Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Type of Person I am

I'm eating a caramel apple, and writing this+Facebook =D


Honestly, what do you do at a party? Or a nightclub? Dance like there's no tomorrow? Hang with friends, or just sitting alone at the bar drinking, and thinking about your life? And having only the bartender talking to you and making you drinks...

Well, it's obvious what I'd do. Judging by my personality, most of you already know that I'd be drinking alone, and thinking. I don't really know what the hell is wrong with me either, and now, I'm typing with one hand, and a friggin chopstick!Cause I'm eating my caramel apple. So... Even with the music volume to the max, people on the dance floor really high, people making out in a corner... I just sit there, drink, drink, and ignore everything else, and think about myself. I know... What a NICE place to be contemplating ==

People who dance, are really people who dance. It's not easy, I envy how they move their bodies to the beat, and stomp their feet according to the beat, and change in just a sec if the music changes. Ah... I wonder... Were they lesbians? Or were they just too high? One really looked like a stripper though... And speaking about lesbians, Ipoh has TONS of em'. Earlier this afternoon at Jusco, WOW, it's like... LESBIAN TOWN... The bartender danced sexily, man... Is he gay too? xD


After... Six freaking hours at a freaking Halloween party, I didn't even know what I was doing! And wow... Six hours... Time passes so fast when you're drinking. OI! I wasn't drinking anything that would make you drunk... I was drinking... Some punch... Shandy, and... Plain water. Of course, let's not forget the food. Didn't eat much anyway... Didn't have the appetite, and that cheap wig was in my way.

Wigs are expensive. The cheapest God damned wig I bought cost me 35.90 or something, and man, I have to say... It was hard to handle... I wonder how fluffy I would feel if I bought the 370 one... I would never buy such an expensive piece of hair! Even if it's Lady GaGa style T^T


I never knew I could be such a boring person... I mean... I know I'm not enthusiastic about things, but... I don't even like partying... Count the partying activity this holiday out... I'll just stay home with my laptop, even without the internet, I have my many visual novels standing by. I have some problems with the Symphonic Rain and Chaos;Head visual novels... They don't work!

Anyone here a computer geek? I'm looking for someone who knows how to fix these things! Computer, software... Whatever computer related thingy! Anyone? ANYONE AT ALL? T^T

Everyone changes. I guess I just don't like that... Maybe... I just want things to stay the same forever...

The people who you hang around with, affects you the most. You may, or may not know it... But, when you finally sit down and think... You will realize the difference between how you WERE and how you ARE now... There's a big difference.

Kindergarten... Primary.... And now secondary school...

I didn't have much friends when I was a kid. I was afraid of people. But when I was eleven, I think I started making friends...

Twelve... Best friends...

Last year and this year, not much difference.

  • BFF

Yeah... Sure... Forever... More like... For now...

There's nothing in common anymore... There's nothing that we could share, you'd rather be with them than me right? Those older ones? I never told you I hated them, did I? I just walked away and spent the hours alone, at times, I would join you, but... It seemed like I didn't matter. When I went back, there wasn't even a good-bye...

Will be reading some poems when I'm free... Bought literature books today... Bought Shakespeare's complete collection too... I know... I'm emo... And while people buy cute Moody Bear, I buy...

Pics from Google, same style, color, but, different bear shape... I think this is the original, while Moody Bear is a fake... No wonder so cheap... But, whatever, Moody Bear has a cuter shape xD

 See, it's cuter than being square in some places~

When my bro saw what I bought, he was like "WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU SISTER?!"

While my mom... "Ewww... That's scary... Why are you like this? Eww..."


I bought a cute red demon stuffed toy too... And that... Made them... "Owh, she's just hopeless..." And while me and my sisters went for the Halloween party, they went to church ==

I don't need exorcism, I'm fine!


助けて T^T


Friday, 29 October 2010

People Who Crap, They Don't Look In The Fucking Mirror

Firstly, I would like to say... What happened to Eroge Download???!!! Dammit! I was going to get Symphonic Rain Working!!!

UGH. I guess I'll write this and continue studying for my history paper tomorrow. You know something? I don't feel like going for tuition tomorrow morning, I feel like hugging God's leg and hope that I'll memorize all those names of historical pigs, and pig farms. I have to learn about dumb people who can't do anything, and in the end lose everything including their pig farm. Yes, the pigs are OUR so-called HEROES, and the pig farms are, DUH, this piece of 'tanah'. And as for the British, they're the wolves who lie, lie and lie. Hypocrites. I still don't like you Victoria! Even if you're dead!

So, friends... There's been some issues, while, I'm just the busybody who doesn't know the details. Well, I guess being popular isn't that great, people might know you and stuff... But, you never know when your so-called FRIENDS might stab you in the back. Mostly, they just act NICE in front of you, and then, they bitch about you, and your girlfriend... Or boyfriend... And when I say BITCH ABOUT, I don't mean the way me and my friends talk about THEM in a serious way... It's just, you know... They bitch about ya'...

I just can't stand these people.

Yea. Hey, some respect please? WE'RE not rich. You are, okay? She's right you know? At least she controls herself, and you? You don't care if it's in the middle of the night, you can go karaoke, even if you HAVE to walk there...

And YOU... You make me disappointed. We're you like this last time? Or maybe I didn't know you well enough that time to think that you were good. Oh, turns out, you're just another bitch like her. They say that friends make us who we are, and well... That's true, congrats baby, you're officially a bitch. I didn't like you since I turned 13. All those thoughts about you when I was 11 went POOF. People really change once they're in secondary school. I have seen many things... Many... Many examples...

