Monday, 28 December 2009

To My Love, xx somebody~

Don't bother reading, not for you anyway. Seriously, don't. Even he don't read.

Dear xx somebody,

Well, I know you're fine, but, how are you? what? It's called being polite. Work still tiring? At least you like it.

You know this right? You don't have to wait 10 years if you don't want to, 10 years is really, really long. Like you said, you have the option to choose. But if you really wanna wait THAT long, I don't mind, of course I don't. To tell you the truth, I actually WANT you to wait, but I just.. well... you know didn't wanna tell you. But of course, I'm not stopping you if you wanna date someone else, 10 years is very very long. And plus, I don't really know how long this can last. I mean, come on, this? for 10 years? what is the percentage of THIS gonna succeed? 1%? You know this isn't dumb fairy tales! In real life, there are NO HAPPY ENDINGS!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I don' you, or I have no faith. Well, I do hope that THIS will have a happy ending, at least tell me when you have someone else and tell me you just wanna be friends. I'd totally understand.

Well, I'm sorry that I'm... umm... or unsweet. It's well... Sweet and romantic is not really my thing. I don't feel really what yet... Well... you get it...

Okay, people complain that I talk too much. Well, okay, bye for now.


On the way back to Klang

On the way back to Klang... God... Dammit...

Stopped at some resting place, eat eat eat. Then my aunt Iris told my grandma she saw a Malay drama actor bla bla bla... Grandma was so... so... uff... She said not interested, and you know what happened? This:

We stopped at the petrol station. My grandma said 'Girl, go take his picture. You must learn to be brave you know...' and bla bla bla, I forgot the rest. My aunt laughed so hard, she handed me the damn camera. So when I was walking, I shouted 'WTF?!WHY THE HECK AM I DOING THIS?' it's not like when I grow up I'm gonna help people take pictures of dumb asses actors for people. And lucky me, he went into his Mercs. I was relieved.

Can you believe her? man...


Almost to Klang...

My grandma started lecturing me... I was sitting in the back 'ah,oh,er,ya,mm hmm.oh, ya.k. understand.yes.oh.' and she kept going on and on and on... I didn't have much interest in answering anymore, so I just kept quiet.
She said I, WE ALL(CHINESE SCHOOL STUDENTS), are impolite. For example, 1 group, 3 can speak Chinese, other 2 can't, and we just don't bother, we just chat happily ignoring the other 2 non Chinese understander...

She also said that Malays are the most polite, and you know what I was thinking? "Malay? Polite? sure, of course. ya, whatever, fuck that. Dumb pig brained assholes.They act polite, but, are they? ARGH! FUCK THEM! they're only G.I.B.fuckers"

And another, she said I should watch malay drama, she said I should watch, learn about their culture... bla bla bla... And I so damn beh song... I answered back ' What culture? fight fight and divorce and get married again?' that was the first time I ever answered her... rudely... She said something else, I didn't really pay attention. My face turned from smiley to unsmiley.

Malays... not all of them are THAT bad.

So, offended any piggies here? no? If yes, I have to say "Why the fuck are you even reading"

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Food Glorious Food

Me again, still in Singapore. Now, after dinner, everyone in the room. Mom gonna come at 12 midnight and join my dad on board for a week.

We had pizza, and some side dishes. Me? I had pizza, Old Chang Kee(curry puff), chicken wings and prawn sticks and McFlurry XD

And my uncle said, 'Finally her face lighted up, when I asked her if she wants ba kua...' And they all started laughing, and my aunt added ' Who cares about shoes and clothes, as long as she has food!'

And at dinner, when my uncle saw my grandma wasting the pizza dough, he said 'So wasteful, next time when we call the pizza delivery, we must ask ''Hello, can we have the pizza toppings without the pizza? My mother says that your dough is sticky, she doesn't like it.'' We should say that.' Well, my uncle is kinda like the.. umm... VERY VERY don't like wasting type of person.

Now you guys know, now I know, that I LOVE FOOD SO MUCH! OMG... SHOES AND CLOTHES DON'T MATTER... Oh ya, they told me to write this...

Iris, David, Gim.
Ok, 600g is a lot, but it was on offer! Anybody? I'll share, if I have anything left... Ok, I'll buy some sweets and chocolates, for... umm... me? And you guys...


Friday, 25 December 2009

Me... Dress...

Hi all! I'm in my uncle David's place in Singapore! Just came back from Bugis. Bought 2 DRESSES... Ya, me. DRESSES!

Actually, I wanted to buy tees, but my uncle said that every time tees tees tees, so, he put em' back and took me to look at dresses. He said tees made me look frumpy... And he and grandma said that I'm 13 and growing up... And bla bla bla... I don't really remember the rest.

OMG... Dresses... Gosh, dress,dress...DRESS...

Got two. Wanted to buy some tees, but, OK, enough. So, went to get some things for my sisters and some flip flops. Then went to Starbucks. oh ya, I got Winnie The Pooh blankets! Yay Yay Yay! I love Pooh.

Gonna have seafood for dinner later.

OK, so...



Merry Christmas and happy holidays... Wait... Happy practising^^

Bye Bye

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Holiday almost over. Going to Singapore, celebrating Christmas with aunt Iris,Uncle David and grandma. Later at 1 something go lo... Bye Bye...

Now, I've got nothing to do, don't bother reading, I'm gonna write stupid lines now.

1)Oh? What you want me to say then? 'Hey everyone! Guess what? I'm gonna marry a 41 year old guy when I'm 24?' you want me to say that?

2)Everything is everything, everyone is everyone. 33 seals have been broken, and if all of them are, Lucifer walks free.

3)10 years? We can't be possibly doing this for 10 years right? I mean, come on, your picky!

4)What?You want me to break into my own house?

5)Holy crap, I just remembered, I have to do something, then again, I already told him. Well, I told him!

6)No,why would you think that? I would never do such a thing. Ask her, 'Hey, I don't steal food right?' . She said 'Well, my cupcake is in your mouth.'.

7)Oh, you're 30? But you said you were 19. I'm thinking> holy crap, I've done it this time, well, It can't be that bad? But, OMFG, IT IS BAD!

Hmm, I guess it couldn't be THAT bad. But then again, it's okay. WTF am I saying? This could be the bad case of relationships, although I've seen older... Way older... But I guess... Ah,dammit...

9)No,I ain't saying that your bad or anything. Well, people would look at me wide eyed and knock the lamppost while walking.

10)I know you don't mind, but I don't know if I do. Well, I don't even know if I'll be in Australia next time, if I am, I think I'll more likely be in Sydney. Perth maybe... Well, maybe I'll go visit you at the nature reserve.

11)Whoa! You're old enough to be my dad! And too old to be my brother!

12)10 years... G dammit. Well, I guess it's gonna be 9 soon.

13) Gonna be end of 2009. I've finish my 13 sentences, don't take em' seriously. I love making up dumb sentences! Bye Bye all!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Song Describees

I have nothing better to do~
Wasting time~
Don't bother reading~
It's nothing~

'... I get lost, in the beauty, of everything I see, the world ain't half as bad as they paint it to be...'

(One Republic- Come Home)

'... I'd like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly, it's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep cause everything is never as it seems...'

(Owl City- Fire Flies)

'... Tell me why you're so hard to forget, don't remind me, I'm not over it, tell me why I can't seem to face the truth I'm just a little too not over you...'

(David Archuleta- A Little Too Not Over You)

'... When you're sitting there is hard for me to look away, so I try to find the words that I could say, and I know what distance does it matter but you feel so far away... It's like every time I turn around I see your face...'

(Simple Plan-I Can Wait Forever)

'... Don't even recognize the ways you hurt me do? It's gonna take a miracle to bring me back, and you're the one to blame...'


