Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I Suck. I'm Different.

It's well... About me. Who else? And my oral test, and trumpet SECTION and... More of myself. So... ENJOY!

So, today... Oral test? It was the same result...

*AHEM* "Rachel... a... Your oral still sucks! But, why is your written English so good?"

Of course, she didn't put it like THAT. Hmm, what can I say? I'm just so picky. In fact, I only talk like THIS to my bro. I think I can get an A for my oral if I video taped us talking... But, I'm afraid that the whole log will be censored and that there will be not much conversation. Yep, we swear at each other... A LOT. I call him bitch.

WHAT? I call everyone a bitch...

It's a free country ain't it?

So, I have a request... Will you people speak English with me? Yea. I have this habit of answering you in Chinese, so, if you talk to me in English and I answer you back in Chinese... SLAP ME... Or just say "I don't understand Chinese. English Please!" And while you're at it, you can cough, or RAISE a brow... Or just... Open your eyes as WIDE as possible... Of course, you can also do it in a boring manner. Whichever.

I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna get a C for my oral this year... Or a B... No A...

You know something? I kinda SUCK at just about EVERYTHING.

Today's  trumpet SECTION...

It was Scary old Owl again. Don't ask me why I chose that name... It was TOTALLY RANDOM. Damn my sisters, they LOVE Justin Bieber, and listening to him right now... 'Baby,Baby,Baby. ooooooh" ==

So, as I was saying, today's trumpet SECTION...

"Okay... Er, Rachel... You give it a try..."

There was something in his voice... The sound of hopelessness, and disappointment. We were doing lip slur. Yep, I pretty much suck at that. But... I just suck at playing my trumpet, okay? He'd rather listen to ALL of the new comers than me T_T When it was my turn... I just played C... I didn't even get to slur! And he started lecturing... Until 7.30... I played at like what? 7.15? I didn't even get to slur... When it was lip slur we're doing T_T I'm so sad... I'm such a failure!

 I didn't even slur...

Everything was wrong. About my playing... I'm one of those hopeless people in his list. And, I don't even know if I can pass the next test. It's funny. When I see him, I automatically... Change of atmosphere... It's like walking into a death trap. And worst of all, HE DOESN'T SMILE. If he smiles like what I 'remembered', things would be better. I don't know if he's over stressed or just getting old... But... IT HELPS A LOT WHEN HE SMILES...

I wont smile more. He wont smile more. We're all just doomed.

Yes, being a loner is my thing. I don't care if a wolf eats me when I'm alone in my house watching TV.

I've noticed something about myself. Other than my trumpet skills suck... I think Mr.Too might even be better.  I WILL NOT LOSE TO YOU DUDE!

So... Yeah, I've changed... I'm happier now. At least I don't get upset so easily anymore. Unlike last time, I would be swearing instead of actually writing. So yeah. Things are a lot better now, but, the hatred that I feel for humans grew, and, I'm more of a loner than before. I actually WANT to avoid people, and I AM avoiding people. It's like, I'm a people repellent now. Sure, I wish that I'm a mosquito repellent too. Doing things alone is more fun, and it's actually quite peaceful. I'm just used to the loneliness.

I might LIKE him, but, I don't want to BE with him. But then again... I fantasize about that... Sometimes... When I'm in class... Or playing the piano... It looks like fun, and it feels kinda warm...

People always tend to fall for the wrong people. Like me. It's always the wrong type a' guy that I crush on. Why can't I just fall for someone who makes me laugh? And is a bit pervy? I'm not saying that I like perverts you idiots! I just like funny people, who can take on any joke. But... I always fall for those who are... Gay... Girlie... Girl-like... I like gays too... So, it's no big deal. You know? I just LOVE people I know who will NEVER like me back.

And my choice of girlie guys is because... Well... They look so... Gay... And so... Innocent that they look like they will never ever hurt you cause they don't have it in them to do it. And also because they look cute, and sweet, and the type who would do just about anything to make you happy. Girls are like that, so, I guess that girlie boys are too. Don't get the wrong idea people!

Yeah... I don't act much like a girl. I don't scream at every thing that pops out when I watch  horror movies. I don't think that blowing people up, chopping people up or tearing people apart is sick. I don't think that blood and guts being spilled out is gross enough. I don't think that having your eyeball being pulled out is bad. I don't think that snakes coming out through your skin is scary.

While watching horror movies with some girls... I realize the God damned difference between me and them. They think that it's WAY too scary, and I just... Think that it's normal. They scream, shout, hide their faces while I eat my Kit Kat, and just sit still and watch the movie.

Call producers unimaginative. Cause, I've watched so many movies that have the same way of dying. It may be gross and sickening to you,  but, to me... I'm just used to it all. I'm just against animals dying, I don't care if people get chopped. I don't feel sorry for minced human, but, I do feel sorry for minced animals.

Most people would be like ''WTF?!'' right now. But... Is that weird? Is it weird for a girl to LOVE horror movies? And to favor animals over humans? Am I a weirdo because I like gays? Is it funny that I don't wanna be with him when I like him THIS much.

