Friday, 31 July 2009

Stupid me

I'm back to normal, I think. A little moody though.

Beh song about everything. I think I even beh song her... Don't ask me who, I DON'T wanna talk about it. Don't know why can beh song her. Stupid...

Wrote something on a paper, let someone take. That someone went and photo copy the thing, saying that if I threw away my original paper, that someone can give the other someone the copy of what I wrote. Wrote another one, that someone didn't photo copy it this time, but, will give the other someone this one.

COnfusing? Get use to it.

So, I beh song her. I wanna say to her:

Sorry... Really sorry... I don't know why I beh song you... Sorry....
I don't wanna beh song you... Sorry... Forgive me cause I beh song you...
Ok, now I think you all know who I mean.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Reasons Why I Don't Update My Blog

Reasons why I don't update my blog:

1) Lazy
2) No mood
3) No one cares
4) No time
5) Nothing ever happens, especially after THAT
6) Very lazy
7) I write most of the things in the 'black book'
8) I only eat and sleep at home
9) I hate computers
10) Don't know

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Hope It Can All Stop Now

Hope it can all stop now.I already have no chance in the beginning, yet you all still think I do. I asked him, it isn't me, so stop it! I don't wanna feel sad and think about this anymore, I just wanna forget! FORGET!

I asked him just now, I had assumed that he wouldn't answer, but to my surprise, he answered me. Didn't think I that I would feel this way, I thought that I didn't really care weather it was me or not. But, I did. I did care, I am so stupid, knowing that it would never be me, I still asked. I thought it was no one, but there is some one.

Nah, I didn't really cry though. Well, almost?

Doesn't matter anymore now, does it? So I hope that you all can stop everything and try calling me something else rather than what you guys are calling me now. It sucks, being called some thing you're not.

Yea, my words for the Noobie are~
Go for it Noobie! Later people rampas your girl from you!
Let people rampas dy don't cry mehz! Make friends with
her! Then ask her... Maybe you got chance... Follow what I
say you sure get her... Hahaha... Or you can ask 'The Expert' how...

2 Bad News In 3 Days?

2 bad news in 3 days? Seriously, what can be worse?

1st bad news, got from London a few days ago. My grandma in London called and said she has cancer, blood cancer. But luckily, it's still an early stage. So now, she's waiting for her test results to come out.

2nd bad news, got from Kelantan today. My grandpa has cancer... My mum told me he's now in one of KL's Hospital, I don't know where. My dad's gonna go see him, don't tell my grandma here or any other old people that know them! Later my mum kill me! So now, he's waiting for his scan on Monday.

2 bad news in 3 days... Both cancer... Hope they can survive... Moody... Bye Bye...

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Hmmm... What Now?

Hey, can't post any comments on my blog, don't know why, try help, nothing came up, wanna ask me anything, just ask me.

What now? I can understand why he doesn't want to choi me. But you, I don't know. Everytime when the name ' ~ ' comes up, you say: ' I don't want to choi you anymore. My last message.' You do that every time, damn! I apologized, still don't want to choi me, what you want me to do?

You really mean what you say this time? Or you just mad at me, again? Or jealous, again? But I apologized! You don't usually do this, why suddenly act like this? Which part of your brain fell off this time?

Never mind, do whatever you want. I'll just be gloomy all day long and hear people call me ~Sao and other nonsense that their 'yellow' brain can think of.

Just hope you can choi me again >_

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Today, SoZai Dennis's Birthday

Today, 7/7 is SoZai Dennis's birthday.

We celebrate at Secret Recipe. Only me, Dennis and my mum. My two sisters and dad went Ipoh. My mum said don't tell my dad we clebrated at Secret Recipe. So, Shhh!

Went to Secret Recipe straigh after band practice. There are some reasons why I don't join you all for practice, reasons that few people know. Went there saw Dennis's teacher. We sat outside~ windy.

