Monday, 30 December 2013


I sent my last text, maybe I should blog a little, and now, I'm here. I would always be spamming my regular morning, or goodnight messages and suddenly, I'd be in the mood to write like how I always do because of a sentence, maybe, that sparked up a distant memory from long ago, or sometimes, memories that were made not so long ago. Just now, it was something from my days as a kid, during the times I'd spend with my favourite aunts, Karen and Mun.

I say, if I had to name two of my most favourite people in the world, I'd name them. Why? I'm not really sure why, honestly. They are the closest ones I'm with, among my 999 aunts and uncles. From when I was young, I'd be with them every holiday, naturally-- except for when I went on board ships with my dad. Even when my mum was a little girl, they'd take her in during the holidays and just like how she enjoyed her time with them then, I'm enjoying myself now. I don't know how it came to be, but I've always liked them, and for as long as I can remember, they're the ones I always look forward to meeting, even until now.

We don't talk much. Aunt Karen is a woman of little words, and unless needed, she will not voice out. Despite always being silent, seemingly distant and out of reach, she observes me really well. It surprised me. Well, who doesn't know that I love eating, anyway? Or that I love to read and write. Aunt Mun is the friendlier one, warmer to new people, greeting them with a smile and chatting them up. I remember the first time I brought my ex to meet them. Aunt Karen just watched tv while aunt Mun talked to him, kept him company while I was ignoring him and taking a shower? I forgot what I did. I only remember the fact that I was a horrible girlfriend, because he never fails to remind me of that.

I've come to realize that I like people of little words. Maybe it's inherited, for my dad always complains about my mum and her incessant, utterly unnecessary spoken words in quiet times, or when matters are being discussed. My brother dislikes it, and my sisters, too. We make fun of her often, and shut her up in the funniest ways, and she'd claim to never want to speak ever again, but you know what? Barely a minute later, mum would be saying something nobody really ever cares about again. All our eyes would be fixed on her, glaring. An innocent "what?!" is blurted out.

This is the story of a certain afternoon.

On the way back to my dear aunties' house, we passed by the Malacca zoo. This time of year, when everyone is having work-free, study-free days, surely, the zoo, as a tourist attraction, would be packed. Our eyes could see it too, very clearly, how the cars lined up by the road side, tour buses as well as the classic, orange Bas Sekolah parked by the street. As the atmosphere in the car was still, nothing could be heard except for the engine and the sound of the road being conquered. That woman, had to break the silence, with an unnecessary comment: wow, so many people al the zoo!

"mm hm, let's all stop the car and go down for a visit shall we?" as McDonald's came into sight, I added "well, McDonald's is right here, you could even go down, get a burger and feed it to the elephants." I was calm, soft and irritated.

The rest of them were holding back their giggles. Dad, behind the wheel, said she deserved it, for speaking unnecessarily.

"when you have nothing to say, then don't say anything at all"

That's something I grew up with, and that's something my mum will never understand.

This. This. This!!!

This is two separate blog posts in one. A new year's special, maybe? Since Christmas is over long ago. Shall I make it a three in one post? Hahaha.

Ask me how my Christmas went.

Horrible. Maybe?

I only received one gift, a gift that was wrapped with so many layers of newspaper that I thank the guy for it, making it feel as if, Ah, I received so many presents! I was tearing apart a hundred gifts! Dennis bought me my present last night at IKEA. A snake. A stuffed animal snake. He's changed a lot, my brother. I like him more now, and would definitely shower him with gifts like how I often buy tokens of love and thought for my grandma, two sisters and mother.

Aunt Karen and Mun never want gifts. Sometimes, the best presents can't be bought. Maybe one day though, I'll be able to give them a gift that would really, really make them happy. An all expense paid trip to somewhere, maybe? As they love to travel. Of course, I'd have to earn a lot! My parents already told me that I had to buy them fancy cars when I grow up T^T

I had best go rob a bank.

This is enough for today. I'm going to need to do a lot of saving for the big dreams of mine. My heart broke a little when my over excited brother said that we were to save a small portion of our allowance each month when I start college, so that every now and then, we'd have enough money to buy new furniture for our condo. But... But... But... I'm saving for plane tickets to the Netherlands!

I'm doing a lousy job with managing my money. I must... Get... A job!


Yes. I should definitely rob a bank.