'... Every night I rush to my bed with hopes that maybe I'll get a chance to see you when I close my eyes, I'm going outta my head, lost in a fairytale can you hold my hands and be my guide? Clouds filled with stars cover your skies, and I hope it rains you're the perfect lullaby. What kind of dream is this? You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, either way I don't wanna wake up from you...'

(Beyonce- Sweet Dreams)

'... I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known... I walk this empty street on the boulevard of broken dreams, where the city sleeps and I'm the only one and I walk alone... I'm walking down the line that divides me somewhere in my mind, on the border line of the edge and where I walk alone. Read between the lines what's fucked up and everythings alright... My shadow's the only one that walks beside me, my shallow heart's the only thing that's beating, sometimes I wish someone out there will find me, till then I'll walk alone...'

(Green Day-Boulevard Of Broken Dreams)

'...I'm not perfect person Theres many things I wished I didn't do, but I continue learning... I've found a reason for me to change who I use to be, a reason to start over new, and the reason is you..'

(Hoobastank-The Reason)

Friday, 20 November 2009


Finished writing the 'exam pad', still don't have title, think of one!

Want to finish Violin girl as fast possible so can start new one. I'm thinking of... L... Lo... I can't say the word... Love... Story, I'll make it as sad as possible, I love it when people die. Muahahahaha

Holiday not really a holiday, most time is used for band.

No more school, yay! But still not happy, cause of you know who. And I'm not saying you! don't perasan!

Feeling better, but hope to feel good and happy for 100%, not 1%.

This time, I'll mean what I say, I'll mean what I say, I said that, but if there's an 'IF' then I'll maybe not gonna mean what I say^^

Don't make me stay home woman! I deserve to have a holiday! When you go, I wanna go too, if you leave me here, ALONE or let me stay at HER house, I will... umm... Will... hmm... What will I do? Kill her? Nah, she's my mom, I would never kill her. I will... Remember it and go for holiday on my own... Next time, and you pay the tickets! England~

Can I have a present? probably not, I got 11, and she shouted at me! Wanting an Ipod, she's gonna stare at me and Bla all over again.

No presents for all! I'm saving up, but if anyone wants to gimme anything, I'll take it. I only take, I don't give back^^ No RUGI

Happy Holidays, even though we don't really get much holiday time~

Thursday, 22 October 2009


I have one stupid question, PLEASE ANSWER IT...

So, I have a friend, very annoying. Has a problem. Well, you see, my friend liked this person then don't like anymore and then coz of something dunno what... Bla bla bla... She like the other person then don't like the person anymore. Then, everything okay, she also dun disturb me, but recently, she has a problem, she like other person back and at the same time like the person and she disturb me everyday T_T.... Pity me... She ask me help her to choose, but obviously, she wont listen.

The two person...

Person 1,

Useless, unfaithful, untrustable, dumb.

Person 2,

Almost useless, unfaithful dunno, untrustable no, a bit stupid.

Help the stupid woman! She's driving me nuts!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Bad Luck Charm

Bad Luck Charm, not a thing, but a person- STEPHANIE.

First it was yesterday, she ask me teman her go take Pizza Hut voucher. Take le, stupid potato call us go 2M call people. Go lo, go lo... Reach there, Punish's class. Did I get her name right?

Then today. She ask me teman her go pass up her homework, Sivik class that time so much time don't do, everybody pass up le she only want do. Stupid. Go lo, go lo. Then on the way back, Pn. Keow going up the stairs, the she said -Eh, eh, eh, you. your hair. You go Bilik Kaunseling wait. I go up for a while- Wait ma wait lo... Stupid Stephanie...

I waited and waited and waited...

More than half hour, I nothing do, play with the stupid plant on her desk. She finally came back. After the wait, you know what she said? - Aiyo, sorry let you wait so long. your hair, cannot. Go cut. When you cut then only come back to school. OK, you can go back-

I waited for so long, and she wanted to say something for less than 1 minute? Screw her. And go back class, I almost killed Stephanie.

She so Sui de wor... People don't usually say my hair de, go with her, then kena... She go Thai let people curse izzit?

Anyway, cut my hair. I LOOK SO DAMN FUNNY. Almost... Gay-ish... All thanks to my GOOD FRIEND Stephanie.

Friday, 2 October 2009

-FrienD- Story

Friend. A good friend, a best friend.

Friend STUPID and Friend IDIOT has been friends for quite sometime, BEST FRIENDS...

Friend IDIOT, have ISSUES, didn't let Friend STUPID know. When Friend STUPID ask, everyone who knows say it's nothing.


One fine afternoon, the hot Sun, shining bright and hot, RECESS TIME.

AS USUAL, the FRIENDS gather at the SAME PLACE AFTER they have EATEN.

SOMEONE was in the other ROOM.

Friends OPEN the door, SEE who's INSIDE, then LOCK it. Then SHOUT out ~Friend IDIOT~

Friend STUPID use common sense to think, then when Friend STUPID kinda got it. Friend STUPID grew ANGRY.

Friend STUPID, ANGRY at the thought of THAT. But, also ANGRY because Friend STUPID was ANGRY at Friend IDIOT. Friend STUPID got so fucking upset about that, and, you know what? NOBODY even KNEW the REASON.

Finally, Friend STUPID needed some air.

Friend STUPID ask other friend go OUT with her.

Other friend KNEW that something was WRONG, and so ASKED Friend STUPID what's the matter. Friend STUPID just shook the head and ANSWERED NOTHING WRONG. Other friend knew something was wrong, but Friend STUPID wont tell, so, other friend GAVE UP ASKING.

Friend STUPID keep REMINDING ~I Love DumbM~ so that Friend STUPID would SEE THINGS CLEARLY and FORGET about the whole fucking thing ever happened.

It sort of worked.

But still, seeing Friend IDIOT with other friend, that was okay. Know what really PISSED Friend STUPID off? The fact that Friend IDIOT NEGLECTED Friend STUPID cause of her own PROBLEMS. And you know what? Friend STUPID was also the last person Friend IDIOT invited to her little CELEBRATION.

Friend STUPID was so PISSED that Friend STUPID answered -NO- at first. Then, Friend STUPID started to think about it.

Thinking, thinking, thinking...


Know why? Cause unlike others, Friend STUPID DON'T like BREAKING BEST FRIENDS' HEARTS! Even though it really HURTS Friend STUPID on the inside, Friend STUPID try to look NORMAL.


Stephanie, your answer...

Don't Bother Reading

(1) 请老实的回答每一个问题。
(2) 不行擅自塗改題目。
(3) 写完请点10位小朋友,不可不点。
(4) 点完后请通知那10位小朋友他被点到了。

1. SZN
2. Whatever
3. SodaVella
4. Jessica
5. ಎKsiŋಎ胜胜™
6. toozgx
7. DumbM
8. Dennis
9. Kah Yen
10. Jesvin

01-[ 4号认识6号吗? ]:: Ya
02-[ 10号是男还是女? ]:: Girl
03-[ 8号的兴趣是? ]:: Hmm... Making me miserable
04-[ 1号有没有兄弟姐妹? ]:: Got
05-[ 7号姓氏? ]:: Kong
06-[ 10号人缘好吗? ]:: Good
07-[ 4号有人追吗? ]:: Sure got
08-[ 承上2号呢? ]:: Umm... My Chinese suck.. What's that?
09-[ 6号喜欢的颜色是? ]:: Green hor?
10-[ 3号和10号是朋友吗? ]:: Ya gua..
11-[ 8号的生日是? ]:: 7/7
12-[ 5号读哪呢? ]:: SMJK Nan Hwa
13-[ 你怎么认识10号的? ]:: Hmm... Fight?
14-[ 你跟1号的生日差几个月? ]:: 1 ba..
15-[ 你和9号有出去玩过吗? ]:: Got
16-[ 你喜欢和2号聊天吗? ]:: Huh? He so sakai...
17-[ 你喜欢和3号在一起吗? ]:: I think Jess like...
18-[ 你觉得7号人怎么样? ]:: SAKAI!!!
19-[ 你觉得9号人怎么样? ]:: So-So
20-[ 你爱5号吗? ]:: No

1. 是谁传給你这份问卷的:: toozgx, ಎKsiŋಎ胜胜™, Stephanie, SodaVella
2. 你们认识多久呢:: Half, half year. Half, more?
3. 你觉得他(她)对你來说很重要吗:: Half dunno. Half can hold
4. 你与他(她)的关系是:: Friend
5. 你觉得他(她)的个性如何:: Ok
6. 请问他(她)的兴趣是:: Dunno~

問 : 當你在更衣室沖水,门忽然被打开了
答 : I have a gun and I know Kung-Fu!!!