Today, regreted what I ordered. I ordered ' Carrabien Style Fish Fillet' I think. The picture looked so yummy. Came out, first thing that popped into my mind was 'OMG! Wadde... What did I order. That looks really different fron the picture. OMG, I think I'm gonna hurel. But, still, have to eat it. Don't tell me I got grandma's Bad-food-ordering-skills now! Damn!' Yea, it has a garlic-ky taste and onion-ny taste. With salad oil and green vege, I think... It was Ok, the fish was so soft~ But, the topping was, uneatable! Yucks! I think that is for old people! My drink twas good though ' Iced Blended Choclete with Whipped-Cream' I love cream!

Later at home, practice piano~ Today think about you and him, but still play right^^

Later at night~ SoZai Dennis reply birthday comments. Stephanie and P...P...Ping Yen( I'm not happy about writting her name! ><) also wished him. Thanks Stef! I didn't even wish him until my mum ask me to wish him... Hehe... NO, no thanks to you P...P...Ping...Yen... Saw your picture on friendster, got shocked, looks worse than ghost ==... Some more eye like got a bit Cacat, yer~ Some more, your friends' photo (not including me, of course) like what also don't know. Me and my bro laughed so hard!

SoZai, Happy Birthday, even though you don't read, never mind...

Monday, 6 July 2009

WeiWei's Score For Today

Yea, here's WEiWEi's excuse score.

EXCUSE : 老师!你不可以这样啊!从来没有老师 complain 过她的字啊!你是第一个你知道吗?! 老师还讲她的字很美又省位!还叫我们向她学习啊!

My Chinese very bad, if got any errors, sorry.


Excuse : 56%
Reply: 98%
Faking: 87%

Teoh Wei Wei!
Your excuse all to fake! Last time dog eat my textbook, now say teacher ask you all learn me? I write like that cause I hate him! Stupid Ah Chan don't know believe or not. Where did you learn such stupid excuses? Sorry, just now keep laughing when Ah Chan beside. Can't help it, your excuse too dumb. Never mind, try better! Good luck!

The Worst Maid Award

The worst maid award goes to... ( Drum roll)... MY maid!

Yes, many people should be proud when their maids win awards. But this, this award is for idiots. I'm not happy.

Yea, there are many reasons why my maid won.

1. She's Guai Lan, worse than my brother!
2. She, very 38
3. She blabbers non stop all day
4. She almost died last Sunday
5. She scolds us when my mum's not around
6. She argues with my mum
7. Her radio always full volume, until I can't stand it
8. Everyday ask me this that this that about her stupid phone
9. She very annoying
10. She always do things her way, don't listen to us

So, she almost died last Sunday. She got locked up out on the balcony, the wind was too strong that day. Stupid woman had her phone but don't have my granddad's number. She shouted help but no one could hear her. So, desperate to get down, only one way... climb down... That idiot climbed down from the roof! So geng... Wadde, when she told us, we all got shocked... Climbed down from the roof, no idiot would do that, not even me! ( I'm an idiot too)

Tell me, your maid ever did that before?

And then, last Sunday again. Going out for movie, that idiot took one big bowl of rice ask me eat. That time only me and her, two persons at home, cook until so much. I know I'm fat, but, I don't eat that much! Take so much rice still not enough, sit there, ask me eat this ask me that, keep talking nonsense, I sit ther, answer ' Eem... Ya... Ya... Aa... Oo... Ya... Apa?... Huh?... Oo... OK... Ya... Tak tahu...' ya, answer that. Then Jesvin finally come, yay, free at last!

IF she don't know how to take care of my dogs, I can say Bye-Bye... But, she very good at that, so my mum let her stay. I ask her why don't want to change now maid, she always say : ' Aiya, she OK one la... Some more, new maid expensive wor. She take care of dogs so good, very hard to find. Most pigz scared of dogs. Aiya, don't ask la. I want go out la!'

See, if anyone can find better dog- take-care-er tell me!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Is It True? Am I... Am I... Am I In Love With Him?!

