Saturday, 23 April 2011

No Condom, No sex

My legs are sore. Ouchii~

Today, Leo club had a project at Tesco. Was it a... Don't discriminate people with HIV campaign? I never knew @_@

I wonder if it's my face problem =-=

Everyone I go to tend to ignore me. DAMMIT. 

If we're doing this again next year, I'll just use my "I'M HIV+, PLEASE HUG ME AND BE MY FRIEND. YOU WONT GET INFECTED BY HUGGING" approach. Knowing these people, they'd run away. Faster than I can hug them =_=

The funniest thing, some of the Malays run away when they see the "No condom, No Sex!!!" board =D

One Malay lady said "NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE!" then ran away with her children and trolley =_=

My sore legs ruined my mood to shop for groceries, and I forgot that Saturdays are NO PLASTIC BAG DAYS. I only brought my tiny bag, and it was stuffed with my clothes. Oh yeah... The drinks at Each a Cup(?? IDK what the place's called) SUCKS. My Oreo something something blended was like Oreo with EXTRA water. Instead of a blend.

You know what I did after I came back?

I clicked on Google Chrome, and Googled for safe sex =_=


Safe sex is really troublesome. You need to have condoms, lubricants, dental dams? Well... Dental dams can be replaced by condoms... When you cut the condoms...?



Right. I'm... Uhh... Telling you the ways of preventing AIDS and STD???

I always... Always... ALWAYS end up Googling sex, and STD, and other diseases... But you know what...? No matter WHAT I Google, I always end up on the same topic... I don't know why... But... Hmm... I guess I'm just curious.



If no condom = no sex... Then... Condom = Sex? But then... What about children? No condom = no sex = no children??? @_@

Things are so complicated sometimes. Damn those people who play with other people and made AIDS. Another reason WHY, I don't feel like marrying somebody and having children.

Okay... I'm bored, cause somebody's at a concert. So. I'm uploading photos I never uploaded on Facebook =D 


HIV+ people are still people. Except... They have a.. Not very long time to live. Don't make them feel like outcasts please, HIV wont be transmitted through hugging, kissing, or sharing food. Saliva has nothing to do with it, so don't worry. Hmm... What would happen if a vampire sucks the blood of someone who has AIDS... Will the vampire get AIDS too? I wonder...

If you want to die, get infected, here's how:

1. Share needles with junkies
2. Go to a prostitute every night
3. Suck breast milk of a person who has AIDS
4. Do a person with AIDS
5. Cheat on your partner with anyone you see

If you DON'T want to die, DON'T get infected, DON'T do the above. 

I think I kinda pity whores now. Wont they get infected too?


This is so unfair? >_<

Ah well...

I'mma go shower now.

Have a nice, don't look down on people.



Friday, 22 April 2011

I'm a BAD Person

Ouch. Damn you mosquitoes.

I just finished stalking my dear Mariane on Facebook xD

Flipped through her old albums... Came across one picture that made me go "WUTTT?!" but when I enlarged it... Oh, it was a balloon. Blue lollipop. Wow. Who took that picture? That guy must be a real pervert... Making it look like they were... @_@



I finally know why there's on a certain someone that LIKED the pic. I wonder if it's just me... Man... I'm a pervert... DUDDEEE, I'M NOT NORMAL! >_<

Wondering why I'm so cheery while my boyfriend is... Emo?


I just happen to be typing cheery-ly.

I never burnt the letter. Nope. You didn't have to apologized. You have to keep that A-hole image of yours, I understand that. I don't really mind. Well, maybe a bit. But... Nah... Whatever. Not like there's anything I can do?

Ah. You're desperate today.

I'm sorry that you can't hurt me the way I hurt you. You're too kind.

I thought that you're a sadist? What happened? Hohoho. Merry Christmas. Santa ain't coming that soon, be as sadistic as you WANT. Just don't... TORTURE... Animals.

I had so much I wanted to write, but for some reason... I forgot everything...

Maybe I'm just desperate, and stressing myself too much. I tend to do that. I'm surprised, my hair's still black.

Another Leo project tomorrow. I guess I better off now. Hmm... Yeah, I'm missing practice again. Call me useless. But hey... It's different... I feel like leaving.

Ah... Good night.

"Are we not all predatory animals by instinct? If humans ceased wholly from preying upon each other, could they continue to exist?"