Yeah, I know, a freak is hard for people to accept. But hey, I have friends, and, they LOVE me. Of course, those are SPECIFIC friends. Not ALL of them. Some are just using me, yea, think I don't know that? Of course I do, I never forget what grandma tells me... TRUST NO ONE...

I always fall for the wrong people, and when I try to like the right ones. I can never do that.

Believe it or not, you're my type and I don't like you. Lucky you =)

Over And Out_11.51pm


Ripples by Sakevisual

Been a long time since I visited Sakevisual. It was thanks to Sakevisual that I found out that there's something called 'visual novels'. Thank you!

So yeah, I was bored... And, I was kinda afraid that my printer would dry because of me printing anime sheet music from the web.Yeah, yeah, I'm always talking about anime. Well, I nailed Vampire Knight's Maria's Theme, and Fate/Stay Night's Unfading Thoughts. Anata Ga Ita Mori looks hard, and the Vampire Knight's Main Theme is hard too T_T Well, if you guys want a copy, tell me, I'll lend you mine, and THEN, you go photocopy it yourself... Or... I could just give you guys the link... Hmm, it's the site, so, feel free to choose what songs ya' want...

Josh's Anime Sheet Music

And this one, is, well, a blog, with not much choice, but... You can get the full version of Anata Ga Ita Mori here.

kmd's Weblog

And oh, I'm still looking for This Illusion, if you guys know where I can find it, you know what number to call... Or text... Or just IM me... Whichever... Wait... My number's with my bro. Oh, just forget it. Just IM me if you guys know where to find This Illusion, or you guys already have it. This sucks dude!

So the main point of this post...


It's a short 10 minute visual novel. It's great for starters though. Except... In Ripples, you only read, there's no choice for ya'. If you think that you like Ripples, or that you like visual novels, you can try out RE:Alistair, which is also from Sakevisual. If you REALLY like them, and think that they're NOT a waste of time... You can search for visual novels on The Visual Novel Database. There's hentai visual novels(Eroge) and those non-hentai, friendly type. But I have to tell you, most however... Is er... The non-friendly type. Don't worry, Sakevisual is a friendly site. Of course, VNDB is too, just don't search for the wrong things, and you wont see the wrong things.

Since Ripples is only a short intro of something... You don't have to download it. Well, if you want to, downloading takes you... About 45 seconds. So, I guess it's better to play it online. Give it a go, it's just like reading a short story, except, this talks, has music and pretty drawings ^^


Click on it, to... Read it? Well, it's not much of a game, nor a novel. So, just... Enjoy, and see how I spend my time. Of course, Ripples cannot compare with 50 hours long visual novels like Fate/Stay Night or Tsukihime. I still haven't started playing Tsukihime yet! ARGH! But... Fate/Stay Night has been the best visual novel I've ever played, great storyline! Tsukihime is also from the same creator, Type-Moon, and translations done by Mirror-Moon. I don't think that it'll disappoint me though. I've already watched the anime... But... That was a long long time ago.

Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime both have very nice OST. Instrumental, mostly. Mysterious, sad, angry, soft... Wow, they're just so great. You guys can search the videos on Youtube. Youtube... The best.

Most people are usually obsessed with the different and equally exciting storylines. Yep, visual novels are something different. You can actually choose how you end... In other words, die. And you choose your ending too, happy, or tragic, it's all decided during the game play ^^

Type-Moon rocks! The best visual novel creators ever! Then next comes, Fuguriya, the best... Kawaii lesbian comedy visual novels creator == And then, Sakevisual, well, Sakevisual is still... Well, at least those from Sakevisual are more realistic, there are no spirits or magic, or... Porn to make the story worth playing ==

So yea, if you guys wanna try... Try those by Sakevisual. Well, new visual novels that will be released by Type-Moon and Fuguriya will all be 'friendly' with no... THAT. I look forward to play them. And by the time the English translated ones are released, I'll be legally old enough. Hmm...

So yea, before I go...


OMG. I just thought of nipples! And when there's nipples, there's milk! OMG!

Wait, I just remembered something... I was doing my homework when I decided to STOP, and play Ripples cuz it was just for 10 minutes... And now... After writing this... An hour passes. Aww...

Ripples got a lot of quotes ya'll. So, I'll be posting some quotes from Ripples these few days!

The title screen for Ripples... You get a title screen, when you download. If you play it online, you'll just start when it's done loading! Oh, Ripples ain't that new, but, try it out! 

I think I can relate to Koda in the story. LOL. No, the girl is Kuu. Koda is who we play as! LOL. People hater and non-believer... Aww man.... 

Continuing my homework_3.11am


Monday, 27 September 2010

Tell Me I'm Wrong and Slap Me Please

And um... *ahem*... The 'Content Warning' before you enter here, is REAL, so, don't treat it like it's a joke. I know I'm also under 18 and that people under 18 have no right to put up a content warning and actually WARN people about it, but, dude, it's no joke.

Now that that's done...