問 : 海中忽然大浪來襲后 你发现比基尼小姐上身泳裝被沖掉了
答 : Her problem. Ownself wear Bikini.

問 : 去海边玩会使用咩交通工具
答 : Of course car. But me, I fly~

問 : 你突然发现沒帶泳裝 泳衣你会買吗
答 : No need de lar. Steal other people de lor, so easy~

問 : 会的。。
答 : 会 what? I already said I wont BUY!!!

問 : 回去时 发现有其他遊客手机沒拿 你会觉得是哪牌子的
答 : Nokia, SonyEricsson, Motorola...

問 : 海边对你來说是
答 : Relaxing and fun^^

問 : 看到镜子 会不由自主的向前吗
答 : I hate mirrors!!!

問 : 经常用洗面乳吗
答 : Lazy that time don't use

問 : 说到自恋会想到谁
答 : Me~

問 : 有人说该減肥了 你会
答 : Should I care? Everyone ask me to... Eh, I LOVE FOOD! WHO CARES!

--------------------------THE END-----------------------------

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Christmas Presents

I know it's a bit early for Christmas, I have to buy 15 present this year, still thinking about the 16th... Whether should I buy it...

The 15 presents:

1. Stephanie
2. Jessica
3. ZN
4. Jesvin
5. Mom
6. Dad
7. Grandpa
8. Grandma
9. Uncle David
10. Aunt Iris
11. Aunt Karen
12. Aunt Mun
13. Lisa
14. Sarah
15. Dennis

Although I really hate to give my bro, but, whatever, I give him the same thing every year - A snow globe^^

If you want me to give you present and you're not the 15 persons above, tell me and let me think about it. If I hate you, no presents!

Hmmm, the 15 people above, don't get too excited, If I ain't happy, you guys don't get presents. I'll probably spend my money on the 3 things I love most:

1. Stuffed Animals
2. Books
3. Food

Don't blame me if you guys don't receive presents this year, blame... You guys know who to blame. Not Santa.

Don't worry, I love doing Christmas shopping, although it is heart breaking to see my money fly... 99% you guys get presents this year, 1% you guys don't^^

I should probably prepare for the final exam right? Nah, I don't care, good luck to all you dummies... And me.

Emm, and ya, celebrating at my house again?

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

My Happiness DON"T Last Long

Really, my happiness don't last long. I can only be happy for 24 hours. 48 hours most. Sucks doesn't it?

Every time, when something makes me REALLY happy. After one day, something is sure to happen and ruin my happiness... I don't know why I'm this unlucky.


Monday, 31 August 2009

Things That Nobody Cares

06你几岁:13 岁


26你最好的同性朋友跟你告白你会怎样:I'll say 'Thx... Thx... But I don't like you'
28你为什么会喜欢你现在喜欢的人:Hmmm... No idea


46这个人对你好不好:Ok OK


73你的班级在几楼:Ground Floor
74填后感:No Feeling



Thursday, 20 August 2009


Curious, really curious...

What? Why wont you guys let me see what's written on the table? Why can't I see? I know got... Him... And... What's the other thing? Why can't I see?

Is it so bad? Bad until need WeiWei to hold me like a prisoner? Smart move to liquid it... Now i can't see! Damn you guys...

I know... You guys would say ' We don't want you to get hurt...' bla... bla... bla... Does it matter if I get hurt? I'm already hurting this much. What could be more hurtful to hurt me? 1 stupid line of words wont hurt me... Can't you guys let me know?

Tell me what is written on the damn table! PLEASE... I hate you guys even though you guys do it so I don't get hurt or whatever... TELL ME...

Sunday, 16 August 2009

MISS Ho's last day

Today... Just now... Was MISS Ho's last day teaching us.

I didn't know until just now. They made 100 cranes for her, as usual, I thought of the things to write. But, just now, a bit dalok lur... 'Taught' write until 'Thought'... Paiseh ya...

Stupid 1L, say us don't appreciate her la! You all do what? Buy doll for her nia ma! We hand made de leh! Stupid idiots! See you all beh song mehz! Like what also don't know! Stuck up freaks!

I know she a bit guai lan. But, got a bit miss her la... Haha...

Her cancer is back, going for treatment... Hope can get better la...

... About the class party... Even though I HATE SOME people... And I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate them to step foot in my house... Do it for you guys la... Even though I'll probably throw away the things SHE uses... Think of HER also geli... Yeeeeeer...

Friday, 14 August 2009

Stupid Exam

Stupid exam... Next week?

Why must put next week? Now I can't go Melaka see my aunt. She's back from England. And every body is going to see her except me! And they're gonna... They're gonna... EAT!!!

Eating without me? I can't imagine... Eating yummy stuff... And... I'm not there to finish it! And... My aunt's gonna bring back... Lots of, lots of Chocolate... Don't know why, but, I have a sudden craving for CHOCOLATE!

I can't wait to eat the CHOCOLATES! I'm gonna finish them all! Muahahahaha...

I'll share...

Stupid exam! Make me can't go play!

Going to LiYi's house to stay again~

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Wednesday is today, today is Wednesday. Don't know what title, so, put Wednesday.

Today, Sozai better. Better, start GuaiLan again. Doing things, can't let me do properly. Must bully me! Stupid Sozai! Tomorrow not going school? No difference anyway right?

Watch Tv... Lalala~ Horatio? Not dead? Happy~

People who hate me, let me know, I have no mood to hate you. Once my mood is back, I'll hate you back, 10 times worse^^

Sweet~ Sweet~ Sweet~

Chocolate~ Chocolate~ Chocolate~

In the mood for candy.

Make my heart...


Monday, 10 August 2009


Sick... Sick... Sick...

Haiz... My house Sozai fell sick, H1N1? Hope not... Scary... Today, Sozai PMR trail, half way teacher call my mother. Sozai sick until want die, cannot continue. He slept all day, now still sleeping. Shh... Get well soon idiot.

Me? As usual. Brain problem, to make things worse, I have heart problem!

My X-Ray result. SHOCKING!

Poor me, look at my heart, it hurts! Its broken into half, doctors have never seen before something so... So... SAD. They tell me to rest in peace cause they can't fix it.

Saturday, 8 August 2009


Hope? Why are you so full of it? I don't understand, I should have more hope, but, I don't have any.

You still believe? Still have hope?

End of the year or not, its not gonna happen, stop hoping. The one hundred sweets are still mine! I'm not giving you the two hundred, you lost the bet.

Friday, 7 August 2009

One Hundred Sweets

One hundred sweets as you promised me, Stephanie.

Yes, one hundred sweets. I told you its impossible, never going to happen. I was right.

Everything is possible you say, is it? What I wrote is still what I wrote, doesn't change anything, and it didn't change anything.

I don't understand, you have so much hope that it will happen, you even bet sweets with me. But in the end, it didn't. No, he didn't change. I said until Christmas, but, I know now anyway so what's the point of waiting until then?