You know what? I like her. Yeah, I LIKE HIS GIRLFRIEND. And when you used to be his girlfriend, I LIKED YOU TOO... A bit... But now... You're inseparable with your C.Bitch, and you know what? I think I might actually go punch you one day... Your name says it all right? Come.C.Punch.

Sometimes, people gotta look in the mirror. Fuck you two, I know you're PRETTY, and probably look at the mirror 24/7, but, I bet it's all about the hair, your contacts and God knows what else. LOOK INSIDE FOR ONCE!

But, oh, I forgot, bitches think that they're SO GREAT that they only care about their looks. Pardon me, but, aside from your boobs being almost the same size as mine, you're not THAT hot. And oh, I still think that my boobs are bigger. Hey, at least I don't show how big they are to guys. And my boobs are still growing, I'll see you when we're 20, but, I guess you'd probably have a boob job by then... Oh well...

You can't always get what you want. So... You're jealous? Hah. If you weren't you wouldn't do that to her. You have people, you have popularity, you have your mouth to help you crap and spread bad rumors about people, but, other than those, you don't have the brains, and the heart. No matter how pretty you are, you'll never fine a serious person if you keep up that attitude of yours. Sure, I may lose to you in looks+popularity, but hey, I don't bitch about the girlfriend of my friend... Maybe a little... But... At least not like you... Publicly... WHAT?! I KEPT TO MYSELF, THIS IS MY FUCKING BLOG! AND I WROTE WORST THINGS ABOUT HER IN MY FUCKING JOURNAL! And oh, I don't bitch about her family... Maybe her sister... But, you know... THAT'S NOT THE POINT...

So, that's it huh? You have nothing left, and, you decided to use your tongue? You can't shut it, can you?

As expected.

But well...

I'm not sure about anything, and, the above one could be anybody you think fits the description. Well, it's girls today, we're all bitches. No matter how well we are, there's a bitch in every living girl, and boy.

I'm not saying that I'm right. I'm not saying that you're wrong. I'm just saying.

Democracy is dead, but, I'm alive, so, why should I care if other things die?

I don't look in the mirror, but, I often think of myself and ways I can change from being a bitch to being a cold hearted loner.

  • I like him, I don't like her. I don't care about them, I care about myself.

I don't bitch about her, I just joke-crap about her, using her as a joke to make people laugh and wanna kill me.

I don't like you but I know you and I consider you as a familiar.

I don't have friends, I have true friends.

I don't care, because I'm a nobody.

I don't like people, but there are some that I can live with and I care about them.

I'm happy, but I don't show how happy I am.

I have emotions but they are useless.

I am afraid of Hell, but I want to see it.

I am afraid of blood, but its color is beautiful.

I can't put in contacts but I use spells.

I'm a rookie, but one day, I'll curse them all.



Thursday, 28 October 2010

Half Way Thru Finals~

Oh yeah! I'm already half way there... Half way there... Half way there...

But, now that I think of it, the real challenge starts tomorrow 0_0 And ends on Friday =D




and wow, Chinese objectives!

Oh great, Kelly is beside me. Wow, I what a good way to make me NOT cheat during finals. But, it's a habit, so, I guess that I can't help myself. My mouth's so itchy that I can't stand NOT talking, even if I don't really like talking to people. I know. I'm just SO weird.

Even weirder, my laptop settings are in Japanese because I thought that Chäos;HEAd needed it that way. Woo, even Wikipedia's in Japanese. *SIGH* I still know nothing about Japanese. And... Chäos;HEAd didn't work! Must be some problem somewhere while I downloaded it. UGH! 

It's like... OMG, finals are almost over! OMG! I need to download, download and DOWNLOAD for the holidays! 

While people shop till they drop, I for one, DOWNLOAD TILL I DROP.

Thanks for all da buffday wishes ya'll! Thank you to mommy, Lisa, and Sarah for that BIG, SOFT AND CUTE stuffed puppy. Huggin it now^^

Thank you Jeremy! And... Er... What's your name again???? Sorry, I can't remember your name, I can only remember Jeremy's and Ong Tae Ngyong's???? @_@ Anyway, thanks for the cards! Love you two! Jeremy and... Someone I forgot what's your name!!!! T^T

Oh! Six minutes left! And I'm done! With... Part one ==

Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia. Hope it works. Maybe I'll download Edelweiss directly too... Hmmm...

Oh, it's done, but... I need part Two to finish the download... Dammit!

Okay... SO... Finals... I'm okay with it. Feeling relaxed tho. Well, maybe cause I already know everything??? xD Well, maybe not EVERYTHING, but, you know... A bit here and there. There might be holes in what I know. Like, a missing date, a missing name, and a missing place... And, a missing contract agreement! As for maps... Screw them... I'll read one when I'm on a road trip, or just... Lost.

Science is okay... I know MORE about the human digestive system... I think... At least I know what's a Duodenum. Yeah, yeah smart guy, I know you know what's that. You don't have to think and show off to yourself how clever you are! 

Rats eating ya' alive. Gross. 

So, any progress anyone? 


Results... People get the wrong idea of the point of exams. I mean, COME ON! It isn't about the result! It's about what you're dumb child learned during the year. Dammit. Why do parents always care for the results? What if that day my boyfriend died and I was in shock and couldn't do anything? HUH?! 

I don't have a boyfriend mom...

That was just an IF.

All you people EVER care about is the God damned result! That's why, in order to live on freely like a child is suppose to, we cheat. Unless of course, we're those brainy people like Jessica Tee and Ling Shu Jing. Nope, not missing anyone in that brainy people list in case you're wondering. IN MY CLASS. Not your form 4 or 5 or whatever. 