I have to ask ShuZn... WHAT? Is let boy boy scold? I didn't reply cuz, I left my phone down 'ere and went to type out our civic thing. So? What the heck do you mean by SOMEBODY let SOMEBODY boy boy scold. Well, you know what? Thank God you didn't say SOMEBODY and SOMEBODY become YOU-KNOW-WHAT... If that were the case, I will not be sitting here, I'll be out with the doggies, drinking... Green tea...

I would like to lose myself sometimes... Ya' know? It's like 'screw me for being such a wuss cuz I never did what I said I would, gosh I'm such a failure' At times like that, I would walk. Yes, I walk. Walk in the streets of Sunny Sitiawan with no freaking place to go, under the hot twelve o'clock sun that's so damn bright you would get hit by a car when you look up... Or... I just... Sit there, and just... Drink... Green tea... Sobbing.

Why not talk to somebody?

Screw that too...

Nobody listens. It's just a burden to people. What? People have nothing else better to do? I think that they would rather be stuck with Punesh, rather than here me go on and on and on about my fucking problems. And besides, I'm not good with talking. I have problem talking, and expressing... I can just make up silly jokes whenever, but, I can NEVER talk about my feelings. They wont come out, and I don't know how I want them to come out. That's why I write. I can think... But, it's different. It's just like talking in my head... But...When I wanna say them out, they just get stuck in my throat... Fuck...

Good in English? Yeah right. It's just books, books and more books, and then there's cartoons and movies. Yeah. All of THIS, they're from cartoons and movies. I don't fucking know what is a verb and what makes it a verb or why we need to use past tense or presence tense or all that crap... I don't fucking know all of those. And those who actually knows them try so hard, but, still, I'm better. WATCH CARTOONS YOU IDIOTS.

Here's a secret... I don't know crap about English, okay? And why the hell do I get an A every year? I choose answers that DON'T sound wrong. I mean... Come on... 'She are a pretty girl'? How can THAT sound right?

Yeah. I'm just pissed. Fuck. Don't have such high expectations people. This is as good as I'm gonna get, I might read more, and watch more movies... But still... If I don't learn, this is everything. So... I can't believe I'm actually saying this but... Screw it, I think I wanna go for English tuition...

Of course. That will not happen, maybe I'd just do a month's course.


I'm just pissed at myself... No. More like disappointed.

I always say that I can do it, and that I HAVE IT IN ME TO DO IT, but when the time comes... I just don't have the guts to say 'I LOVE YOU'. I love my mom, but... I can't even say them to my own mom... How can I possibly say it to him?

I'm such a loser.

Whenever I'm in the mood to do it... It's too late... It'll be like what? 3 in the morning? You don't expect me to call him at 3 in the morning just to tell him 'I LOVE YOU' right? That would make him HATE me.



He hates me.

I was just joking, but, I'm gonna write something that would really make him hate me right now. So, guys, please, DON'T let him see it. Well, I don't like to be hated. Don't let her see it too. UGH. I'm just gonna write it. Being hated or not, it's still the same, I wont see them very much, will I?

Hello, hi. You know right? You don't have a chance with her. Yep. You don't have a chance with Miss Perfect Bitch Fiona. What? You've crushed on her since when? 3 years ago? And how has that been? Has she accepted you? Well, has she showed signs that she might feel the same way? Before you get answer wrongly, I'll give you the answer. NO. And if you think she has, well boy, you are mistaken. You sure got your hopes up, didn't cha? Sorry to break your heart, I can hear your heart breaking. But hey, wake up now. Sure, sure. You're thinking why right? Lemme tell ya', you can never understand what is going on in her mind, you don't know whether it's true or not. A girl knows a girl, so, shut up for now. You've been so close to her right? Yep. You're blind. Hello, whole world misunderstanding here? But, you like that don't cha? You like how everyone misunderstands that. You like that. You're face just turns bright red whenever someone sees you and says something like 'Wow, you grew up dude' and wink at you, and you try to deny it but your heart is pumping and you just wish that you could say 'Yeah bro, she's mine'... You know that that's never gonna happen right? Or do you wanna give a try at her sister? Oh, they both just look the same. Yeah, sorry.

I'm waiting.

I'm waiting for somebody to shout at me, and say that I shouldn't write things like that. Yes, I'm waiting for someone to scold me, tell me that I'm wrong, tell me that he's not like that, tell me that she's not like that and that I don't understand anything.

Yes. I want somebody to say that I'm wrong. I want that. I want somebody to get angry at me, I want somebody to just tell me that I'm wrong... Because, I wish that I'm wrong... But... I'm right... Aren't I?


BOOM me, don't tell me that I'm wrong in an UNHURTFUL way. Just say whatever you wanna say. You can say that I'm a bitch and that I'm wrong about this shit and whatever, just don't hold back, because, I want  somebody to scold me... I just want to be scolded by somebody... For this... For saying that...

Just do it.


At least I got my anger out. Maybe someone who understands him can tell me that I'm wrong... Please?

I will be waiting for you to STAB me...

No, not literally... If so, I would have killed you...

Please, someone...

And by someone, I mean you, you moron!

You know who right? If not...

Oh God... Why him?