I don't have the mood to write anymore. Wanna cry, no tears. What's the point of crying? Soaking my clothes? ARGH! Fuck everything that has happened!


Can leave comments ler... Haha

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Impossible is Still Impossible

You all... Every impossible thing I said happened? What the... Like this... How can you all even think until like this? So smart... Haha...

I said when THAT happens the sky will fall, Sun outta fire, Moon breaks, chicken and pigs fly and dogs talk... What you all said:

Stephanie: Ha! WeiWei's dog can say 'hello'... Dog can talk! Hahaha

Jessica: Neh, in the movie Knowing, the Sun's fire boom to earth. The Sun outta of fire... HAhaha

WeiWei: In The Simpsons, got one pig, it fly... HAhahahaha

Jessica: Eh, chicken can fly OK? You never see before la, I see the chicken fly on to the tree... Hehe

WeiWei: Wei, wei, wei... The sky fall... In Chicken Little 'The sky is falling! The sky is falling'... HAhahahaha

ME: The Moon broke... somehow? In a movie? All so geng... Can think of all this. But still, one last thing. THAT will never happen, and Stephanie, don't forget my 100 sweets.

Stephanie: Will happen, if happen, my 200 sweets, don't forget!


Every stupid thing happened? Never mind, the last thing WONT happen. I can eat the 100 sweets happily on Christmas. Wuahahaha

Sunday, 2 August 2009

To Stephanie

Boring, nothing to do so write this. To Stephanie:

Thinking about what you said, not sure if I even remembered correctly what you said.
Don't like him, never will, don't worry.
Still can't forget that idiot, its not my fault that I like the idiot.
Like I said, its beyond my control.
Won't repeat the same mistake again, like I said, my heart died. Even I can't feel it anymore.
And I wont take anything seriously anymore.
I still love myself though.
Taking things seriously is hard. I like to relax. Forget about everything.
No mood to say anything.


Saturday, 1 August 2009

Another stupid thing

STOP, I really mean it this time. I know I said I don't care anymore cause I don't have the mood to do the things I love most. Scolding, hitting and laughing. That doesn't mean you all can mess up my hair, threaten me, blackmail me? Don't ask me about any of that, I DON'T wanna talk about it.

Oh ya, hope that idiot didn't do anything stupid yet. Here's to the idiot:

Hey idiot, don't give. What I wrote is what I wrote, you want keep your problem.
You want give, can, not stopping you. There's nothing left to salvage anyway.
Fine, no mood to say anything anyway...

Who am I kidding? I care, just no mood or energy to do anything. (Sigh)... Really, being his friend was my choice, falling for him was far beyond my control. How I wish I didn't go out with you all that day, if I hadn't, none of this would have happened. There's no turning back now, is it?

Friday, 31 July 2009

Stupid me

I'm back to normal, I think. A little moody though.

Beh song about everything. I think I even beh song her... Don't ask me who, I DON'T wanna talk about it. Don't know why can beh song her. Stupid...

Wrote something on a paper, let someone take. That someone went and photo copy the thing, saying that if I threw away my original paper, that someone can give the other someone the copy of what I wrote. Wrote another one, that someone didn't photo copy it this time, but, will give the other someone this one.

COnfusing? Get use to it.

So, I beh song her. I wanna say to her:

Sorry... Really sorry... I don't know why I beh song you... Sorry....
I don't wanna beh song you... Sorry... Forgive me cause I beh song you...
Ok, now I think you all know who I mean.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Reasons Why I Don't Update My Blog

Reasons why I don't update my blog:

1) Lazy
2) No mood
3) No one cares
4) No time
5) Nothing ever happens, especially after THAT
6) Very lazy
7) I write most of the things in the 'black book'
8) I only eat and sleep at home
9) I hate computers
10) Don't know

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Hope It Can All Stop Now

Hope it can all stop now.I already have no chance in the beginning, yet you all still think I do. I asked him, it isn't me, so stop it! I don't wanna feel sad and think about this anymore, I just wanna forget! FORGET!

I asked him just now, I had assumed that he wouldn't answer, but to my surprise, he answered me. Didn't think I that I would feel this way, I thought that I didn't really care weather it was me or not. But, I did. I did care, I am so stupid, knowing that it would never be me, I still asked. I thought it was no one, but there is some one.

Nah, I didn't really cry though. Well, almost?

Doesn't matter anymore now, does it? So I hope that you all can stop everything and try calling me something else rather than what you guys are calling me now. It sucks, being called some thing you're not.

Yea, my words for the Noobie are~
Go for it Noobie! Later people rampas your girl from you!
Let people rampas dy don't cry mehz! Make friends with
her! Then ask her... Maybe you got chance... Follow what I
say you sure get her... Hahaha... Or you can ask 'The Expert' how...

2 Bad News In 3 Days?

2 bad news in 3 days? Seriously, what can be worse?

1st bad news, got from London a few days ago. My grandma in London called and said she has cancer, blood cancer. But luckily, it's still an early stage. So now, she's waiting for her test results to come out.

2nd bad news, got from Kelantan today. My grandpa has cancer... My mum told me he's now in one of KL's Hospital, I don't know where. My dad's gonna go see him, don't tell my grandma here or any other old people that know them! Later my mum kill me! So now, he's waiting for his scan on Monday.

2 bad news in 3 days... Both cancer... Hope they can survive... Moody... Bye Bye...

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Hmmm... What Now?

Hey, can't post any comments on my blog, don't know why, try help, nothing came up, wanna ask me anything, just ask me.

What now? I can understand why he doesn't want to choi me. But you, I don't know. Everytime when the name ' ~ ' comes up, you say: ' I don't want to choi you anymore. My last message.' You do that every time, damn! I apologized, still don't want to choi me, what you want me to do?

You really mean what you say this time? Or you just mad at me, again? Or jealous, again? But I apologized! You don't usually do this, why suddenly act like this? Which part of your brain fell off this time?

Never mind, do whatever you want. I'll just be gloomy all day long and hear people call me ~Sao and other nonsense that their 'yellow' brain can think of.

Just hope you can choi me again >_

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Today, SoZai Dennis's Birthday

Today, 7/7 is SoZai Dennis's birthday.

We celebrate at Secret Recipe. Only me, Dennis and my mum. My two sisters and dad went Ipoh. My mum said don't tell my dad we clebrated at Secret Recipe. So, Shhh!

Went to Secret Recipe straigh after band practice. There are some reasons why I don't join you all for practice, reasons that few people know. Went there saw Dennis's teacher. We sat outside~ windy.

Today, regreted what I ordered. I ordered ' Carrabien Style Fish Fillet' I think. The picture looked so yummy. Came out, first thing that popped into my mind was 'OMG! Wadde... What did I order. That looks really different fron the picture. OMG, I think I'm gonna hurel. But, still, have to eat it. Don't tell me I got grandma's Bad-food-ordering-skills now! Damn!' Yea, it has a garlic-ky taste and onion-ny taste. With salad oil and green vege, I think... It was Ok, the fish was so soft~ But, the topping was, uneatable! Yucks! I think that is for old people! My drink twas good though ' Iced Blended Choclete with Whipped-Cream' I love cream!

Later at home, practice piano~ Today think about you and him, but still play right^^

Later at night~ SoZai Dennis reply birthday comments. Stephanie and P...P...Ping Yen( I'm not happy about writting her name! ><) also wished him. Thanks Stef! I didn't even wish him until my mum ask me to wish him... Hehe... NO, no thanks to you P...P...Ping...Yen... Saw your picture on friendster, got shocked, looks worse than ghost ==... Some more eye like got a bit Cacat, yer~ Some more, your friends' photo (not including me, of course) like what also don't know. Me and my bro laughed so hard!

SoZai, Happy Birthday, even though you don't read, never mind...

