Sunday, 22 April 2012

So I've decided. To abandon what I love for something that I'm not even sure of. I already left, so there's no deciding left, now is there? Yes, I admit, women's logic was applied, but I didn't think that it'd finally make you lose it.

I hate it. I hate this. Or rather, I hate what I had. No, I still love you. I just made a rash decision. Just like how I  confessed to you under the moonlight. It was dark, but the moon was bright. Artificial light can never make up for the real thing, now can it?

What will morning bring, I wonder. I hope that you didn't think that I am such a bitch, because if you did for even a second, then I was right to end it with you. But of course, I'm secretly hoping that you didn't, because we both know that this isn't over, even though I say that it is.

Sometimes, it's like a curse, isn't it? We always end up together again.

Today isn't like the last time. Today, we said goodbye as angered people, not lovers filled with heartache. And it is a Sunday, is it not? I will find a circus for you, right now. I will not bid you farewell on a flying trapeze, she is doing it for me:

And since today is Earth day, I will not bring you a forest, and we have no autumn in this country so your request is invalid.

I am not drunk, nor am I slamming the door. I am in my bed, wrapped in my blanket with my feet exposed because I need to feel cold so that my tears would continue to stay iced. If I warm myself up now, who knows what will become of my pillows!

I know it is late. I don't have insomnia, my fucked-up sleeping habit just happens to be back. I'm pretty confident in myself, and... You're on the phone with me...

The curse of Mid-Valley, and the curse of Facebook chat... OH THE IRONY...

Women's logic, please don't make me your victim! I HATE YOU! You're such a good lawyer...

                 Remember me to one who lives there...
                       He once was a true love of mine... 

Thursday, 19 April 2012

So... You Say That Battleship Was Awesome?

I just came back from watching Battleship with Lisa and captain Andy. I won't say that Battleship was great, because it definitely wasn't. There are a few things in the movie that made no sense AT ALL, and seriously, if the movie was produced using real theories, then everyone would have died by the time the movie reached 00:45:00.

If my dad hadn't been with me, then I would have totally got cheated by the movie. First of all, anchors don't work in deep sea, and second, you can't drop the anchor when the ship is moving: the anchor will just break off. In the movie, le ship was moving at full speed, but the anchor worked anyway. According to my dad, the anchor would break off even if the ship is just moving with the speed of 5 miles per hour. And well, you certainly CANNOT get a ship that hasn't been used in almost a century to start up by just pressing a button... Or something...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but... Wasn't there a barrier around the spaceship and the battleships that were trapped inside...? If so, then how the heck did they managed to near the coast at the climax when the barrier wasn't removed!? And I don't think that alien warships can be destroyed with one or two missals... Moreover, if the aliens were afraid of sunlight THAT much, they would have used some sort of bullet-proof glass as windows for their ship, right? BUT NO, machine guns could break the windows... THE HELL WAS THOSE CREATURES THINKING!? Even us humans have bullet proof glass! UGH! Archilles heel always ruins a movie, because they make the effort seem so useless... ... ...

Anyway, the movie had a few racist jokes about us Chinese. Meh, we're too smart. LOL. But I guess that doesn't apply to me because I'm not from ancient China, or modern China.

The trailer for Battleship was much more interesting than the movie itself... Wait, aren't all trailers like that? They make the crappiest movies seem epic. The trailer for Snow White and The Huntsman played during Ad time, I was really amazed... UNTIL I SAW KRISTEN STEWART... Just like how Vanessa ruined my mood for Journey 2... Seriously, I didn't go for Journey 2 because I dislike the Disney bitch. Well, it's not that I don't like Kristen... She ruined Twilight for me, and she looks like an obasan... She looks dead, like a vampire, and she gives me nightmares with her stare.

I just realized that I like Japanese actors better when they have almost no hair... Their looks stand out that way... Maybe that's the reason why I like Ken Watanabe so much... I think he's hot. LOL. Okay... Anyway, I think I might reconsider marrying a Japanese, I just need to find one that doesn't look like a perverted drug addict... I hope I didn't offend anyone :x

Kyuu~ Japanese is the gentlest language in the world, and I wanna learn it so that I can sound like a woman! Yasashi nee~ I wonder if I'll be able to speak fluent Japanese one day... LET'S GO TO JAPAN! HYAAA!