You don't care how we do it, as long as you can see the result, you're satisfied, and we're relieved. I don't know about MOST people, but, I'm like that. I believe most people are too? Cause, well, when you get a 10/100, you're gonna get kicked outta the house, and called a useless child and they would curse you so that you'd die faster. Family members these days... Joking == A bit...

It's true. No?

Another two days and it's freedom baby! Oh yeah! The Halloween party@Steak House! Woohoo! LOL, if I can get a scythe in time, I'd definitely go reap some souls! ::Evil Laugh:: I am the Grim Reaper after all... Although... What I'm going to wear is a robe, for... ::Chuckles::... Rituals... ::Evil Grin::

Enough with the evil-ing!

Gonna check my mail later, it's been SO long since I checked my mails... Mostly from Facebook and OMGPOP... Ah, social gaming sites, how I love them. You don't have to see each other, or know each other, you just play, and make friends. 

Oh damn, I've got Tsuki no Ame in my head... Probably because Sebastian's voice is so... Sexy??? LOL! I can understand why Grell loves him so much! SEBAS-CHAN! Chuu~ 


Riko, you can download Ero, you don't have to buy them. But... I would like to own something original for once! I don't think Anime.Tech sells Ero. Maybe they do... But... I guess I'll have to wait years before finding out! xD

Good luck to you and me! 

Lets die together! Lets eat together! Lets celebrate together! Again!

Finals, I will beat you and only two more days, I can kiss you good-bye and we will meet again during form 4 cuz I'll be sitting for PMR next year instead! Don't miss me! Cuz I definitely wont miss ya'! 

It's time to say good-bye! Yeah! My milk expired.

Hey... I have a question, will it be okay if I don't perform in the Passing Out Ceremony this year? Well... There's... Nothing else to say. Can I go to Japan for Comiketto... No? Guessed it... Damn you.


I will definately go to Comiketto! When I grow up, I don't care! I will go! AND I WILL COSPLAY! Damn you Malaysia for not having Otakuthons and Cosplay Conventions and all that stuff! 



Monday, 25 October 2010


I can't do it. I can't do it here... Why is it so hard.... For me to do it? I keep erasing... Erasing... They were good, but... Why... I can't do it... I wouldn't write that... Why... But... I like it....

I licked to tip of my blade. That thick, red color... It's a waste if I wash it away. That sweet, sour taste... A bit tingly. I just like how it tastes. Sweet... Red... 

I wash my blade and wiped it clean, making sure that I left no trace of myself. Nobody has to find out... That's right, they don't have to know about what I've done. They don't have to know what's missing...


I just love it... Red... And sour... And a bit... Sweet... 

No wonder... They can't get enough of the red thing... 

I just love jam.

Hey! Gotcha! 

I was gonna write a yuri or yaoi... But... It would be bad if people knew how romantically perverted I can be. No seriously... I'm a perverted little girl xD

Hey, you guys can tell  me what you wanna read, and I'll write a short one. LOL. I write everything... Except action types like spying and stuff... I can write zombies, vampires... Shonen-ai, shojo-ai... I could write a straight relationship one... I guess... But, yaoi and yuri are WAAAAYYY more romantic! Seriously!

Oh, I do killings too, and ghost stories.

Fantasy... UGH... I'm bad at those. I suck at fairy tales too. 

Come on... Gimme a chance...

If I watch anime all day long in my room, my mom would kill me... DURING THE HOLIDAYS. So, at least gimme something to do. I'm free, so, you can call me out whenever ya' like. Movies are fine, but, dinner or tea would be better! Parties are okay... I guess...


It's mah birthday tomorrow! And well... It's English tomorrow! And... Chinese... But Wednesday... Fuck you! Mathematics! 

Don't ask about today. Just ask for my question papers, and you'll understand how I feel. Comments on each question. With loads of unhappy words >=(


Computers are easier. LOL. I can't write that out... 


Sunday, 24 October 2010

Wei, If Cannot Maintain, Don't Build!

Waihai... Who is freaking in charge of maintaining things in Sitiawan? Until yesterday... I didn't know that a park existed here. Well... No wonder nobody knows... It's like a dead ruined place from last century, even if it's by the sea. DUDE! IF YOU CAN'T MAINTAIN, DON'T BUILD LA!

Yep. My family went swimming, but, I decided to walk around, cause... It's better than swimming, for me anyway. And I took a different direction this time! And well... I found myself... In... A park... That's half dead.

Don't get me wrong. It's nature-y. With trees and all that. But... Dead grass patches on playgrounds that looks cheap and swings that are broken with a train-chair thing that's rusting? C'mon, WTF is that? And... A broken fountain, with dirty waters??? On a stage... Yeah, nice. I can imagine how beautiful it WAS, especially at night... If you wanna make the park like a God forsaken city, at least make a sign that says so.

UGH. What the hell is our government doing? Can't maintain ANYTHING! Yeah, can't even maintain the people living on this freaking piece of 'tanah'. We want improvement, not backwardness! What the hell... We get the whole 'people first' slogan. Yeah, yeah, MOST of the people inhabiting this 'tanah' is useless. We get that. But, hey, at least listen to what useful people wants! For once man! If ninjas are real, and I am a mage who owns a nine tailed fox and is a skilled assassin... I would so kill you... But... Hey... Even if my dream is to become an assassin... Where's the assassin training school??? ==


Going to the park... Where people go dating. And... Fishing...

And they say that Malays can't date! Heh! Yeah right, yesterday, the park was full of em snuggling. And oh, if you're a pervert and you would like to see them do it, go to a rubber tree estate or oil palm estate. They can't check into hotels, if they're not married. See those throw-away-baby cases? Yeah, it's all THEM. So hiao, can't wait till after marriage, and do it nicely. Have to do it in those estates without using a God damned condom cause they're underage and not married.