Monday, 6 July 2009

WeiWei's Score For Today

Yea, here's WEiWEi's excuse score.

EXCUSE : 老师!你不可以这样啊!从来没有老师 complain 过她的字啊!你是第一个你知道吗?! 老师还讲她的字很美又省位!还叫我们向她学习啊!

My Chinese very bad, if got any errors, sorry.


Excuse : 56%
Reply: 98%
Faking: 87%

Teoh Wei Wei!
Your excuse all to fake! Last time dog eat my textbook, now say teacher ask you all learn me? I write like that cause I hate him! Stupid Ah Chan don't know believe or not. Where did you learn such stupid excuses? Sorry, just now keep laughing when Ah Chan beside. Can't help it, your excuse too dumb. Never mind, try better! Good luck!

The Worst Maid Award

The worst maid award goes to... ( Drum roll)... MY maid!

Yes, many people should be proud when their maids win awards. But this, this award is for idiots. I'm not happy.

Yea, there are many reasons why my maid won.

1. She's Guai Lan, worse than my brother!
2. She, very 38
3. She blabbers non stop all day
4. She almost died last Sunday
5. She scolds us when my mum's not around
6. She argues with my mum
7. Her radio always full volume, until I can't stand it
8. Everyday ask me this that this that about her stupid phone
9. She very annoying
10. She always do things her way, don't listen to us

So, she almost died last Sunday. She got locked up out on the balcony, the wind was too strong that day. Stupid woman had her phone but don't have my granddad's number. She shouted help but no one could hear her. So, desperate to get down, only one way... climb down... That idiot climbed down from the roof! So geng... Wadde, when she told us, we all got shocked... Climbed down from the roof, no idiot would do that, not even me! ( I'm an idiot too)

Tell me, your maid ever did that before?

And then, last Sunday again. Going out for movie, that idiot took one big bowl of rice ask me eat. That time only me and her, two persons at home, cook until so much. I know I'm fat, but, I don't eat that much! Take so much rice still not enough, sit there, ask me eat this ask me that, keep talking nonsense, I sit ther, answer ' Eem... Ya... Ya... Aa... Oo... Ya... Apa?... Huh?... Oo... OK... Ya... Tak tahu...' ya, answer that. Then Jesvin finally come, yay, free at last!

IF she don't know how to take care of my dogs, I can say Bye-Bye... But, she very good at that, so my mum let her stay. I ask her why don't want to change now maid, she always say : ' Aiya, she OK one la... Some more, new maid expensive wor. She take care of dogs so good, very hard to find. Most pigz scared of dogs. Aiya, don't ask la. I want go out la!'

See, if anyone can find better dog- take-care-er tell me!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Is It True? Am I... Am I... Am I In Love With Him?!

Is it true? Did I fall in love with him?! I keep thinking about him. Help me!

I don't know, but I think I'm not. But I keep thinking of him! So, am I or am I not in love with him? What to do? Can't tell him how I feel cause I'm not sure, and second cause I think it'll ruin our friendship.

I don't weather we're still friends or not. Cause, ever since he asked me 'something', I feel really weird. And Stephanie, you're the one to blame! And ever since he asked me that 'something' I feel that we have spoken even less!

When I practiced my piano just now, I kept thinking of him, I played the fives songs with a lot, a lot, a lot of mistakes! Even more than usual! How I wish that Stephanie didn't asked him that question and that he didn't ask me that question. What to do now? Things are already done, I can't undo them. If you gimme 3 wishes, I would say:
1. One Million Dollars
2. I wasn't born here ( So nothing happened can ever happen)
3. Kiko back to me

So, tell me, am I in Love with him?

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Today... So Stupid...

Today really very stupid...

Today, got a new apprentice. Learn what? Finding excuses of course. As you all know, I happen to be an expert at things no one really cares about like finding excuses and faking... Teoh Wei Wei, my new apprentice, also a fan of HuiBao, please tell HuiBao that Wei Wei cannot survive 1 day without mentioning her. So, it all began when Sir Alexander noticed that I didn't bring my Maths textbook ( I don't bring it everyday... hehehe) When he asked me why, I told him that I didn't bring it. ' Two strokes for not bringing your book' he said. Then, Wei Wei said ' Wait, wait, wait. Sir, sir, sir. Cannot beat her. You know? Her Maths textbook let her dog eat!' Well, he believed it, he asked everyone else. Gary said that ' Sir, ya, yesterday she do birthday party at her house. You didn't give her present!' Sir stared at everyone wide eyed. It was so funny. Hahaha... He don't know weather to believe or not! I wanna say thanks to all my classmates who helped! I love you all!

LAter on today, in KHB, that stupid pig very long only come. WEi WEi, of course spent her time talking about her idol-HuiBAo. Then Stephanie, say this that this that, keep scolding Wei Wei MCB. Some more say ' Eh, don't beat me meh, I tell HuiBao!' Then Wei Wei didn't beat her, only keep messing up my hair! Today my hair messy until like Sakai!

Then, Moral class. Seriously, I don't even know why we learn Moral at all. I mean, does anyone even pay attention during Moral class? Except Goody-Too-Shoes like JingRui and ShuJing.I do my homework, play, sleep and chat during Moral class (I do that in every class anyway!) So, when they found out i got 7, they came to me and messed up my hair again! My hair was even messier, like a super Sakai!

Well, anyway, today 'AlexanderKia' almost cried cause of SiewHui and XinYi. At first when I saw tears in her eyes, I thought that was because of her results. But later, i saw her write something, I didn't see everything. Just saw.

I almost cried coz of them! they're my Friends! I dun wanna choose between them! no i
think of my feelings................

I didn't really remember, did I get IT right 'AlexanderKia'?

So, I just hope that SiewHui and XinYi will be Friends once again. I can do nothing as they won't listen. I hope that things will work out.

Ya, ya, ya. 1 thing i almost forgot. Wei Wei's result.

Excuse: 45%
Thinking: 98%
Faking: 98%

Your excuse was really stupid, but, he believed you cause of the class' teamwork. Find a better excuse next time! But, thanks anyway, he only gave me 1 stroke. Thinking was fast. You replied very fast. Good job!

What The...

What the... Now that I admitted I miss you, I don't miss you? Wow... What's happening?

I think I can't make my decisions that fast. I don't know why. When I don't see you, I miss you, and when I see you, I don't miss you. That 'feeling' I have is gone now, but still a little messy in my heart.

So, weather I like him or you? I don't know. People, don't ask me who I like. Especially you Stephanie, I can't give the right answer, cause I don't know myself.

Monday, 29 June 2009

The Reason Behind This 'Feeling'?

I think I know the reason behind this 'feeling'. I'm not sure, but, maybe it is.

I think, the reason for this 'feeling' is you. Why? I don't really know. I'm clueless. I wonder why. Could this be cause of my 'blindness'? For not noticing what you did, how much you cared? Do you even care anymore? Why was your reaction so big anyway? I don't even know if you told me truth. You told me [no], but I wonder, if your answer is [no], why did you react that way? Did you really speak the truth? Or did you do what I did? Lie. Did you lie to me the same way I had lied to him? Did you? Did you? I just want to tell you,don't lie. I hate it when people lie to me.

I wonder why, I feel so down without you. I still don't wanna' admit that I miss you. I'm scared to admit it. I don't wanna' go through things that I don't wanna' go through again! But, if I don't admit it, I'll always feel sad. If I do admit it, I'm afraid that I'll fall for you again.

So hard, complicated. Final decision.


Sunday, 28 June 2009

What Am I Feeling?

What Am I feeling? I don't really know myself. I don't know anything, I'm so unsure. But, one thing's for sure, this is not because of Kiko leaving me. It's about something else, something that I can only tell someone i truly trusted. But, whenever I speak the truth, no one ever believes me.