Screw this! His best friend? Or somebody? Will you just say that I'm wrong? Or... If I'm correct, congratulate me, will ya'? And I'll be a shrink when I grow up. No. I'm just joking. PLEASE?

I'm out_3.14am


Sunday, 26 September 2010

Hanahira! and Hanabira

It's a new VN by Fuguriya! Since I finished my homework... Well, the ones I CHOOSE to do... I'm gonna write about it. I'm bored and... Well... I've gotta stop thinking about you-know-who right? It hurts dude.

Yea, another lesbian game. But WAIT, this isn't hentai, so, it's fine to play. Unlike the other Sono Hanabira series, this is COMPLETELY safe... No sexual content whatsoever. At least vndb.org says that it has no sexual content O_O Haven't tried it. I don't know Japanese. Yep, still waiting for the English release, I have to wait for at least a year... Or two... Or three... Depends... Funny thing, the Chinese translated ones always comes out first! Well... I am NOT going to download Chinese versions...

Okay... Well... The anime for Hanabira is out, but, it's a bit difficult to find it online :( The OVA too... They say it's better to download, and watch a high quality anime, rather than streaming it online. Well... I watch all the anime I watch online... And, hey, they're pretty good. Except for Megavideo :X

Nobody is as free as me in this school... Wow...

Sono Hanabira series is... WELL... See for yourself...

If you think that those are bad, you ain't see nothing yet...



Oh well...

I gotta get my mind off somebody!

At least I don't say 'I wanna die' and all that crap. No, not anymore. I wont wanna die because of some guy. You know, when you get rejected, don't feel sorry for yourself, feel sorry for whoever rejected you, cause, you're awesome. Like me, I AM AWESOME! ROCK ON!

Nope. I didn't get rejected.



I did not get accepted either!

I got accepted, I would be so freaking happy that I would be at his house right now!

Ah crap... I'm gonna go bathe now. Thanks so much for making me give myself ideas...

Random quote:

Meng a lai, mi lai bao

Whatever that means... I just know that it's something bad. I said it the whole damn day, and the whole time while watching Revenge of The King Cobra. Call me a stupid bitch, but, I didn't know that it was a freaking Thai horror movie. WTF? Oh yea, it was so damn confusing, but ya'know what? I saw how freaking selfish we humans are. When we're gonna die, and when we fight for survival, we can point a gun at each other and then keep medication for ourselves huh? Yea, we're all bitches. Whether we know it or not, we're all the same. We're all hypocrites. I know, screw that.

Going AnimeFreak@11.14pm


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Like a Like Thingy

"Baby, baby, baby ohhh" "SON ARE YOU WATCHING PORN!?" "No mom, it's Justin Bieber" "GAY PORN!?" "NO"... 


AHAHAHAHAHA, I couldn't help myself, so, I LIKED that thing xD

I totally agree. Justin hater over here!

This is just another random post, so, enjoy!

"Baby, baby, baby ohhh" "SON ARE YOU WATCHING PORN!?" "No mom, it's Justin Bieber" "GAY PORN!?" "NO"... 

1. HE does sound like a girl, and, every time I listen to his songs, at the end, it's always this 'Aww man! Mom! Can you believe it? A boy sang it! I keep forgetting it's JUSTIN BIEBER who sings it!'

2. "Baby, baby, baby ohhh" very nice lyrics, Justin. It's just like porn! And you're a guy. Good job!

3. It's just so fucking funny.

Yea... I'm done. 

I hope that you-know-who will get better soon... I guess... I wont be seeing you-know-who for a month then... Bring me along if you guys plan on visiting you-know-who :)

Thank you. I will love you people forever if you do :D



IDK What I'm Gonna Write... Seriously, I Don't

I'm just sitting here, bored, un-emo, and, lovin' it! YEAH!

There's no point in reading this... Seriously, there isn't. I'm just gonna write whatever that pops into my mind... OOOH! BUNNIES!

So, you know... I have been going on NOT watching anime for TWO days, and man, that sucked. Today, I couldn't take it anymore. I watched anime! Wahahahaha! Well, I guess, it's one less anime then... All the on-going anime for 2010 is ending soon :( Kaichou wa Maid-sama!'s last episode is this week! And Highschool of The Dead ended with it's 12th episode! Dammit! It should have been longer! At least 24! Or... 50!!! Since I can catch up xD Occult Academy is ending next week too! Everything's still unanswered! MAN THIS SUCKS! Well, Occult Academy wasn't THAT great, Bunmei sucks. 

Yea, apparently, most of you are correct, I'm thinking about anime, anime, and more anime. I'm still thinking... Should I start reading manga too? If I am... I don't know... I'll get blind soon, cuz, if I am gonna start reading manga, it's gonna be on this manga site, and all the manga will be translated to English. 

Mangafox and another site I forgot == I was just browsing the other day. Mangafox is pretty popular to anime freaks, so... I guess if you wanna read manga, you can either read them online or just... Buy them ==
But of course... Everyone would prefer free stuff, that's why anime sites exist! 

