch about it! hehe.

So, tell me, Hulk, the first time you transformed in The Avengers, you lost control and tried smashing Black Widow. But later on in the movie, you seemed to be sane enough to recognize who your allies were. You did punch Thor, but you weren't crazy. I know that people don't give a fuck, and they probably didn't even realize! I pay attention to the puniest detail sometimes.

There's a limit to movies that make me feel VERY safe. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas; I think that's how movies work. Like when there's an alien invasion in the city, you can just stay home and watch TV, because... THE ALIENS ONLY STAY IN THE CITY WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT WORLD DOMINATION! But there is one bad guy that doesn't have to be there to kill you: Freddy Kruger! Sometimes, he still makes me afraid of sleeping. That's why I have panda eyes.

OK, next...

Politicians will always be politicians. They just piss me off! They decide to launch a nuclear attack on the city because it was being destroyed, and saved at the same time? They wanted to kill everyone there because they didn't wanna rebuild the city? And after the world was saved, they wanted the heroes to take responsibility for knocking down buildings!? OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE! WHAT KIND OF LOGIC IS THAT!? I would like to know what Najib would do... It would be a wise choice to leave his wife behind to die though! HAHAHA! I'm gonna get beaten up by the police for writing this! OH! COME ON BITCHES! By the way, I'M WEARING YELLOW! KUUUUNINNNG!

I really don't like Captain America. And I don't know why. I just plain don't like him.

My tummy is irritating me. It won't stop begging for me to feed it! ARGH! I can't think straight again! OH THE HELL WITH YOU, STOMACH!

So... I bought a LARGE drink just now... I don't know why, but... It felt like I only had a few sips, and it emptied already. Seriously... And... My dad wondered if it was grandpa who stole a sip or two! AHHHHHHHHHHH! He just died!

Seriously... Most of you don't know it, but my grandpa closed his eyes permanently a few minutes passed Friday, with a smile on his face. I was asleep, so I didn't see him go.

After so many days of staying home, I feel so lazy to go back to school.