This feeling, I don't know what it is. It's like, there's a hole in my heart, and that hole can never be filled. What is missing? Could it be that I miss you? No, that couldn't be it. Could it be that I miss HIM? No, that couldn't be it either.

What is missing? Today, I must admit, I had a great time with my friends. But, there's just this feeling, something that makes me wanna' cry. I don't wanna' admit that I miss you, but, in the end, I do miss you. Why? I don't know the reason either. And this feeling, it never goes away. It makes me wanna' cry for no reason. No reason at all! This feeling sucks big time!

Another thing is, I lied. I lied to HIM. Even if I don't want to, I had to, it's the best way to not ruin our friendship. But, I wonder, what if I had told him the truth? Not lie about everything? Would things turn out differently?

Playing, laughing and eating what parties are all about, for me, it's true. But today. TODAY! I played, laughed and ate but still, there's sadness in my eyes. I had a great time, I really did. But still, that feeling kept haunting me! Stef asked me what's wrong, I told her! I did! But that feeling, that feeling just won't go away! Even when my sister broke the glass shelf in my bathroom, that feeling was still there. I wasn't very angry about that, just angry that Sarah spilled Coke on my bed and that my stupid maid scolded me for all the mess! Damn that woman!

So, I hope YOU will know how I feel. I also hope that HE will know how I feel.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Who is the Enemy?

Who is the real enemy? Things are confusing, should I trust this 'enemy' or should I trust my friend?

Like I said, a friend told me that 'enemy' wrote something about me in her blog. But today, 'enemy' wrote a note to 'AlexanderKia'. Telling 'AlexanderKia' her problems. 'AlexanderKia' let us read the note, the 1st note wasn't about me so I don't have to tell you who it's about. The 2nd note was about me.

So, in the 2nd note 'AlexanderKia' asked 'enemy' wheather she wrote me in her blog or not... Argh! whatever, I'll just write it down... (Words MAy Not BE EXACTLY ThE SamE)

BLUE= AlexanderKia


Hey, I heard tat u wrote abt Rachel in ur blog...

I din write abt her! I ony write abt *****

But, they say u gt write wad u not from 6B all that...

No la, I din write her, juz tat she vry straight, dun lyk me means say in front of me... Blog is for writing diary ma... so write lo...

That wasn't all, I just forgotten what else she wrote. So now, I'm confused over who's the bad guy and who's the good guy. Maybe both are good, but, I'm still not that sure weather i should believe what she says...

'AlexanderKia', if you're reading, don't be angry with me, cause I can't help it. And I know that if 'enemy' finds out that you let us read, she won't trust you again.


Kiko, why'd you have to leave me?
Kiko died yesterday. Now, he's in Heaven with Koko, Sylvia, Jake and Angel. I cried for almost 30 minutes, I loved him so much, and yet never really showed him how much.
Kiko, here's to you~
From the day I bought you, I loved you. you were a cute, active and smart Hamster. The days I spent with you I shall not forget as you are my most love able pet (besides Max, Angel and Bruno).

I remember the days when I would wish you Good Night and Good Morning. I tell you every where I go, what time I'd be back. But, as things got busier, I didn't really have time to care for you. I asked Lisa and Sarah to change your bedding, food and water, never really have time to do it myself. Even if I do have time, I would be worn out by the day's activities. All I do when I get home from school is bathe, eat, watch TV and sleep.
Now that your gone, It just isn't same. When I look at your empty little cage, I think of you, I miss you. But I just can't have you back. If this is your fate, dying before Micheal Jackson, so be it.

I'm sorry that I didn't give you much Love, but, I just want you to know that I have always loved you. I know it's much too late for regrets but I'm sorry. Sorry for everything. Sorry that I scolded you, dropped you, forgot to change your bedding, didn't spend time with you, left you all alone in my room. But, the most sorry thing is still not giving you much love.

Although I can't really blame my mum for not bringing you to the vet, cause she's sort of afraid of furry animals. But, I wonder, what if she did, would it make a difference? Would you still be here with me? No one can answer that.

So, Kiko, R.I.P little buddy. Hope you're happy in Heaven with all of the other pets that died~
Born: Don't Know When
Bought: October 2008
Died: June 25 2009

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Juz read... Dunno wad title

Really i cant stand her... i feel like slapping her but she's teacher's daughter and prefect... sure noe who dy lur...

Be teacher's daughter whr can liddat... say ppl dy still blame ppl... if 1 day i really really really really really really cant stand dy... i sure slap her... she tell her mum nvm... i dun care... tell le i ma transfer to ACS lur...

Hey... if ur reading... i wanna ask u somethin... Y u write me dy den delete? u scared? scared for wat? ur not teacher's daughter meh? if i do anything to u, u wont go crying and complain to ur mum? i tot ur an expert at exaggerating things! and some more u dunno truth dun simply write me... U think u not frm 6B i hate u? damn u... den Li Yi? Shirley? they frm 6B meh? ur mum din teach u? u dunno? i tot u suppose to be vry smart... or ur ony smart at saying bad things abt ppl? u really 1 me slap u isit?

Being a teacher's daughter... No matter wad wrong u do... Ur mum will nvr blame u... so u can go on doing bad things... like the 1 ur doing now... even if u hate Kelly... u shouldn't do until lyk tat... u've gone too far...

So, if ur mum is on ur side... i dunno wad to do... we can do nth...

So... i juz wanna say... [SS! take care of ur wife! teach her some manners! if she dun change her attitude soon... i'll slap her... if u dun1 her to get hurt... use super glue to glue her mouth!]

Sunday, 14 June 2009

New Story... Heard someone wrote about me in her blog... Bad, Not good...

My New Story is gonna be prob if im posting it here...

My bro hogs the com almost everyday... I dun have time to use it... Unless his sleeping or out... But, its little time... I cant finish 1 chap. of my story... Nvm... I'll write everything on paper, arrange it, then post it... ya...

So, as I said... I heard tat the CHICK wrote about me in her blog... Badmouth me behind my back... But, I dunno her blog... She won't gimme...

I hate her so much already... Doing this! She's gone way to far... The thing I hate more than her is... well, people badmouthing me behind my back! Ish... Dun lyk me? Hate me? Juz say it straight to my face... Dun do it behind my back! Anyone else hate me? Say it to my face!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

My New Story

Yea... I've been doing some thinking lately... About how's my new story gonna be like... I finally thought of it... But I dunno if you guys like it... Let me tell you whats it about...

You see... The thing I like is about murder... But you people don't like it, so I decided to change... I think I'm gonna write about my 1st year studying in NH...

What you think? Tell me later write dy too boring waste my time~

I'll write bout everything... Even things I dun really tell ppl... But I'll change the names though... But through the charater i think it whud be easy to figure out...

Maybe I'll even post it here~

Sunday, 7 June 2009

The Story of Tatty Teddy

» The Heartwarming Story of Tatty Teddy (Me to You Bear)" href="">The story of Tatty Teddy (Me to You Bear) (Cover page)

The oldest, smallest house you can imagine was about to be knocked down. All the things that once made the house nice and cosy had been thrown outside and piled up in the front garden, from the soft springy bed the owners slept in, to the old wooden floorboards they used to walk on…

The story of Tatty Teddy (Me to You Bear) (1/6)

…and even, surely by some mistake, a little brown teddy bear.

The story of Tatty Teddy (Me to You Bear) (2/6)

He was trapped amongst all the other unwanted things, and couldn’t move. Then, one day, a very cold day, something fell from the sky… a little snowflake.

It landed on the teddy bear’s little nose and then was followed by many more. He began to get cold, very cold indeed. More and more snow fell, heavier and heavier. The little bear was now so cold that his nose started turning blue… so cold that his brown fur started turning grey.

The story of Tatty Teddy (Me to You Bear) (3/6)

He was cold, unloved and all alone in the world, and felt very, very sad.