OK... I'm anime-ing again... Aren't I? I just can't seem to STOP about anime. Japanese... They just draw such cute things... I think this is a new way of brainwashing people, getting them to LIKE Japan. Japanese are all hantai aliens. Most anime are done by hentai artists, and when making the anime, they leave the hentai parts out, so, those under 18 can watch em. But, most anime are rated PG13 xD I'm fourteen. But, I'll watch those rated 18 ones anyway. Cuz... 

Cause there is no such thing as following the law and get caught or fined if you don't 

Speaking about LIKE... I just LIKE clicking the LIKE button on Facebook. It's somewhat... Fun xD

If there was a LIKE button on Blogger, I'd LIKE every post that I LIKE +_+

Oh hell yeah!

I have no idea why, but, dude, I'm so happy that I can't think of anything emo to write! Even when I'm emo, I just don't feel THAT emo to write! But, man, this sucks, no emo, no story. All I can think of is... A lesbian story. God! I gotta go to Japan! I'm so fucking happy that I can't stop being happy, and boy! I'm hyped even though I'm sleepy! God dammit! I swear when I'm happy and I swear when I'm emo, and blaming life. But dude, this happy swearing is WAY funner! Damn, I need to shut up... Or in this case get my hands away from the key board. Anime to Malaysia Boleh and this dumb happy swearing lesbian thing? Woah, I gotta stop drinking tea, eating Ramen, watching anime, reading visuan novels, doing homework and thinking about Hong Leong. Ish, I don't know why I like him so much. He has nothing bad about him, and, he likes acting like a girl. OMG... I like gay people! Nah... I found that out a while back. Gay people... They look so fragile, and they look as if they would never hurt you... Maybe that's why...

And people are selfish bitches. It's always ourselves who is right. When you hear all the shit about people, and you meet that person, and you sit down and talk. You feel that the person is not really bad. You wont know... Who is right and who is wrong. But mostly, people would choose the things that those closer to them would say or choose the things that they had already said. That's why... People are all the same, no matter how you look at it. One talks behind one's back and smile in front of that person, that person talks behind the person's back, and then, smile at them in front... It's a never ending cycle. Life goes on, gossips spread on. There is no end to this hell that humans cause themselves. True hell is inside a person's heart. For one to be entirely happy, in this world, is an impossible task. Even if you ask for happiness by making a pact with th Devil, you will never be happy, because, you will always worry about your soul falling to hell after you die, because, you can just die... Any day. It could be today, it could be tomorrow. Nobody knows. Death is an end, and also a start. 

It is you, who decide... 


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Suga Shikao - Kazenagi

I wasn't in the mood to be emo. But now... Okay...

Everyone's got a favorite. A tune that brings that warm... Sad... Feeling? Just make you stop there and listen to it, and you go in flash-back mode and think of your mistakes that include love?

With me, it's always the guitar... It's something like this, and of course, this is one of those sad+happy+emo songs that make me...

And yes, I sometimes sit on the balcony like that. Except... I'm not that cute :x

I have no idea why... But... The first time I heard it... I was like... Frozen for some reason, and then... I smiled. My sisters were beside me thinking that I've gone cuckoo ==

Original Lyrics

Hajime kara sono tsumori de 
Kimi wa ita no kamo... nante
Sore nara sore de betsu ni ii ya 
Imasara tashikameyou mo nai

Dare wo nikundara ii? 
Nani wo oshikoroseba ii?
Te wo furazu ni satte iku hou wa 
Boku yori kanashii no kanaa...

Nee ima boku no mune wa 
Haritsumete shimau bakari de
Tada namida dake ga 
Darashinaku ochiru no desu

Kanashimi wa nami no you ni 
Nando mo kurikaesu rashii
Warui tsume wo hagu toki mitai ni 
Itsuka yukkuri hagarete iku no kanaa

Tada fukai ao ni shizumu 
Sora wa owakare no iro
Bokura ga inoru koe wa naze 
Fugai naku konna usupperai n' darou...

Nee kyou Bokutachi wa 
Sorezore no hikari wo sagashi
atarimae no you ni ashita e to arukidashimasu...

Nee ima boku no mune wa 
Haritsumete shimau bakari de
Tada namida dake ga 
Darashinaku ochiru no desu

I don't own anything, and, these are from Youtube!

I don't know the meanings either. But, from the 'Would you like to translate this page?' translations... It's kinda like a sad song too, something about good-byes???

Anyway. I don't really know how to explain stuff, and, I'm not in emo mood these days... I wonder... What could it be? What could it be?

Hey, I know that finals are coming up... But, I'm bored, and, I feel like writing a lesbian story??? So? Do I get  
any support? xD

 I love red eyes.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Happy Day_ Onigiri O_O'''

Nice to know, Little LuLu is a popular show xD

I miss Thailand so much that 7-Eleven is now my favorite shop. I even walked to 7-Eleven after the band meeting, in wet clothes... I thought "Neh, it's just a 15 to 20 minute walk so... What the heck. And I can dry myself too."

