Friday, 20 November 2009


Finished writing the 'exam pad', still don't have title, think of one!

Want to finish Violin girl as fast possible so can start new one. I'm thinking of... L... Lo... I can't say the word... Love... Story, I'll make it as sad as possible, I love it when people die. Muahahahaha

Holiday not really a holiday, most time is used for band.

No more school, yay! But still not happy, cause of you know who. And I'm not saying you! don't perasan!

Feeling better, but hope to feel good and happy for 100%, not 1%.

This time, I'll mean what I say, I'll mean what I say, I said that, but if there's an 'IF' then I'll maybe not gonna mean what I say^^

Don't make me stay home woman! I deserve to have a holiday! When you go, I wanna go too, if you leave me here, ALONE or let me stay at HER house, I will... umm... Will... hmm... What will I do? Kill her? Nah, she's my mom, I would never kill her. I will... Remember it and go for holiday on my own... Next time, and you pay the tickets! England~

Can I have a present? probably not, I got 11, and she shouted at me! Wanting an Ipod, she's gonna stare at me and Bla all over again.

No presents for all! I'm saving up, but if anyone wants to gimme anything, I'll take it. I only take, I don't give back^^ No RUGI

Happy Holidays, even though we don't really get much holiday time~