Sunday, 27 January 2013


It's finally break time!

After five hours of abusing my poor long legs, I finally get to sit down! The sole of my feet hurt so much that they're begging me to go home-- just forget about the other three hours and go home!

I don't exactly have a job. I'm just filling in for a friend today, since she's busy with something. I'm promoting Schwarzkopf products at Aeon, so if you read this post before 9pm tonight, make sure to come visit me! Buy from me too, if you're in need of shampoo.

It's dreadful, standing there and smelling the scent of all the shampoos mixed together. I almost stole some Panadol from the health section because all the shampoos were giving me a big headache!

After five hours, yours truly still haven't sold anything. Yep. I suck at this job.

People treat me like I'm some kind of threat. They walk away almost immediately with their fastest possible speed after I ask them if they needed help. Do I look like a person who would rape you in a mall, at the shampoo section? Sheesh.

Just when I thought I'd sell my first product, the guy turned out to be bald.

A bald Indian man asked me which hair dye suited him best... I was looking at his hairless head and thinking what the hell, does he not realise he's bald?

How would you handle a situation like that? I couldn't tell him he had no hair... He might throw boxes of dye at me...

It's my first time eating at Wing Zone. Not bad. Although, the sandwich is a bit big for this tiny mouth of mine... Ah well everything's big to my tiny mouth! It's just the size of an unstretched rubber band. And no, it won't get any wider.

I wish Oporto would consider opening up a franchise here in Malaysia... Sigh... I miss their fries more than their burgers!

The waitress just refilled my iced tea but sadly, I'm bloated and almost late for work!

I hope my friends come look for me later... I'd be sad if nobody comes, because it'd show that I'm not loved enough T.T

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Blogging at the Airport

I'm at Coolangatta airport, waiting for my plane to arrive. It got delayed an hour late...

I'm so unlucky when it comes to flying to Sydney! Three weeks ago when I flew there, my plane was also delayed!

I'm so desperate that I've resolved to blogging as a source of entertainemt. I finished writing my part for the continue-the-story game I'm playing with Zongxu and this man I call boyfriend is terrible at it. We have completely different thinking so it's kinda like a two-way story... I'm steering it in a completely different direction from him.

Well... I'll be back to the gold coast in four years. You can count on that. Maybe I'll even drag Xu along to join Lisa's boot camp!!! Hahaha.


I'm gonna have my first ever photo album when I go home...

Home, huh?

I don't know where I belong anymore. To me, it feels like I am home... And my real home is a place that I have to be in, not a place I want to be in...

Anyway, I can't wait to graduate highschool. This year's additional math class will be like hell and I'll be crying my way through the days... Oh... Oh... Oh... Terrible.

I need to adapt to a shitload of changes when I go back and I'm not very happy about it.

Life goes on...

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


As the wind blows,
you come crawling slow;
foams of whites and salt water.

Alone at dusk.
You come floating back,
making me look back at the disappearing footprints.

A moment of wishful thinking.
You came from the back of my mind,
vanished in front of my eyes.

Appearing before me,
I struggled with what's right,
but he's not my knight.

Alone again,
the Sun has set.
Find a match to light up the candle again.

Again I ran,
trying to forget and remember;
go back in time.

All the days of emptiness,
I say goodbye to you,
only to embrace you once more.