And so, I start walking~

And You know? I bought a few bottles of tea. Too bad they don't have Oishi brand :(

And today, I made my onigiri. I made a neat, and cute onigiri, but... When I took a bite, it fell apart :(
More practice... In shaping and making it stick ==
My onigiri... It looked so... Unfallingapartable T_T

So, as I was saying... The walking alone thing. I hate to be emo now ya know. Thinking about my onigiri... I feel so happy... That I made such a cute onigiri... Even if it fell apart!!!!




Japanese rice sticks man!

Of course, the pic is from Google. But, mine's close to that!! The shape anyway... I forgot the filling >_< Cause round one, my onigiri was too big and it fell apart when I tried wrapping the nori ==

I'm not gonna bring anymore onigiri to school. I'll just try making more at home, THEN, bring them to school when I finally get them to NOT fall apart, when you bite~

It seems like everyone's happy today. Yi Nin smiled, A LOT. And, I'm happy now. Just... Sleepy, dreaming during classes and practice. I even went to the wrong line while marching half way... I didn't even realize until Hai Teng shouted. Oh my... I'm such a pro at daydreaming. 

I feel like eating chocolate.

I'll go get one now.


Hong Leong, you make my day. WELL, my onigiri made me MORE happy :P
Shhhh! Nobody ke-po again ):<

Learning... Not School

Well... We go to school because school is a place for us to learn and all that right? And TV and comics and whatever are BAD? Well, screw that!

You know where I learn the things I know? And HOW I learn the things I know?


1. Cartoons.
2. Movies.
3. Blogs.
4. Youtube.
5. Anime.

Well... I don't study. I sleep during English class and I manage to get an A. All thanks to cartoons, and especially Little LuLu. When I was 4, I sit in front of the TV watching Little LuLu and talk to myself. Yeah.

Too bad, they don't show it now... I still remember the ending theme where the fat dude ate a whole plate of Spaghetti in one shot. 

Thanks to Shuwen for her blog(I know, she doesn't even read my blog, but, well, it's nice to thank people when they don't know that they're being thanked). I learned what is a LaLaMui ==

Click on LaLaMui to see.

School is the place for the 'education needed to get a job', and, all the other things like cartoons are 'education that is enough to get you pass 15' == 

Once you know the basics of things, you'd find out more by using the internet, and reading books. And that's how I came to be. Watching cartoons and talk to myself in front of da TV, I still do that sometimes... It's fun :D

Movies. Movies are educational. Of course, Discovery Channel is for you to learn about animals and when the world is REALLY going to end, but, I don't watch the Discovery Channel, it's boring. Okay... Back to what I was talking about...




Depends on what you wanna learn, really. There's all kinds of movies out there. 

If you wanna have a good imagination, watch horror movies, sci-fi movies, fantasy, and well... If you'd like, you can watch porn. NO NO NO! NOT PORN, a friendly, educational movie , comedy series called AMERICAN PIE ==

The first.







As for the eight? I'm not really sure...

WTH? Why is it American Pie all of a sudden???

Okay... Moving on...

If you would like to learn about breaking and entering, watch action movies! That's how I knew how to sneak in my neighbor's house, and hid beside the wall when a person came out. ==

Next... Is um.... 

You know what? I'm sleepy.

Good Night.

My day just isn't complete without anime. But, I have to give it a rest already, and Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Will be releasing episode 25 next week, which is the last episode! I hope there's a season two for it! 



Sunday, 19 September 2010


Why do I feel like I'm the only freak blogging so late in the morning... About anime? Well, nobody has been updating their blog lately. Well, I wonder how long it took Mr.Too to write those... Part 1 AND Part 2 was SOOOOOOOOOOOO long == I didn't finish both.

Yeah, yeah. I know I said that I wont watch anime anymore, well, at least I'll TRY to control myself from watching anime like a freak. One whole season in a day? If it wasn't laggy, I could do it no problem.

Well, I finished the first season of K-ON, and I'm gonna start the second season, but... WTF? The second season is already at episode 24? I gotta check when's the next ep gonna air, so, hopefully, I can catch up with it :3

Episode 25... September 21... Wikipedia has everything man!

And... And... And... The-th-th-the-there's so many OVAs for K-ON!... At this rate, I can never catch up with it. Well, I can always go anime crazy during the holidays... After... Finals... Damn! I forgot that school, Punesh, and Pn.Toh exist... Help... Me... T_T

K-ON! is about... Well... A very cute girl band!

Well, there is a new member later in the first season.

Well, I found this pic on a blog that's saying too much anime is bad and all that. I agree strongly. But of course, I'm not at 'the point of no return'. I just need some work, and scary teachers, then, I'll be alright. Besides what you expect me to do when it's bored? Right... I've been saying 'Yosh! I'll clean my room! THIS TIME FOR SURE!' and you know what? It's even messier than before, not to mention, it smells so sweet that I can barely live inside for 3 minutes! Damn that diffuser! I guess everything's my fault... Fail...

Hey, hey, hey! There are people out there who are WORSE than me!