Is it true? Did I fall in love with him?! I keep thinking about him. Help me!

I don't know, but I think I'm not. But I keep thinking of him! So, am I or am I not in love with him? What to do? Can't tell him how I feel cause I'm not sure, and second cause I think it'll ruin our friendship.

I don't weather we're still friends or not. Cause, ever since he asked me 'something', I feel really weird. And Stephanie, you're the one to blame! And ever since he asked me that 'something' I feel that we have spoken even less!

When I practiced my piano just now, I kept thinking of him, I played the fives songs with a lot, a lot, a lot of mistakes! Even more than usual! How I wish that Stephanie didn't asked him that question and that he didn't ask me that question. What to do now? Things are already done, I can't undo them. If you gimme 3 wishes, I would say:
1. One Million Dollars
2. I wasn't born here ( So nothing happened can ever happen)
3. Kiko back to me

So, tell me, am I in Love with him?

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Today... So Stupid...

Today really very stupid...

Today, got a new apprentice. Learn what? Finding excuses of course. As you all know, I happen to be an expert at things no one really cares about like finding excuses and faking... Teoh Wei Wei, my new apprentice, also a fan of HuiBao, please tell HuiBao that Wei Wei cannot survive 1 day without mentioning her. So, it all began when Sir Alexander noticed that I didn't bring my Maths textbook ( I don't bring it everyday... hehehe) When he asked me why, I told him that I didn't bring it. ' Two strokes for not bringing your book' he said. Then, Wei Wei said ' Wait, wait, wait. Sir, sir, sir. Cannot beat her. You know? Her Maths textbook let her dog eat!' Well, he believed it, he asked everyone else. Gary said that ' Sir, ya, yesterday she do birthday party at her house. You didn't give her present!' Sir stared at everyone wide eyed. It was so funny. Hahaha... He don't know weather to believe or not! I wanna say thanks to all my classmates who helped! I love you all!

LAter on today, in KHB, that stupid pig very long only come. WEi WEi, of course spent her time talking about her idol-HuiBAo. Then Stephanie, say this that this that, keep scolding Wei Wei MCB. Some more say ' Eh, don't beat me meh, I tell HuiBao!' Then Wei Wei didn't beat her, only keep messing up my hair! Today my hair messy until like Sakai!

Then, Moral class. Seriously, I don't even know why we learn Moral at all. I mean, does anyone even pay attention during Moral class? Except Goody-Too-Shoes like JingRui and ShuJing.I do my homework, play, sleep and chat during Moral class (I do that in every class anyway!) So, when they found out i got 7, they came to me and messed up my hair again! My hair was even messier, like a super Sakai!

Well, anyway, today 'AlexanderKia' almost cried cause of SiewHui and XinYi. At first when I saw tears in her eyes, I thought that was because of her results. But later, i saw her write something, I didn't see everything. Just saw.

I almost cried coz of them! they're my Friends! I dun wanna choose between them! no i
think of my feelings................

I didn't really remember, did I get IT right 'AlexanderKia'?

So, I just hope that SiewHui and XinYi will be Friends once again. I can do nothing as they won't listen. I hope that things will work out.

Ya, ya, ya. 1 thing i almost forgot. Wei Wei's result.

Excuse: 45%
Thinking: 98%
Faking: 98%

Your excuse was really stupid, but, he believed you cause of the class' teamwork. Find a better excuse next time! But, thanks anyway, he only gave me 1 stroke. Thinking was fast. You replied very fast. Good job!

What The...

What the... Now that I admitted I miss you, I don't miss you? Wow... What's happening?

I think I can't make my decisions that fast. I don't know why. When I don't see you, I miss you, and when I see you, I don't miss you. That 'feeling' I have is gone now, but still a little messy in my heart.

So, weather I like him or you? I don't know. People, don't ask me who I like. Especially you Stephanie, I can't give the right answer, cause I don't know myself.