Of course, I've never seen Malays do it. An auntie told me. And p.s., I WOULD NEVER WANNA SEE MALAYS GETTING IT ON. I'D RATHER SEE DOGS! Many times already... I see my dogs do it when I look at them... Shameless xD

It's funny how the government keeps on building, building and building. They build so much... But, they never
maintain them! The park is a good example. Well, it's in Lumut obviously. Just walk along those beautiful NEW things... Wait, wait, wait... It's behind Coral Bay? Or Blue Bay? Resort? Whatever... I didn't have my glasses on. I could take you there, if you want... That is...

Seeing so many couples... I hate it... How they look at you and pity you cause you're walking alone with music and not your bf/gf. UGH. Can't they mind their own business?????!!!!

And well... There's a time when I closed my eyes and wished that he was walking with me, but, when I opened them... I'm alone while the wind blows coldly. The sign of cold reality. Watching romantic comedies really wish that you were in love, that's why... I prefer horror movies... And action movies where they kill... Kill and kill and have blood everywhere... And... People dying... We're all gonna die and go to hell.

Red... The color of blood... Red eyes... I love red eyes... Cold, and warm red eyes... An icy person, with warm red blood...

Okay... That was outta topic...

I love EMO guys... They're hot. They have their hair covering their face and they have piercings everywhere. They don't talk much, they hate people, they're dark and good poets. EMO!

Too much of minutes in heaven fantasy kills. Especially anime ones 0x0

After finals, I think I'm gonna have some alone in the park time.

Still... It pisses me off how they don't want to keep it beautiful... And romantic... This is a disgrace. Tourist would crap about this place. Civic and moral, fuck you. Wait... More like... Civic and moral, go fuck the government. They force us to KNOW AND LOVE you two, but, they don't even KNOW you two. So, fuck the government and make them LOVE AND KNOW you guys. Civic and moral, do yourselves a favor and fuck those idiots who wants other people to know about you guys and doesn't know about you guys themselves! AT ALL!

Hehe, read my previous comments bitch.

Not that I don't have moral values, I have them alright. If I don't have those values, I would have beat the crap outta ya by now. You see? You're still a human, with a face. Thank my mom, and family for that. you don't have to thank me, cause, I feel like rearranging your face every time I have to see you. UGH.

Using words... Words are words. If they aren't useful, they aren't created.


Don't build when you can't maintain. We're going bankrupt idiots! You can't raise tax money! We're poor! We wont feed you!

And damn... I think I should go be a yaoi/yuri writer. I think I'm better at writing perverted romantic comedies... I just told one to a gay person... He liked it... 


Good Luck to everyone in finals!

Someone's Birthday

I have no idea why I'm even writing this. Yesterday was better. Today's just another boring Sunday. But, today's his birthday. Nah, why should I care bout his birthday again??? It's funny. It's none of my business, but... Whatever, today's a very boring, very hot Sunday.

I laughed so hard at the WHY I HATE INDIAN MOVIES video. Lol~

Girl meets boy. They fall in love. The girl's parents don't agree cause the boy's a dishwasher!

Girl runs away from home. Into a wide open field. The prettiest God damned field with green grasses.

Sunny day, blue sky, girl running with her boobs jiggling *jig* *jig* jig* And then, it starts to rain. WITH NO CLOUDS! And it's not a drizzle... It rains like it hasn't rain for ages!

The girl doesn't react the way normal people do: 'Owh fuck! It's raining!' Instead, she starts to sing... AIIIIAIIIIAIIIIAHHHH AIIIAIAIAHHAHAHHAHH

Then, the boy appears outta no where, and apparently, he plants a tree????

Then, they start to sing and the girl decides to play hide in seek with a tree==

And then... They boy's boobs start jiggling too xD


See the video on Facebook.

That was a good laugh. I needed that.

Everyone's different, but then again, they have similarities.

Haha, I'm not gonna start anything. I'll just write about yesterday... Later... Yesterday was a busy day =D
And yes, it's gonna be a long one 0x0

No. No. I was alone. In the park. Hm, 14 years in this town and now I know... We have park that's dead, but... Beautiful and peaceful....

I was gonna wish him like this... But... Decided not to. Well... I'm an idiot.

Happy Birthday. No present. Sukidadyo.

Well... I wished him at about 3 in the morning! I went to bed, closed my eyes. Then, I remembered his birthday and sit up straight. Roll outta bed, walking sideways out the room and got my phone...

Happy Birthday =D
Today... Is your birthday... If I remembered correctly.
Lalala. Have a nice day, and... No present =p

He wakes up early... at 5++??? What is he....

Oh well....

I'm an idiot.

I'm an idiot.

I'm an idiot.

I'm an idiot and I will be alone forever cause I like it. 

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Before Finals, Holiday Planned~

I don't know the case for you people, but, wow, in my class, everyone's already planning their vacation! Forget about books even when the exam hasn't even started. We are great people~

I don't plan to do much. Well... October 30th is the Halloween party. I'm going to Ipoh in the morning to shop for wigs 0x0 and the books^^ And well... I think I'll stop by Anime Tech too xD

Hehehe... On Sunday... I'll be doing what I said I'm gonna do for the past year... I will finally clean my room! yes... It's been a year already... And... Wow... The books are dusty... Why are all my wires tangled with my bra strip???!!! Is that a shoelace? And... Where's the tissue box???!!! Is that a form 4 text book? What?! Is that my Chinese revision book... What's it doing there?! HUH... DEAD ROSES??? @~@ A Whiskey box? Jacob's Cream Crackers box? And... What the... My money's everywhere... On the bed... In the candle holder... In my box... On the dresser... On the 'work' table... Wait... I didn't leave some in the bathroom did I??? 

