Monday, 6 August 2012

Normal, Different, Special?

Why can't we be like the others, I always say. Why do we have to, you always reply.

I find it weird, us.

I don't see anything wrong with it; I can't figure out what I want. What is lacking anyway? Isn't it already as good as it can be? We're not normal, that, I know. I won't call this special either. It feels like you're just babysitting me. Maybe... Maybe you are just babysitting me...

Sometimes, my overly detached heart causes me to lose everything.

 If it weren't for the bond we have, I'd be crying right now and my heart would be aching because of somebody I barely know, somebody I can't have. My easy to fall personality still hasn't changed, has it? It scares me sometimes to know that I still trip easily. You, my dear, is the only thing keeping me from falling completely. As the days go by, I realize how straight and normal I have become. My heart doesn't race for cute girls anymore, though I still fantasize about them.

I don't know how I find him attractive...

Momentary indiscretion.