Day five without skinny drummer is going fine, thanks to Battleship. My mind didn't wonder off because I wasted my attention on the movie ^^ It did do me some good after all.

I Don't Even Know What I Wrote Down There...


I'm getting all anime-ish again lately, and I've gotten so obsessed with Ao no Exorcist that I bought blue contact lenses. Nyehehehe, now, if only I could get blue flames glowing around me, then I'd look just like Rin!

Twins are hot, especially when one is evil. I don't know how to explain it, but an evil twin just excites me! It's like... I WANT AN EVIL TWIN TO TORTURE ME...? Wait... WHAT!? I can't believe that I even thought of that... I think it's the other way round: I want to be the evil twin who tortures my twin's date because I'm jealous. Hmph!

Ah, a horror movie with twins in it, truly a mind-fuck.

Lovely Bloggie, how are you doing? I've almost stained the last page of my journal, so now I'm seeking you for company. Tapping is always better than scribbling, I feel happy when I hear keyboard-san sing in joy when my fingers touch it... I FEEL LIKE A MUSICIAN =x

I wanna write a serious-alternative post, but I just don't feel it. Somehow, there's SO SO SO much I wanna get out, but I feel like nobody is willing to listen... Then what are you for, you ask? Simply to make me feel better, I guess... Since you-know-who is a busy boy...

Day four without him, feels so dull, my days... I thought that I could survive, and keep my habits without anyone subtly keeping me under control, but I guess I was wrong. It's only the fourth day, and my old habits have returned... I have become a creature of the night once more... The creature that stays in her room, with nothing but her laptop... THE FOREVER ALONE RACHEL...

Hontoni... When you ask me what I'm up to, my reply would either be anime, or gaming, nothing else. And if I don't reply, it means that I'm either asleep, or you're just not worth my time. I know, I know, this image I'm giving you is like I live in the dark, wear round spectacles, dress in dark clothing and have long messy hair... But trust me, I'm not THAT much of a loner. I don't like black either.

 Download speed: 3kb/s... DAMN YOU!

My fingers are getting numb, and they are very accustomed to keyboard-san already. Up, down, right, left, enter, space, escape... I know you all too well... Sigh... I guess this is what RPGs do to a person. All those quests... Not finishing them just makes me feel itchy all over! I know, I know, I'm weird! But what can I say...  I love RPGs... Because they make me feel good about myself... Like I'm not useless... I save the day in the game, but in reality, I'm just wasting my day in bed, neglecting the chores that I actually have to do in real life. It's like a drug sometimes... Ten minutes of heaven, probably...

I seek comfort in the world of fantasy when reality doesn't hold on to me. I'm a corpse, half of me is in reality, but the other half isn't: If reality doesn't pull strong enough, then I'd just fall into the rabbit hole... But of course, I AM NOT THAT USELESS! WHAT AM I? ALICE!? AS IF! But... It would be nice though, if I were Rachel in Wonderland. HAHAHA it'll be another twisted story...

I like to reflect the ugly sides of everything, I notice the negativity of everything but never the positive. Give me something and I'll tell you how bad it is right away. I always hold back though, when I give my comments... Because... Well... As twisted as I am, I actually don't like making people feel bad... with terms and conditions applied: People I dislike are obviously excluded, which means just about everyone =)

Smiling at the end of that, I am a nut-job, aren't I? Now, I wonder, what kind of people will I be able to meet when I become a psychologist? I like sick people, they make me feel challenged... Ehehe...  I'll go fish in the field with my patients! YAY!

I think my writing is getting from bad to worse. I should just abandon this whole hobby and aim for a boring but stable job. But... MEH, I CAN'T SIT STILL! Even when someone is massaging me, though it feels damn good, NOT MOVING MAKES IT FEEL NOT GOOD... Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle~!

Blue contacts, blue contacts~ Ao no contacts~ Ao no contacts~ NYAHAHAHAHAHAHA~

Thank you for wasting your time~

Please come again~

Take care~