OMG... I have some serious cleaning up to do after finals. Dammit. Anime and manga will have to wait. That reminds me... I'll have to buy cucumbers and seaweed... And... Green tea... Maybe ramen. Cucumbers are healthy, and they make WONDERFUL snacks when you're watching anime, or reading manga! Seaweed too. Gonna make more onigiris! Hehe, as long as I like them, I don't need you people to like them xp

And band practice... I'm free anyway. So, I'll show up for practice whenever! Except... When I'm busy =D

Funerals are fun. I'll go. Just text me 0x0

Oh... My birthday's on the 26th. I'm not celebrating. What? It's on the second day of our exam! I know... It sucks. After the exam? I'll go celebrate... Alone... Unless... You're paying. But... I would rather celebrate it alone. It's peaceful that way. Maybe go for lunch, and a movie... And walk a bit... And... Go home. 

Oh right. I'll celebrate with Shirley and Han Siang right??? I don't know... It's a maybe? Anyway, I'm always free~ 



October 24...

I'm not getting him a present. I don't give anyone presents. I'm poor. It's the thought that counts. I will always wish, but never give. 

Call me useless, call me stingy. That's just me. Whatever. Nobody has to give me presents either, if I don't give, I don't receive, so, it's find with me.

What to do... What to do... It's not like I've prepared for finals. But... I've always been like this. I remember things, I just need to see words. I can answer  questions... That I don't know I know. But... I'll... Study... I'll study... I'll study. I will not lose. I hate losing. Although I don't really give a damn if I lose. Win or lose it's still the same. At least I trust and believe in myself. In order for spells to work, you need to have faith in your words and believe in them. That's what I'm doing, I'm training myself to believe. For myself. Who knows... I might actually be able to cast spells one day... ::Evil Thoughts::

:: Shrugs::

Anyway. I'll definitely do great! I may be daydreaming and clueless all the time, but... Don't you underestimate me!   I just hate math! I can score in everything but that! Chinese is fine! I'll get a B! 

Why... Why is there math... Let the nerds to that... I'm not good with numbers!! T^T

The more I think about it, the more I hate it. It's a hopeless place. There's a world out there, not just one 'tanah'. If you want improvement, improve. You know that you can do it, you just don't want to. You're not gonna live forever. If this goes on, you can kiss your precious 'tanah' good-bye. The next generation will be the last. We either get nuclear bombed, or, go bankrupt. We're already on the edge of bankruptcy. So. Do things that are useful for once. Plant more trees. I'd rather live like Tarzan than have myself fried by the UV rays. I'm already burnt.

I'm sleepy and if I go on... I think I'll write about the other world rather than what the title says.

Sorry if I have a long blog and give you guys headaches. Thank you for supporting. That is all. Good Night.


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Books, Books, and More Books. The Exam Plans.

Now that I think of it, I've never really read any play that Shakespeare wrote.

I've always wanted to read Shakespeare's work. They're all tragedies =D
I don't know if Shakespeare's EMO or just a sad dude.
Sorry bro!


Anyway... I know that I'm suppose to be studying and all... But... Hey... I'm just me, and being me... I can study when there's a smart person beside me willing to help an idiot like me. That's why... I love having Shu Jing sit beside me in class =D
She's not just smart... She hates Korean dramas too! I couldn't ask for a better person beside me!



Romeo and Juliet

Knights of the Round Table

Sherlock Holmes

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

King Arthur

Greek Mythology

Some of them aren't Shakespeare. So? I still wanna read em' ya' know? Hey... I just like books. They make me feel smart, and, a book is a single person's best friend. When I have a book, I don't need anyone else. It'll just be me, my books, some tea, trees or Starbucks, or The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf~

You can't concentrate when you're at McDonald's. People would say that you're a nerd. Reading literature at McDonald's... Who does that???

Okay... So... Why the sudden Shakespeare thing? Well... Cause of today's literature comic = =
Please, don't ask... And of course, because of Kuroshitsuji OVA 1. Yeah, because they did the play 'Hamlet' so I was interested. Sebastian made a GREAT villain, and Ciel did an AWESOME job on stage! Right... No more anime thoughts from now on... Cause I need to FOCUS ON STUDYING!

Romeo and Juliet... Well... I hate love stories, but... What the heck... They died at the end. People do such stupid things outta love. Man... Prince and princess of the enemy country. No wonder their parents forbid them to love each other! If I were their parent... I would lock them up in the dungeon, and wow... I would torture them. Of course... I'm evil... Muahahahahahahaha. I just hate princesses, they're just so pampered and polite, that it kills me! Princes... Are the same. UGH. Have I mentioned that I HATE COMBED HAIR?

Macbeth cause... Well... He's a dumb guy, he can't do anything without his wife. If I remembered correctly, he died cause he was depressed that his wife died, and didn't know what to do so the enemy took that opportunity to kill him. I wonder... Did Shakespeare have a wife????

Knights of the Round Table and King Arthur... Well... Thanks to Fate/Stay Night. Having me interested in King Arthur, and other legends of Babylon, Ireland and I forgot what other country...

And well, Greek Mythology... I've always been interested. Well, they have so many Gods/Goddesses, and some of them are evil, while some of them are not... Wow, I just like those kind of stuff. And you know who's my favorite Greek God? Hades, Keeper of the Underworld. Yeah. I use to love Zeus more, but, you know what? Hades is better.