Winter finally passed and the weather got warmer. One beautiful spring day, a little girl was playing near the old house, when she spotted the grey bear in the pile of unwanted things. He was like no other bear she had ever seen and she pulled him out from where he was trapped.

She dusted him down and lifted him high in the sky to look at him.

“A grey teddy bear… with a blue nose?” she thought. “How strange!”

The teddy bear wanted to cry. He thought she didn’t like him and would throw him back with the other unwanted things.

“But he’s lovely!” she continued and she fell completely in love with him.

The story of Tatty Teddy (Me to You Bear) (4/6)

She ran home as fast as her little legs would carry her, to see if her Grandma could patch him up as a lot of his stuffing had fallen out, and he was very much in need of repair.

She looked on as her Grandma replaced his stuffing and patched up his holes. His stitches had started showing where the fur had worn away, but the little girl thought he looked perfect.

The story of Tatty Teddy (Me to You Bear) (5/6)

It was all cosy and warm in the little girl’s house and the bear felt all cosy and warm in his heart. However, his nose was still blue and his fur was still grey, and they would never return to brown.

He was unique among teddy bears.

The little girl gave him a great big hug. She loved him more than anything else in the world, her little grey, blue-nosed…

The story of Tatty Teddy (Me to You Bear) (6/6)
Photo credit: » Mapo UK's photo on Flickr" href="" target="_blank" rel="external nofollow">Mapo UK

…Tatty Teddy.

awww! tell me, wasn’t that sweet? it made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy.

there! please hug the person next to you now, and do pass this story on to someone whom you cherish!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Finally... Im Free From the Boredness in Hospital and my cousins...

Back home... Free from hospital and my cousins...

The 1 and a half days i spent in Ipoh was... Hmmm... Bored, Sleepy, Torturing =.=

I went to Ipoh abt 9 am on Tuesday... When I reached the hospital it was abt 10.30 am... And juz because I go to hospital... Im not sick =.=... My great aunt juz finish OP so we go see her...

It was so dam boring... I stayed in the hospital ward until 4pm... Can u imagine tat??? Frm 10.30 am to 4pm... Of coz i gt go for lunch break... If not i die inside...

U noe old ppl la... My great aunt keep asking the nurse this that this that... I think the nurse oso scared le... U noe la... My great aunt de malay 'A1' de =.=...

My uncle they all oso come bak see her... Ppl love their mum so much...

My cousins leh... U noe wad they do a? Thy am... Ah Hem... Let's juz say tat they're worse than Lau Xin Yi =.= ( U noe wad i mean... SHE always Do de=.=) Even at the hospital oso... Now when come bak home feel so safe XD...

The Hospital... Took frm car

The oldest cousin... 9 yrs old... She started to torture me 1st

2nd cousin... Hmmm... I think 8 yrs old... She din really torture me

smallest... 5 yrs old... oso the 1 who torture me most... lyk monkey... keep jumping on me and... u noe la...

My mum... Park car so 'pro'... every1 park in a straight line... she park until so out... see...

My great aunt who is sick

My aunty... frm KL...

My uncle... came back frm China...

My uncle... came bak frm Australia... Melbourne... Not Sydney... sry say wrong a Stef...

My mum the 'pro' car Parker XD... She see edi sure kill me

The hospital's cafeteria... From my view at least =.=

Wow...Me To You Bears is hard to find in MY

Really I really think so....

So Stef, I noe tat u love Me To You Bears alot... They're so cute^^ I oso wan... So I tot of buying them for us^^

I searched for Me To You Bears... But all UK UK UK... So look in pages frm MY... Nth... Ony on e-bay... They're so cute... Hmmm... I dunno...

Maybe I'll ask my aunt buy for us... She's coming back in October... But, she take a lot of things de... Dunno gt place put teddy anot =.=

Me To You Bears abit expensive leh... plain 13'inch de 30 pounds... plain 24'inch 50 pounds...
If MY money... Dunno how many hundreds edi=.= So Expensive meh...

If I give u a Me To You bear for Christmas u gimme 10 teddies XD... Jk la... Stef I think u will have a Me To You Bear for Christmas from me^^

this one 30 pounds... U lyk de... Im not giving u this too expensive...
i cant promise tat u'll get a Me To You Bear for Christmas...

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Food Experiment-> Limey-Curry Fried Rice

I got bored and hungry... So i did an experiment... Named it Limey-Curry Fried Rice =.=...

It taste not bad leh... Try and cook la... Although i accidentaly used a lot of oyster sauce... So it taste a little... erm... cant find the right word... Hmmm... Little bit oystery lo...

The recipe still needs a little perfecting... I wan add vege but no more vege le... so use things i can find lo... You noe wad they say>> when life offers you lemons,make lemonade...

Wan noe recipe ma? dun1 noe nvm... i write 4 fun...

1. Lime
2. Curry powder
3.Onion Leaf
4. Onion
8. Oyster sauce

Hmmm... I think tats all la... Try and see nice bo... try le tell me...

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Today So Boring

Today a… Really boring…

Early morning wake up go CC… So few ppl go… Only Jia Xun, Seen Yee,Liang Jian, Zu Ho go only… Early noe I oso dun1 go…

Go there nth do… Juz c Seen Yee teach new percussion… Almost fell asleep… The fat pig a… Wads her name again a… Right, Ting Siew Ping the teacher a… She noe 1 a??? Juz now she oso got teach… I sit there and sleep only…

Then Seen Yee say she hungry… So we go canteen eat… I din bring $$ so she treat me lo… Eat half way Liang Jian go behind her n scare her…

Then 9 o’clock strd 4 de finish liao… We go upstairs lo… Then who noe… Reach up stairs let the cleaner diao… Say>> ‘ ur friend juz now come up here… leave le din switch off fan…’ Bla… Bla… Bla... Then we go inside band room… Lyk always, I almost fell asleep inside… Air con so nice~

Then they 10 prac finish le… But I have to wait till 11 only go bak coz of my sis… She enter choir…

Come bak home… Eat d then tell my mum>> ‘ ma I 1 go slp le… Bye Bye’ then go to my room and slp… sleep until lyk pig… Frm 1 something sleep until almost 5 =.=… I sleep coz dun1 study… If I dun slp my mum will shout at me>> ‘ u see la… 1 exam edi oso dunno take out book n read… no use 1…’ bla… bla… bla… always the same…

Wake up… bathe, eat, watch tv… then night time… eat, write blog, sleep… lyk pig hor… except pigs dun write blog…

Friday, 22 May 2009

This Type Of Sis.....

Yo… I think if you hear wad my sis say u oso wan vomit…Yuck…
Juz now when I’m bathing I ask my sis whether PC call me Liao ma… why she call no need noe. So dun ask me…
Then my sis say no… then she say ltr when PC call ask her buy fries 4 her… then hor, dunno y she suddenly say>>> ‘Ei jie, Zi Xing (PC) vry pretty leh…’ wa I tell u a… really I almost vomit… haiyo… this type of sis… say PC BEAUTIFUL… Me, as her sis, no face le…
After she said tat, I shouted at her… almost lyk scolding la =. =… then after I finish shouting, she say ‘Har’… I almost fainted la… I tell u if u have this type u can die at an early age coz of high blood pressure… or u can be sentence to death for murder… aiya… I so good, wont murder her… only… aiya… slap her =. =…
Y u all a… every time when I scold my sisters u all say me bad… I have no choice 1… I lyk scolding ppl… they gat scold by me vry good de… they cry d then wont come bother me le… but then again…when they cry, too loud n annoying… I scold them again… then they cry even louder… u 1 me how leh?
Having bro oso bad… having sis oso bad…. Nightmare meh!!!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Today Stupid And Sui

Today really stupid…… more stupid than Sui….