Anton Szandor LaVey

Sunday, 17 April 2011



Vista sucks! I forgot how many times I pointed 'the finger' at my laptop already!

My Skype keeps crashing... It wont even lemme sign in... When did the problems start anyway?!


God dammit.



I'm not the only one in the world who has this problem. Checked the forums. GREAT. NOBODY HAS GOT A FREAKING SOLUTION.

Never mind... At least there's still... Windows Live???


People probably forgot that it still exists...

When I have time, I'll slowly deal with it.

I got bored of studying history. I haven't even finish the first chapter. GREAT. JUST GREAT.

I feel like smashing my laptop. But... Oh well... I'm sure that I'll find a way to solve this one... I hope I don't make my lappy go KA-BOOM~



Forget it!

I'm retiring for the night!


The Bookaholics 300 Followers Giveaway


This is my first time joining a giveaway, can I bribe to pick me? xp

While Aik is away preparing for the mid-year exams, I'm still here.... Joining her giveaway, blogging bout it, stalking my boyfriend on Facebook, watching movies and thinking bout yaoi anime. Everything... EXCEPT... Studying.

I'm the worst T^T


Like the title la, 300 Followers Giveaway.

One winner... THERE'S JUST ONE?!

That winner will receive... Um...

The Demon Trappers by Jana Oliver Sticker

The Demon Trappers by Jana Oliver Iron-On Guild

[Signed] Forsaken by Jana Oliver Extract & Poster

[Signed] The Demon Trapper's Daughter by Jana Oliver Postcard

[Signed] The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting Bookmark

[Signed] Desires of The Dead by Kimberly Derting Bookmark

Desires of The Dead by Kimberly Derting Sticker

[Signed] Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr Bookmark

[Signed] Bookplate by Melissa Marr


So many~

Let's see... I'll be... Competing with... 300 more followers. 

I think I'll need to find a four-leaf clover. And a rabbit's foot. 

I'm not gonna chop one off =_=


I'm disconnected!

Damn you Streamyx. 

Oh! I forgot! The giveaway is available worldwide~




Maybe I'll win instead of you =D



Life can be so messed up.

Ahhhhh >_<

She's a genius!

I thought revenge was just... You guys kill my daughter, I kill you guys back... But... No... She made their lives HELL. Waa... Can I be as smart as her? =X

I think this is my fav movie now =D

Sometimes... Smart people become idiots. They kill the wrong people. Man, if the Japanese are REALLY like THAT at  thirteen... Boy... I don't wanna go there anymore... They kill little girls cause they wanna be known. GREAT.

Every Japanese/Korean movie I see... There's always a pwetty girl that I like... No offense, but, Japanese dudes are... Ugly =_= 


Compare the guy and the girl please. That proves it~

Uwwwiii... I'm in love with Ai Hashimoto~

Look... There's the scary teacher that's on the poster of the movie. 

If you haven't watch the movie yet, then go. Watch it. Watch it. It's umm... A... 2010 movie. Go.Go on. Watch it. Waaaaaaaaaaaaatccchhhh iitttt~

After watching it, I'm not the worst. There are people much much much MUCH more crazy and suicidal. I'm not suicidal. I'm just mad. 

Ah. I don't have to kill people to take revenge, I simply make their days dreadful, and make their lives hell. Best part is, they hurt themselves for me.

I have no idea what I'm writing. Uyuyu... I'm feeling dizzy... 


Good night~ Hashimoto-san~

Ahhh Suzuki-san! Mr Ha Ha! I'm coming~



Sunday, 10 April 2011



Watched The Ghost Must Be Crazy with Jesvin. Held her hand. Got scolded by her boyfriend. Sheesh.

Had a sudden craving for konlo mee after the movie =_=


Going to watch Source Code next Sunday. Whee~

I really wanted to continue watching it today... But... Aww... I feel bad if I drag Jesvin along. =(

Folksongs From Somerset... Is playing again and again and again AND AGAIN in my head. It just wont shut up! @_@

Lalalalalala~ Lalalalalala~ Lalalala~Lalalala~Lalalalalalaaaaaaaalalalaaaaaaaa~


Thanks to Jesvin, I can now copy my geography folio =D


I sound boring today... Don't I? That's cuz I'm not in the mood. AWWW. Too bad.