Yeah... I'm writing so much because I want to forget about Loveless. Just. Forget about Soubi. Nobody can cosplay him! NOBODY! And well... I'm trying to keep myself focused on the RIGHT things. I just have to wait till after finals. And then... Junjou Romantica...

As for studying, I will study. BM is on the first day, so, I'll study the BM novel crap on Sunday. Chinese, I am kinda studying it. Science, I just need to flip through it. English, re-read the novel. Maybe. History, oh man, I need to start tomorrow. Geography, I've always relied on my common sense, but, I'll look through it. Math, I've always hated it, and I curse those who found out formulas for everything. Damn geniuses were too bored back then. I'll read through the steps of calculating whatever, and probably forget everything afterwards. Hey, at least I read. KHB, I don't have time for you! Civic and Moral, GO TO HELL. PJK and Art, what the hell... Wei Ni, lemme see those answers, kay! Thanks!

That's about my study plan. I'm shocked. I never study.

True, I don't give a damn about my grades, but, I hate losing to people who likes to show off in front of me. Heh. I may still suck after studying, but... At least I know that I WILL NOT ask ACS students about the questions. Even if everyone else does, I WONT. Unless of course, they tell me. I wont ask. I know, nobility is useless in this century, but, at least I'm true to myself. I didn't say anything about not cheating though. I'll try my best not to look at other people's answer... But... What will I do about Math paper 2??? That just kills me. 60 marks man... I can't even get 20...

Yes, I suck that much at Math! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!

Don't you come and qun me when you get your results. And oh, one more thing, you will never win against Shu Jing. Yeah, I'll support her any day! Even if you and me are the last ones on Earth and there's a pebble in between us, I'd rather pick that God damned pebble as a companion for life! 

Cucumbers make good snacks when reading manga and watching anime.


Monday, 18 October 2010


Today is Monday. There's one week left till finals, of course, our art paper is this coming Friday.

I always wonder, there's so many subjects, can't they cut off those unimportant ones like

1. Art.
2. Moral.
3. Civic.
4. KHB.

I mean, come on! Why do we HAVE to STUDY for ART?! WTF?! That is SO not art! You don't answer questions to show that you're good at painting or drawing do you?! We have projects and folios and all that crap, isn't it enough? Why the hell do we have to memorize art? And... In BM, fuck.

Moral and civic. The more you teach us about democracy or what the government is doing, you're making us HATE it even more, cause, we know that they're all LIES! Seriously... Moral, and civic, is there a need to test us about THAT? So what if I don't know what type of dances they are? As long as know the lion dance, that's good enough! Why do I have know traditional instruments? As long as I know what is the gong, that's enough. I don't freaking care about what Malays wear! I know what's a Sari and Cheong Sam, that's passable. WHY THE HECK DO I HAVE TO LEARN ABOUT THEM?! CAN'T I ASK OTHER RACES? INSTEAD OF HAVING TO LEARN USELESS SUBJECTS AND WASTE MY TIME LISTENING TO THE TEACHER CRAPPING FOR A FUCKING HOUR!

KHB... Yeah, sure... Everyone knows what's a hammer. It's used for hitting nails, pulling out nails and killing people. There, it's enough, don't need to know anymore than that. About sewing dresses... You sew, not study. And... I don't wanna be a tailor when I grow up, so, I don't feel like learning it, and I don't plan on having kids, so, I don't have to know how to sew things. If my shirt gets torn, there's a million tailors in town, and... I can buy a new one. Cooking? There are cooking shows.

Yea, this is the exam madness. You get so mad cause you sit for useless subjects.

I think that it's stupid. People should have the right to choose whether they want to take on KHB or not. And... Moral and civic are useless subjects. We know all we need to know. You don't litter, even a three year old knows that.

Major subjects...

1. English
2. Chinese @$^*#
3. UGH... Malay... !@#$%^*()
4. Science
5. History ~!@#$%^&*()_
6. Math !@#$%^&*()__)(*&^%$#@!!~~!@#$%^&*()
7. Geography ~!@#$%^&*()_(&%#^%$^%

Anything I left out???

As if seven subjects aren't enough... We have ART, MORAL, CIVIC, KHB and PJK...


It's not fair. Turning everything into Malay cause of the Malays. Hey, dumb ass! Yeah, you, Minister of Malaysia's fucking education. Let us choose, if Malays are dumb and want things easy, let them have it their way, so, when they're dumb enough, they will fall and our country will be a better place. Fairer too. Although, fair doesn't exist in this world... Whatever, it'll still be better than THIS. Let's not forgot who were the idiots who let the Japanese come into our country and killed a whole lot of people. Yeah, history helps in showing how dumb Malays are. Ish, even in those days, they're dumb.

OK OK... That was outta topic.

OK, as I was saying, Minister...

Don't change to Malay. If you want, change EVERYTHING to Malay in MALAY SCHOOLS ONLY. Yeah, that's better. If you change OUR bio or whatever into Malay... Bye-Bye. I'd rather be in last place in some other country. Make a fair decision for once, you're already so fat, might as well don't fill your own pocket and eat, and BE FAIR. Seriously... Weigh yourself once in a while dude. You can go for lipo to, but, I heard that it hurts =D

Oh yeah... I forgot, later I kena tangkap.

Oh well... Whatever, since this country's already so unfair, it doesn't matter. Well... If that happens, I'm going to hell anyway right? SO...