Plot Summary(From GoGoAnime, lazy to write one myself==)

It's Yui Hirasawa's first year in high school, and she's eagerly searching for a club to join. At the same time, Ritsu Tainaka, a drummer, and her friend Mio Akiyama, a bass player, are desperately trying to save the school's light music club, which is about to be disbanded due to lack of members. They manage to recruit Tsumugi Kotobuki to play the keyboard, meaning they only need one more member to get the club running again. Yui joins, thinking it will be an easy experience for her to play the castanets, the only instrument she knows. However, the other members think their new addition is actually a guitar prodigy...

Yui is the cutest! Clumsy, and loves food. My, my! I never thought I could be so close to an anime character. Well, Ricchan  also loves food, but... Yui's cuter xD And doesn't gain weight when she eats T_T She knows nothing about music or guitars, but, wow, she can play, and sing too! KAWAII >_<

Ritsu, called Ricchan by Yui, is the self-proclaimed president of the club. She's the one playing the drums~ With a hair band, she never lets her bangs down, she thinks that she looks weird when she does.

And there's Mio, a very very VERY shy girl, scared about almost everything, and gets embarrassed almost all the time. But, serious about practice. She plays the bass, cause, she thinks that playing the guitar would be embarrassing == Because it's important, and it has solos ==

Tsumugi, call her Mugi~

A lady from a VERY VERY VERY rich family, her family owns a music store. And, I don't know what else. She always brings tea, cookies, sweets and cakes for the girls. Plays the key-board~ And, she's warm too :3

Then, there's the teacher, Sawa-chan. An ex-member of the K-ON! club, she tried hiding it, but, was found out. Very pretty, but, her true personality... The Devil... @_@

Yui has a sister, Ui ==

Ui is mature, and she does everything around the house. Cook, clean, etc. While Yui just sleeps all day, watch TV all day, and wants ice-cream and desserts all day!

Yui's childhood friend, and neighbor, and best friend, Nodoka. She's in the Student Council. When Ritsu forgets to hand in applications, she'd help out.

And the new member later on in the first season, Azusa, nickname, Azu-nyan == By the air head, Yui. Azusa is VERY cute, but, is very shy, and is serious about practice. A bit like Mio, but, Azusa is a bit better == Her parents are in a jazz band, she plays the guitar. 

Well... I think that's about all I know from the first season. I'll watch the second season when I feel like it.


Both Yui and Mugi LOVE cute stuff~


Kawaii neh... Yui-chan!



Mugi! You know... I think she likes girls == 

It's either her or Mio who gets bullied by Sawa-chan sensei. She forces them to wear cute costumes and those ears ==

She sweet pretty Sawa-chan sensei....

Hehe, punky her xD

True self xD


Nodoka. Responsible~

Ui, the mature and responsible little sister to the clumsy, air-headed Yui.

I guess that's all... Whoa... It's late... Early ==

It's worse than yesterday... I hope that I'll return to normal once school starts again... @~@

Oyuseminasai *_*

Saying Good-Bye! And it's almost time to get UP! 



スガ シカオ(SUGA SHIKAO) / 19才

Well, hello! I was gonna write this yesterday, but, I ended up writing about something that's actually in life, instead of my anime craziness. Well, of course, since I'm anime crazy, I wrote A BIT about anime yesterday. So, if you have no interest whatsoever, don't read it, and CONTENT WARNING, you might not wanna see the MV if you're the type who is closed, and says NO to sex????

Oh well... 


The song is nice, quite emo. But, the MV freaked me out. It's also the opening theme for season one of xxxHolic. 

This is the opening song of the anime, quite nice.

Yea, that was just a pic~

This is the video, DON'T LOOK the first time, listen to it first, and then, you can watch it. Of course, you can just watch it straight, I just want you guys to guess how old is this guy, by listening to his voice, not look at him.

Oh, guess how old he is yet? No? He sounded GREAT right? Like a guy whose in his twenties? But, lemme tell ya, he's 40+ ^^

He wasn't the one 'camera raping'(Youtube comments) the girl, he was the one who popped out singing from time to time.

I wonder... Is that guy with the camera hot? All the people that commented said that the camera guy was HOT. And cute.

So, I watched an interview of Suga, and... I didn't know a word he was saying! Well... There was one... I only understood NINTENDO DS ==

And some kind people were kind enough to translate some of it...

When I was 19, my hobby was raping girls... And when I raped one girl, she liked it... And now, I play Nintendo DS.

Apparently, there's a game for you to improve your language. OOOOO! I'm gonna try out a Japanese one, I think I can download it... Hmm...

Well. About the video. Nah, it was about the two fantasizing themselves doing it with each other. So, there.

And one more thing, if you get caught, it isn't porn. It's a MV of a Japanese song, which is cool, and one of a kind.

Logging off@12.12am


Saturday, 18 September 2010

Here Goes Nothin~

I have finally finished watching xxxHolic, xxxHolic Kei, xxxHolic Rou, xxxHolic Shunmuki, AND xxxHolic A Midsummer's Night's Dream~ Oh yea, started watching K-On too! Cute show about music! LOVE IT!