Today really la… before I go school I check le… I got bring the presents…. For Jessica and Jia Xun… then dunno wad happen… when I wan give Jessica her present, I couldn’t find it… so I gave her Jia Xun’s gift=.=… then Jia Xun no present cuz Stephanie buy 4 Jia Xun de present oso lost…. All present lost… so Sui….

Stephanie and I today din medicine^^… O ya hor… We no problem de no need eat…. Today maybe screw loose~

PE tat time we keep dancing…. We dance vry funny… Some more we oso do ‘Apple Walk” really stupid….

After PE, whole class line up and do ‘Apple Walk’ back to class…. But sadly, din work cuz many ppl dunno ‘Apple Walk’ and I oso can’t keep up wif Stephanie cuz she too pro le^^ Do until lyk real Apple….

After school suppose to do the stupid dance but no space to dance so din dance… And oso suppose to tell Jia Xun sry we lost our present, happy birthday, and bla bla bla…..But din see him… When finally see him my mum come… So din tell him….

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Why Making Lemonade Doesn't Kill Lemons

Aiya... I Really nth do... Can't bleme me for writing such a stupid thing~

Why Making Lemonade Doesn’t Kill Lemons

Many dumb people would ask ‘Will making lemonade kill Lemons?’ Smart people usually answer ‘No’ but then they’ll ask again ‘Why?’ When this happens, smart people will usually tell them to shut up or slap them. Some will explain in geek version….

So, let me explain why making Lemonade doesn’t kill lemons. First of all lemons are…. Well Lemons. Their fruits. Fruits grow, that means that they have life. But they can live only for a short while, maybe a month or two.

When Lemons ripen, we pluck them from the tree to make mostly Lemonade. Their still alive when we use them for making Lemonade. When they ripen they can only live for a few weeks. They die painfully by getting eaten by worms, turning black and dropping on the ground. So we don’t kill them when making Lemonade. Infect we help them die less painfully.

Some idiots would ask ‘Doesn’t cutting and squeezing hurt the Lemons? You say that we help them die happily?’

The answer to the question is of course no. If you want idiots to believe you, you have to cut a Lemon in front of them and say ‘It doesn’t hurt the Lemons. They don’t cry out, so it obviously doesn’t hurt them.’ Usually when you finish saying that you will hear an ‘OUCH.’…… when you hear it, prepare the plasters. If its bad call the Hospital, the idiot would probably need stitching….

So hope you people know now WHY MAKING LEMONADE DOESN’T KILL LEMONS.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mother's Day....

Today is Mother's Day....

We went to Pizza Hut 4 take away... suppose to eat the new prawn pizza... stupid cashier din hear nicely... din get the prawn pizza lo...than my mum go complain oso cannot...later leh, my sis fight.... i scold them, then one of them cry.... my mum scold me...

We oso gt buy cake... Buy finish le go grandma's house... we ate all the pizza, she oni eat 1 slice of cake... then she go buy porridge... she and my mum talk about my maid lo... say this say that... haiyo.... they complaining i lying down on the floor sleeping lyk pig.. haha....

Then come back home, I have to do ELS de work... my bro, my mum, and sis play game... my mum play tat time lyk 38 po.... lyk 5 year old little baby.... shouting and laughing...

so boring.... nth do.... dun1 write liao... lazy... Bye-bye...

Saturday, 9 May 2009

DUCK!!!!! Ur Really Dead!!!!

Go die Duck!!!

I cant blif u lied 2 me!!! I almost believed u!!!

If u wanna lie...Nvm...Juz dun lie about tat!!! Im really sensitive!!! Idiot!!!Now look wad u did!!! Argh!!!!

Ur dead DUCK!!! I wont believe u again..... Idiot!!!

Lie about something liddat again, i really kill u.... say say say... Go die!!!!!!!Idiot!!!!!!!!

So angry!!!&%$(%)*+)***$$^&^$*&%(%@%#&!!!!Argh!!!

Hmmm....Impossible...I Dun Blieve...

Really I dun believe it..... Impossible 1...He won't like me...I dun believe it... I dun believe wad u told me!!!!

How can??? I dunno wad to say... Never tot of it....

Maybe u bluff me... U bluffing me??? If u're bluffing me stop it!!!! Where c an he like me wor??? I think he doesnt even noe my name.... Does he???

Really??? Or r u bluffing me??? I dunno.... Eh... HIM wor!!! HIM!!! where can???

I dunno...If i find out tat ur bluffing... Believe me...Ur DEAD!!! if i kill u, u can be pork chop's BF...DUCK CHOP!!!!!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Aunties...So Kei PO For Wad...Tuition oso problem...

Stupid aunties dun Kei Po cannot???

My mum juz now go market buy things lo... then i think she tell her frind i dun1 go Bo-Bo tuition liao... then, her friend scold her!!! SCOLD her meh!!! so rude.... The idiotic aunty say'Be mother where can liddat!! U be mother no use 1!!! ur daughter say dun1 go then u dun let her go!!! no use 1 u!!! if u dun let her go, u vry hard 1 find tuition teacher liao... nobody will accept her....' then say say say say say lo.... the aunty really Kei Po meh!!! SO angry!!!!

Some more that stupid tuition teacher-Bo-Bo say tat this holiday he gt tuition.... i think i gt band band prac... then he say he dun care band if dun go tuition he dun1 keep!! some more, he say he hates POTATO!!! hahaha... say potato BOY de Hu LI JING.....hahaha....say he vry ugly..face flat flat pig....hahaha...

i really dunno why aunty so Kei Po 1 leh.... if ur an old stupid Kei Po aunty reading, tell me why!!!

if juz now i follow my mum go market, the aunty sure get slap by me!!! say me rude but i dun care... this type of aunty can go die... some more she not my who... she juz my mum friend!!!!

ur mum gt liddat scold ppl???? no rite? if liddat scold ppl 1 need go mental hospital liao.... if noe her daughter or son, i'll slap them!!!

Tuition...another problem....

i dunno why... curse us chinese for inventing tuition.... u noe wad ppl say???>>where theres chinese, theres tuition....

i dun even noe y ppl bother going... its no use, unless ur willing to go...

like me, i hate tuition... u put me there, i sleep... when class is over, i wake up, go home...
its juz a waste of money and time...

some ppl think tat even if their child doesn't wanna go tuition, if they put them there, they will listen. but i can tell u 1 thing, their wrong!!! Noe y??? cuz, my mum's one of them... she thinks tat if she lets me sit there i have to listen... i dun.... i wont tell her... she'll be really pissed off if she finds out....

wad u think about tuition o??? tell me....

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Pork Chop T-Shirt or Not.....

Pork Chop T-Shirt......

I dunno leh... Do like tat to her lyk very cruel...But then again,she deserves it!!! Oh Ya, My mum say can>> the T-Shirt... of coz she let, i din tell her wad we're making...Hahaha....

But like tis very bad wor... Pork Chop T-Shirt...wad will she think??? hate us??? Nvm... we hate her so much liao...

Last Saturday, stupid Pork Chop teach Ah Kang bad finger... he only 5!!! Idiot, teach xiao di di bad thing... feel like slapping her across the face!!!

Wad u think leh??? should really make Pork Chop T-Shirt???? or maybe change abit????

Hate pork chop untill wan make t-shirt.... can die... last time hate Zhi Hoay oso din make t-shirt... now wan make I HATE PORK CHOP fun...

should i continue writing???

very long time no write story d..... wad u 1 me write??? should i continue writing Violin Girl or u wan me write new story????

running out of ideas liao..... if wan me write new story i should at least write the last ending for Violin Girl...... wad u think???

Gimme ideas... wad u wan read... Killing or Ghost??? or both??? or u wan something different.... wad u 1 leh... tell me then i write....juz pls not about love.... i hate it...