Sunday, 17 October 2010


Okay, I finished watching Loveless, and oh, I'm still straight. Loveless is a yaoi anime, I know, but, it ain't that gay, the story was actually pretty sweet... Well, you don't turn gay after watching this! Besides, it's not like they DID anything. Seriously, if they DID anything... I would have NEVER watched it. Googled some pics, and two guys in bed DO NOT look good ==


WAIT, don't just look at the pics, READ SOMETHING! The above picture is NOT from Loveless ==

 But... This is:

Aww, isn't that sweet? xD

I'm not a pervert! Maybe I am... But... This is my first... Wait... Actually... Okay... My first yaoi anime. What was lesbian genre called again? I forgot, LOL, it's actually kinda fun watching... Never mind that. 

I won't become gay! And even if I do, GAYS ARE GUYS, so... I'll still be straight if I fall for a gay, cause, a gay, is a guy... I won't become a lesbian either! OKAY?! And watching yaoi anime will not make me a friggin lesbian! Watching yuri genre will. Yes, yuri genre(I Googled it) is lesbian genre, shoujo-ai. Loveless is Shonen-ai, and also, yaoi~~ If only I could memorize history like memorizing anime/manga genres... I would ace my history paper! 


I'm lazy to write the summary on my own, so, I'm just gonna go copy it from somewhere...

Plot Summary: Twelve-year old Aoyagi Ritsuka is left with his insane mother as his only family when his brother, Seimei, is killed suddenly. After moving to a new school, he meets Agatsuma Soubi, who claims to have known his brother. Ritsuka eventually discovers that Soubi and Seimei used to be a fighting pair, whereby Soubi was the "Fighter" and Seimei was the "Sacrifice". Now that Seimei is gone, Ritsuka has inherited Soubi, who will become his "Fighter". After learning that Seimei was killed by an organisation known as the "Seven Moons", Ritsuka decides to investigate into his brother's death, with the sometimes useless help of Soubi, along the way.

Of course, NONE of you will watch it, OR read it. So, might as well include A MILLION spoilers here. 

Okay... The plot summary was... Hm, something's missing. They didn't find out WHY the 'Seven Moons' killed Seimei though, at the end of the anime, Ritsuka and Soubi just... Held hands and walked, while Seimei's spirit said something like: ''Ritsuka, will your will to live on save you? Or will you lose to destiny...'' If I remembered correctly... 

Oh oh oh, and Ritsuka apparently has amnesia. 

Most of the comments say that the manga is actually better than the anime. Well, I'm gonna check out the manga soon, I can't wait for finals to end! After finals, there's so many anime that I wanna watch and some manga catching up of course. I didn't know that reading manga would be so gan jiong eehhh >_<

Gays are hot :x

I prefer un-beefy geeks rather than beefy guys. UGH. I HATE MUSCLES, they just give me goosebumps, it's like some octopus demon in front of me... Wait, make that SWEATY OILY OCTOPUS DEMON! they exercise like there's no tomorrow! I'd rather have a clean bookworm than an oily sweaty octopus! That's why I like... Girlie guys. And no, I don't like LIKE girls. 

LOL. I'm weird I know. Ehehehe.

Ritsuka is cute, and he's pretty. Even his therapist is in love with him! 

No, seriously, she's in love with him.

Neh, isn't he just cute? >o< 
He looks like a girl ~~


Soubi knows much more about Seimei's death then he would let Ritsuka know.

But you gotta admit, he's hot :o Too bad he's gay... He already has a boyfriend too... Which I'm very curios about... Who does he love anyway? Ritsuka??? Or Kio? His... Boyfriend... He looks like a girl too :D

Kio, Soubi's boyfriend T_T 
In one episode, he said something like... ''... Sou-chan! Then let me do you until you get tired and can't move!'' If I remembered correctly, I think that's what he said. And... I CANNOT IMAGINE HOW THEY WOULD DO IT BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE SOOO WRONG. 

I have no idea who would do that~

See the cat ears and the tail? In the story, if you have ears and a tail, that means that you're still a virgin. And well... As for Soubi... He's definitely NOT a virgin. I wonder... Was it Kio... Or the sensei???  O_O

Wow, this is really great, gays and lesbians. The lesbians were a one, or two episode thing. They were Ritsuka and Soubi's opponents~

Yea, I had to choose the one where their bras can be seen^^ 

I'm not so thrilled about Google-ing pictures about the side characters, so, I'm not going to. Unlike most anime that I've watched, the side characters don't matter THAT much, to me anyway. Lalala, Kio's not a main though~ 

The whole story, it's about Ritsuka... And Soubi... Mostly Ritsuka. 

Ritsuka, why won't you admit that you LOVE Soubi... You know you LOVE him, you know you're happy when he's with you. Of course, Soubi knows that too... Well... At the end... You did xD

I hate short anime. They move so fast... 12 episode anime... Like H.O.T.D, Kuroshitsuji II and Loveless, they're all so confusing. It's like... They're rushing to finish it, and so, they leave us clueless of what happened. Dammit! Now... I'll have to catch up on the manga!


And wow... I think I'm considering to read the manga of Kiss x Sis, Kaichou wa Maid sama! and Kuroshitsuji... Of course, I'll be reading Loveless too^^ 

That sounds like an awful lot of work... 


All the manga are ongoing... So... They'll keep on coming, and I'll keep on reading... And soon enough, I will need my glasses on me forever! 

*sniff* *sniff*

Hey, how come I smell a sweet... Powdery scent... Could it be??? WHY THE HECK DO I SMELL THE SCENT OF WARM MILK?!

My wallpaper is still Sebastian >o<

I will change it soo... To... Maybe... Soubi?! But.. he's gay...

Oh well... I guess I'll change my wallpaper to...

Then again, it looks fine!

Will somebody introduce me to a perverted-anime-loving person like myself? I would love to talk to somebody about what I like. Instead of listening to everyone saying KOREAN DRAMAS and those stupid names... Like...


Lee Hong Gi...