Things happen, but, I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lazy to blog about them. I have so many UNWATCHED movies left in my laptop, I can't wait to watch em all! Just need to dig up some time... Time... So short, and it passes damn fast. Before I even realize it, I'll be 80 and in a wheelchair.

Facebook is annoying.

Changing my relationship status isn't that big a deal... Is it...? Why does everyone believe Facebook?! T^T




I'm always so free, but when I think about it, I'm always busy. Busy.Busy.Busy. Buzz. Buzz.Buzz. Busy little bee. Poor little bee. Poking flowers. Collecting nectar. Only to have the honey eaten by Poor Bear and me. Buzz.Buzz.Buzz. Poor busy little bee.

If I'm gonna borrow luck from dead people, I'll make a promise saying that I'll burn a bungalow, two Mercs with drivers, two bags of hell money, and two servants. Instead of FIVE big trucks of everything. Cause if I can't pay back, I'll have to marry some dead ah gua.

Yes I'm bored. If not, you wouldn't be seeing so much crap on your screen.

I know you miss me, my sweet, lovely Bloggie. But... I'm sorry dear... Whenever I think about you, you're too far away. Whenever I wanna see you, I do something else, and fall asleep. Sorry I never dream about you. It's not that I don't wanna visit you often... It's just that... Time is... Time... And I don't have anything to write on you. Forgive my lovely Bloggie. T^T

Good night~


Friday, 1 April 2011

Bunch of Crap

Wouldn't this just be another ordinary day?

What could go wrong? The usual routine... Wake up early, go to school, come back, tuition, band practice, dinner... Skype...

But... I was joking... Didn't think that it'd be taken seriously...

Admit it. Admit what? That I still love her? So... I thought that you were okay with it... You said you would make me forget her. HAH. Lies. Or maybe you just gave up on me. Fuck you. Make it last longer, prove each other wrong?! My ass like we proved anything. Four fucking months. Is it SOOOO long that you cant handle me?!

I knew it.

You have what it takes to handle A GIRL. You just don't have what it takes to handle ME.

Somehow... I knew that this would happen. But I didn't know that it'd happen THIS soon... Barely a year huh... Barely half a year... Barely five months... I'm so useless.

















我不edit my photos。



你懂为什么吗? 就是因为这样。。。


I thought you were different. I really thought you were different. But...

No... I was wrong.

Hah. It's true... When you're fifteen, somebody tells you they love you, and you're gonna believe them.

Where did we go wrong...

What did I do to make you...

You should have never told me about her.

Where has the mood gone. I thought we were chatting on Skype. Then you bring it up. You choose a great day don't you... Or did you plan it beforehand... Do it on April Fools day... Make everyone think that it's a prank, a joke... So that no questions will be asked... Just run away again...

From before... All I ever did was run...

I will continue to run.


He took so long to recover. I wonder how long it'll take me...

Looking back at our messages. Blinking back my tears, failing miserably, they stream down. My nose red, a bunch of used tissue paper beside the purple bin, the bottle of pills sitting in front of me, and the silence of the cold night. Somewhere outside, the cricket sings, my dogs bark, but my phone never sneezed. Looking at the last message...

Good night. With love. If you will accept it...

I didn't reply... I couldn't. My hands were shaking, and they still are.

I remember last December. When I felt the same way. Only this time, it's wanting to forget you instead of wanting you close.

Ancestors, here I come... I'll visit you all, burn you all some money and clothes and stuff. Hoping that my pain will go away as I watch the fire burn.

This awkward feeling. How... Will I face you. Have will I face them. What will I say? What do I say? What's the reason? I have no idea myself. It was all so sudden. I couldn't accept it...

I... I...


Give me another chance. I swear. I will be better. Give me one more chance...





Curled up in my bed, the calm night makes me feel lonely, makes me feel cold cause the warmth that you gave me is now gone. If I try thinking about it... It would tear me up even more. Yes. You're right. I can't handle you ripping me apart, I can't... I can't... I CAN'T DAMMIT!

I will let this rest now...

Start a new day...

Try to smile and be my usual self. I don't know if I can.

Never regret the choices you make. Remember. You make your own choices. And this is what you chose. Good bye. Good night. This is the last night, this is the last song. Betrayed by words you are.