Ah, a hot cuppa green tea... So good... In an air conditioned room with my sisters snoring away on the bed. Well, mum's gonna be gone for a month T_T, so, I'll be using the room downstairs with mah sisters, so, I don't have to climb upstairs and get the key... Let's just continue...

After reading everyone's blog, about how they feel about the competition, I don't feel like writing about anime anymore, because,I'VE BEEN ANIME CRAZY EVER SINCE I GOT BACK FROM THAILAND... And besides, I never did write what I thought... Hmm... Well... Here goes...


Bump... Bump... Bump... UGH!

The train! For God's sake! Stop shaking! All my words are ruined! RUINED!

Phew~ They saved me. For a second there, I thought that I was gonna lose again. Lose to HER, the last time I agreed, I had to sleep on the top bunk, which was surprisingly small... Hmmm...

They're good people, sometimes, they're just a bit crazy... And at times, scary, but, they're all very nice people. No matter how many times I screw up, or clog the sink == they never chased me outta the room. I don't know what they thought, but, at least they didn't kick me out.

They understood. Hmm... But, I never got the shirt for my brother...

Thank you.

The competition... Everything just ended so quickly... I just can't believe it... It's over.

Looking up, the ever so happy fireworks display... It ended. With a big BOOM and a GIANT fireworks-flower in the sky... After that, it was pictures, and screaming??? And more pictures... I didn't take many pictures though, since I'm not miss photogenic, and... NOBODY WANTED THEIR PICTURE TAKEN WITH ME -T_T Sobs-... They all went for Mr. and Mrs. I'M BEAUTIFUL/HANDSOME/CUTE/YENG or whatever...

It's a pity... I don't have a camera... Nope... Not even one that uses film...

It's my first time competing... In a thing... Like this... My whole life... This is the greatest year EVER! Our result, it's all thanks to everyone's hard work. Especially the seniors, that are graduating this year... Well, not to the ones who SLEEP in during practice...

Everyone matters. Even when there are many people together doing something, even a small person could ruin the whole thing. It's like a black spot, on a piece of white paper. If you fall, it's going to cost.

Hmm... Been watching too much of xxxHolic lately... I even sound like Yuuko now O_O''

It was a totally different feeling this time. It's almost like... There was no feeling at all. Yes, it felt like normal practice. A practice that neither one of us can screw up. There was the audience... There was the judges... But, it felt like... Nothing.

Just relax... And enjoy the show huh?

I'm sorry... I ran outta breath during our company front, and when I finally got it back... We were already half way there... Half way there... Half way there...

And I was suppose to be the one who ran out... Well, I guess I just didn't have that much confidence in myself. I was afraid of getting the tempo wrong... Or something like that... I could never be like her, full of confidence and spirit. I'm just not her...

Words are chains that bound us... Tangle us. Yes... Words are alive. If we are entangled in what we said, it's hard to get out... Words are alive. Once you say them, you can never take them back, and so, they become chains. Do you see now? 

Owh, that was another thing I learnt while watching xxxHolic. Just my type of show, mysterious, and full of meanings in life. And, funny too~

I know, I know... I got so caught up in writing... I don't even know how to continue...

I realized something too... When there are people around, I shouldn't put on my hands-free and turn the volume to max and sing == Oh God... IT WAS SO DAMN EMBARRASSING.... I don't have a 'listen-able' voice... ==''

Another thing... When washing a fork you got from a cup of cup noodles, make sure to throw away the cup, and bring ONLY the fork in to wash. That way, it might save you from feeling guilty, AND, you don't have to use two freaking straws and try to unclog the stupid sink!!! Which... Of course, doesn't work.

Another one too... There are many mysterious things in this world, but, people, are the most mysterious existence. Yea, yea, got it from Yuuko. People... They choose to close their eyes when they don't want to see the truth that's in front of them. Why? I kinda forgot why... Hmm... You can never know what a person is thinking. There exists a person's body, mind, and soul. Of course, appearance is all we can see. But what about one's mind, and soul? One's intentions?   You'd have to understand... Or stay with that person for some  time, don't you?

A boy who chose to close his eyes and deny the truth because of the one he desires.

A girl who chose to walk on the path where only she herself exists, unwilling to listen to others, but only listens to herself. A girl who chose to be liked by people who are unimportant, and to be popular, by being a double-double-double-double crosser, unwilling to apologize, unwilling to admit the mistakes. The path she chose, to not turn back, and admit that she's ever wrong.

A girl who manipulates those around her. Taking advantage of one's feelings. Unwilling to let go, making one suffer love, making one believing and building up hope, just to knock that high tower of hope down to the ground again. Using, to her own joy. Thinking there's nothing wrong, and that she's innocent. Eyes... Closed...

People are mysterious beings... They choose to keep their eyes closed when they don't want to accept reality.    They close their eyes, sleeping, living in their own world, with their own rules. Dreaming and reality, they're linked together. But, eyes closed... They will never know, until they open them...

What the hell...

When did my thoughts of TIMBC became the thoughts for people?????

It's getting late and I have so... So... So little sleep left. I promised myself that I would sleep early... And not watch anime... But... But... I failed.

Good Night... Good Morning... Whichever...