Kyuu Jun Bio...

Or whatever their names are! I know that I spelled them wrongly! I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL THEIR NAMES! 

Ugh... Korean dramas!


Nobody says 'mereda' better than Ciel! 

Nobody says 'suki da yo' better than Soubi!


WTF?! 11 already?!


Saturday, 16 October 2010

Kuroshitsuji II

After reading people's blog... I have to admit... I suck at this T_T 

But whatever, it's not like ya'll gonna read it right? Ya'll are just gonna scroll down and looks at pictures like always. Well, at least there's visitors to look at pictures... Hmm... They're from Google as usual.

OH YEAH! Finished Kuroshitsuji II, and OMG, I love it so so so so SO much! Seriously, BEST ANIME EVER! Man, Vampire Knight and Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Can't compare! This is JUST SO DAMN GOOD... And... Wow... Sebastian is hot ::Drool::

When I first watched this series, I thought "Tsk, he ain't THAT hot.'' But... Without myself knowing it... OH MAH GAD! I'm in love with Sebastian ==

Ohhh, he's just so perfect. Can I have him? >_<

I love him so much that he's my wallpaper X_X

Enough with Sebby~

OK, so, Kuroshitsuji II is the sequel to Kuroshitsuji(obviously). What happened to Ciel at the end of season one was unknown, whether his soul got eaten by Sebastian or not. 

Well, in season two, there are new characters! And wow, I must say, they kinda suck... Well, not SUCK, they're... Somewhat... Hmm... I can't say evil either, maybe... I guess the new master is ALMOST THE SAME as Ciel. 

Alois Trancy. His real name is Jim Macken. He had a LITTLE brother, Luka Macken. But, that was a long long long time ago. So, He and his brother lost their parents when they were VERY young, and oh, Alois is 14 btw, and Ciel is 12... Damn... How old is Sebby? Just kidding... Now where were we? Ah yes... So, they were bullied and laughed at. His wish was for everyone to DIE because they didn't care about him and his brother. And you know what? His wish came true. 

Luka made a contract with Hannah, a demon, so that his brother would be happy, Luka wished for everyone to die. And when that was done, his soul was eaten by Hannah. Hannah was touched by Luka... And for some reason... Hmm... They were with Claude serving Alois... 

Yeah, yeah, I had to put the pic when Alois was naked. Whatever. That's Claude. Well, he's not that bad looking either. But, I like Sebastian more. Red eyes~ Ehehe.

Hannah, the demon maid @_@

I couldn't have found a better picture. I don't know where Anna and the other three came from, but, I think they just followed Claude... Hmm... The second season was SHORT and CONFUSING @_@
Yeah, Trancy servants are ALL demons~

So... Ciel's soul is THAT delicious, after having a taste of Ciel's blood, Claude was like AWH, I'm in heaven. Every demon wants that soul. Sadly, Sebastian didn't eat his soul, well, CAUSE CLAUDE STOLE HIS SOUL. If you watched Kuroshitsuji, you'd understand. Sebastian's arm was cut off, and the sign wasn't there so... Claude was able to steal Ciel's soul.

Kuroshitsuji II was pretty much about how Sebastian and Claude fought over Ciel's soul, and... I think it's pretty much that. But, I gotta admit, it's great. Sebastian was upset, disappointed... His face was just... So sad... And LOL, I got so angry that I cried D= 

Kuroshitsuji II is emotional. Aww man... With all the good-byes and all that... Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Ciel lost his memories. But don't worry, the last episode, he got them back. Ciel turned into a demon, that was Alois' wish to Hannah, so that neither Sebastian OR Claude can eat Ciel's soul. 

And so... Final result, Ciel's a demon, Sebastian is Ciel's HELL of a butler FOR ALL ETERNITY. There goes my chance of getting Sebastian T_T

Kuroshitsuji II... 

It's like saying good-bye to all the cast... So sad... To Grell... My dear Shinigami... Grell T_T


My second fav Shinigami Undertaker T_T


Prince Soma and Agni

_Kuroshitsuji__Prince_Soma_by_Morge.jpg Agni18.jpg

Lau and Ran Mao


Meirin, Finny and Bard, the servants of Phantomhive 




And let's not forget the Green-tea loving, loyal, smart Phantomhive company president/Phantomhive servant, TANAKA!!!


Ugh... Oh well... Ciel's annoying Finace who I curse, so that she'd die.


And well...

Alois, Claude, Hannah and three other guys died. So... Good-bye already...

To my favorites, Ciel and Sebastian that cat obsessed moron...



I will be hoping for season three... Sebas-chan! Diasuki! Daisuki! Daisuki nano neko baka! SEBAS-CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, yes, yes. I love him. I love him. I love him >o<

We'll meet again very soon. 

My future plans. Read the manga for H.O.T.D, and watch Loveless. And after Loveless, I'll read the Kuroshitsuji manga. I read illegally, on the internet. What? Even if I do buy, it'll be in Chinese, and then, I'll lose interest, and if it's in Japanese, I don't understand a single word! Malay... Even worse.

I wont be watching One Piece either. Naruto and Bleach... NEVER!!!

Well, like my Facebook quiz results says, Loveless is an anime with a lot of Bis and lesbos. So, yeah, I'm perverted. Alala, isn't everybody? It's fine anyway... Malaysia Boleh right?

So. Kuroshitsuji... Of all the anime that I have watched, this is by far THE BEST, and I mean, THE BEST anime!!! Sebastian just makes my heart melt. I love red eyes, and now, I'm starting to love blue eyes.

This is my wallpaper :x

''Yes, My Lord''

Sebastian Michaelis 

''Yes, Your Highness''

Claude Faustus